Adam Martin is a sports blogger (speculativesports) and he has started blogging about golf (theputt). He has made some great little videos of his golf swing and now he has decided to post his blog on the National Golf Association. He has called them a little noise. He has started with a few quick posts and then has decided to post a few more. He has seen that you can make a putt with a little noise.

There are many myths about golfers and golf equipment but the one that is most prevalent is that golfers are awful at putting. Whether it’s a golfer’s inability to control the direction or speed of a ball, or their belief that putts always go down when they try to make them, golfers are forever playing catch-up with themselves. In “You Can Make a Putt With Me Making a Little Noise”, the author goes back and inverts golf myths, showing that putting is just as easy as the rest of the game, and that even with imperfect swings, golfers can still make their putts.

The U.S. Open is always one of the biggest golf tournaments of the year, and this year’s men’s final will be no exception. And, it’s sure to be a good one, with Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth competing for the title. But, even though this is a major, it’s not the only thing that makes it special. The U.S. Open is often referred to as “The Open”; you know, the opening of a new book or the beginning of a story, as in “Open the door, please!” The name is fun, but it’s also a clever play on words.

Michael Jordan is one of the most daring athletes to ever live. So it makes sense that he has taken that ruthlessness of the NBA circuit into his retired life. Jordan uses much of his competitiveness in his role as owner of the Charlotte Hornets, but when he’s not working tirelessly to improve the team, he uses the tough-guy mentality he had in the NBA on the golf course.

Of course, there are many game stories with Jordan on the field. Star actor Michael Douglas recently stated that the Chicago Bulls legend likes to get under the skin of his rivals when they play for money, and that’s pure MJ.

Michael Jordan is a fierce competitor on the golf course


What made Jordan so special on the basketball court was his attitude of winning at all costs. The NBA winner just didn’t want to lose, and he took that mentality to the golf course during his retirement.

Jordan regularly invites PGA Tour players to play in cash games at The Grove XXIII, and even plays against the best golfers in the world. Rickie Fowler, who regularly visits Jordan’s private golf course, described his on-course mentality perfectly.

These are some of the best workouts for going out and being ready to play tournament golf, Fowler told Jason Sobel of Action Network in 2018. He’ll play you for anything you want. Anything that scares you.

Jordan is never intimidating on the basketball court or the golf course, but he knows how to crack others under pressure.

Jordan knows how to get under the skin of a competitor

Michael Jordan swings during a pro-am at the 2007 Wachovia Championship at Quail Hollow Country Club | Scott Halleran/Getty Images

In addition to the PGA Tour players, Jordan also plays golf with some of the world’s most famous people. Over the years he has played golf with Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Douglas, and the latter recently told a hilarious story about his golf experience with GOAT.

I’ve played with Michael Jordan a few times and I remember one time I was stupid to take one of his putt bets, Douglas told’s Chris Nashawati. He wanted it to be an insane amount – thousands. I’m not a big fan of gambling. I set up for the shot and Jordan starts ripping the Velcro off his golf glove. I was like this: What are you doing? And he said: Listen, boy. If I can make a free throw with 20,000 people screaming at me, you can make a patch if I make a little noise.

Jordan’s Velcro trick may not be in keeping with golf etiquette, but he doesn’t care much about manners when there’s that much money at stake.

Do not play with Jordan in Grove XXIII


Jordan doesn’t just do tricks on the green. He even designed The Grove XXIII specifically for his golf game. His unique design gives him an edge over all those who dare to challenge him on his own turf.

Ask Fowler.

The shorter you hit, the farther the ball goes, Fowler told Colt Nost and Drew Stoltz during an episode of the GOLF Subpar podcast. The tees and pins are done every day so you can play the golf course as much as you want, but they installed the back tees at about 7000 or 7100 yards and MJ only plays on the back tees.

It’s a golf course where he can hit a driver on all the par-4s and par-5s, and if I want to hit a driver, I have to set up a little tighter. I can hit back if I want, but of course that becomes a bit of a disadvantage, especially if it’s a hole where he makes a move.

Add Jordan’s incessant distraction tactics on the course and you have a seemingly unbeatable golfer.

COMPARED TO: Michael Jordan’s intimidating presence nearly made the former pro golfer faint on the course: He literally could not breathe.Author, blogger, and mashup artist Kate Micucci recently released a book called You Can Make a Putt With Me, a collection of short stories based on her popular YouTube videos. As you can imagine, most of the videos involve Kate staring at a golf club and making the “putt” noise, which is a reference to her web series, You Can Make a Scene. But, there is so much more to Kate than her putt-making videos, and you’ll find out more about her as you read her book.. Read more about turkey sound in words and let us know what you think.

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