The NBA is a league obsessed with its own history, honoring stars of the past and recently inducting players into their Hall of Fame. However, one problem has plagued them until now: how do you properly memorialize people when they’re still alive?
The answer that’s been found by the National Basketball Players Association can be seen in this commercial for All Star Weekend.
Just like all-time greats Oscar Robertson and Jerry West are immortalized through statues outside of the arena where they played, so too will LeBron James or Stephen Curry appear on jerseys inside Mt. Zion Baptist Church after their playing days have ended . This technology isn’t just giving fans an opportunity to celebrate legends already gone–it helps preserve future ones as well!

The “hall of fame players nba” is a phrase that has been used for years to describe those who have played in the NBA. The term was first coined by Jerry West, who said “you can’t play with all hall of famers.”

'You Played With All Hall of Famers'

For James Harden, new franchise means another great teammate.

Following a disappointing spell with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving on the Brooklyn Nets, the Beard got his way at the NBA trade deadline and is currently on the Philadelphia 76ers alongside big man Joel Embiid is a forward for the Philadelphia 76ers.. The 76ers are now in a championship or bust scenario as a result of the transaction, but Harden has been in that situation for years. Given that he has failed to win a title in his career, every season has been a “failure.”

When it came to Harden’s latest move, NBA icon Paul Pierce wasn’t nice to him. Pierce basically questioned the point guard’s brilliance, while Gilbert Arenas questioned whether the Harden-Embiid pairing would work at all.

Paul Pierce believes James Harden has shown far too much potential to be denied a championship.

Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden and NBA legend Paul Pierce.

Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden and NBA legend Paul Pierce. Mitchell Leff/Getty Images; Adam Glanzman/Getty Images | James Harden and Paul Pierce (L-R)

Paul Pierce, a basketball legend, recently spoke on the No Chill With Gilbert Arenas podcast on James Harden’s trade to the 76ers. Doc Rivers, Pierce’s longtime coach, now has Harden playing for him.

On the March 14 episode, Pierce remarked, “I honestly believe he respects Doc; I don’t believe he respects (Nets coach) Steve Nash.” “… Doc is going to do all he can to help them get along. But here’s the thing: Embiid is the greatest big man right now, but if I had the opportunity to play with the quality that Harden had, I’d probably be walking out of here with five championships.”

Pierce makes a really good argument. Harden has yet to win a championship.

Here are some of the players with whom he has collaborated:

  • Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook
  • Howard, Dwight
  • Chris Paul is a musician from the United States.
  • Russell Westbrook is a basketball player who plays for the Oklahoma (again)
  • Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving (again).
  • Joel Embiid is a forward for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Pierce added, “You played with all Hall of Famers, and it ain’t worked yet.”

Gilbert Arenas and Paul Pierce questioned the 76ers’ ability to work together.

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Gilbert Arenas claimed James Harden hasn’t had to adjust to various offenses in his career, which is one of the reasons he hasn’t won a championship yet. As a result, Harden effectively lacks the ability to play off the ball in order to aid his team’s flow.

“Give me the ball at the top of the key, I’m going to play the iso ball, I’m going to do that,” he says. Arenas said, “That’s him scoring 99.9% of the time.” “… He doesn’t know how to score off the ball and doesn’t have it, therefore I don’t believe he can play if the offense isn’t run that way. As a result, he’ll constantly be miserable. … I’m not sure whether he’s willing to put his game on the line and say, ‘You know what, let me learn how to backdoor and come off down screens.’”

Pierce agreed with the former guard’s sentiment, and he said it’s too late in Harden’s career for him to learn how to play like that. They both then wondered whether the 2017-18 MVP will be able to successfully share the court with a dominant big man like Joel Embiid is a forward for the Philadelphia 76ers..

“Let’s say they lose, and they come back and say, ‘OK, this is going to be the adjustment this year.’ “You’ll see James heading someplace else if that s*** doesn’t start working the next year,” Pierce said.

So far, Harden and Embiid have gotten along swimmingly. They have a 6-1 record in games against each other. Whether or not you agree with Pierce and Arenas, one thing is certain: Harden needs to win a championship.

James Harden has to show everyone that they are incorrect.

James Harden has to win a championship one of these next two seasons, as Paul Pierce and Gilbert Arenas have recently shown.

His reputation is at stake.

Last Monday on Inside the NBA, Charles Barkley observed of the 10-time All-Star, “When the lights are the brightest, he has performed dreadful.”

Many have questioned Harden’s brilliance after he choked many times in the playoffs. In his first NBA Finals appearance with the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2012, he scored only 8.5 points on 20.0 percent shooting in Games 3 and 4. He only scored 14 points on 18.2 percent shooting in Game 5 of the 2015 Western Conference Finals.

During a defeat in Game 6 of the 2017 Western Conference playoffs, Harden only scored 10 points and shot 18.2 percent from the floor. In the 2018 Western Conference Finals, he and the Houston Rockets blew a 3-2 lead to the Golden State Warriors. In Games 6 and 7 of the series, Harden had 14 turnovers.

All in all, Joel Embiid is a forward for the Philadelphia 76ers. and James Harden seem excited to play together, but they need to win a championship. Harden’s legacy depends on it.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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