Usually, when we think of a millionaire, we think of the typical rich guy with a gold watch, a swimming pool, and a private jet. But not everyone is the same. Some people are rich in a different type of way—through their love for sports. Zach Wilson’s uncle is one of them.

​In a bit of a surprise, a Dallas fan has decided to spend a small amount of his $400 million fortune (that’s right) to fly 200 people to the Jets Opener.

An NFL quarterback’s first game is an important moment in his life. Most of them probably want as many friends, family members and fans of their hometown to attend this big event as possible. Especially if the competition is far from home. New York Jets QB Zach Wilson will have that support.

Wilson’s uncle (his mother’s brother) is a millionaire who charters a huge plane to attend the Jets’ 2021 season opener against the Carolina Panthers.

Who is Zack Wilson’s uncle, David Neeleman?

Lisa Wilson (née Neleman) is the mother of Zach Wilson. She is one of seven children of Gary and Rose Neeleman. The Neelemans’ children grew up in Brazil, where Gary worked as a bureau chief for United Press International, and in Salt Lake City, Utah, according to Desert News.

The Neeleman children have an impressive list of professional accomplishments. They include a partner in a law firm, a trauma surgeon and several entrepreneurs in various fields. The second oldest son, David, even stands out in this thriving business.

David has been a founder or co-founder of five different airlines, including Morris Air, WestJet, Azul Brazilian Airlines and Breeze Airways. However, his greatest achievement to date is the founding of JetBlue Airlines in 1998.

During his career in the airline industry, David has also created a number of groundbreaking innovations including e-ticketing, in-flight entertainment and home booking. His net worth is estimated at $400 million.

Neeleman chartered a plane to fly 200 people from Salt Lake City, Utah to Charlotte, North Carolina

(From left) New York Jets QB Zach Wilson, JetBlue founder David Neeleman; Photo Mike Stobe/Getty Images; Photo Rick Maiman/Sygma via Getty Images.

Wilson is a local prep star and head coach of the local BYU Cougars team, and has a huge following in the Salt Lake City area.

To help Wilson get his NFL career off to a good start, David Neeleman is organizing a trip for 200 Wilson fans to the Carolina Panthers’ Bank of America Stadium for the QB’s first game. The event was called Wilson Weekend.

To be a part of Wilson’s weekend, fans can purchase tickets ranging in price from $599 to $799. This allows them to take place on a JetBlue A320 aircraft chartered by David Neeleman. According to, you’ll also get round-trip airfare to Charlotte, transportation to and from the airport and a hotel where you can relax for four to five hours before you leave.

Packages do not include tickets to the game between the Jets and Panthers. They also did not include tickets to the BYU/Utah game, which will take place at 1:30 p.m. local time in Salt Lake City. However, this is a unique opportunity.

Zack Wilson vs Sam Darnold Week

Newly acquired Utah Jets fans will come to Carolina to have fun and cheer on their favorite son. Die-hard Jets fans will be eager to see their former top QB play against the new top QB.

As a gift (or maybe a curse) from the NFL schedulers, Zach Wilson starts his career with the QB he replaced in New York, former #3 Sam Darnold. For Darnold, it’s his first game with a new team and for Wilson, it’s his first NFL game, so no long term predictions will be made after the final whistle.

However, that won’t stop Jets fans and the New York media from declaring the Jets either geniuses for giving up Darnold and picking Wilson, or incompetents for doing so based on the final score in Week 1.

With training camp only a few weeks away, it’s too early to say who will win this game. We can predict that the real winners will be anyone who picks up the New York Post or Daily News the next day and reads the hilariously reactionary headlines.

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EPILOGUE: New York Jets make same mistake with Zach Wilson as they did with Sam Darnold

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