Windjammers 2 is a fast, easy to pick up, and fun sports party game that will appeal to anyone looking for the next best thing in their gaming collection. It’s a great addition to any set of video games for those who are tired of playing over-hyped AAA titles.

Windjammers 2 is a game that has been in the works for a long time, and it was finally released on the Nintendo Switch. The sequel to Windjammers features new characters, new abilities, and a whole lot of fun.

Windjammers 2 Review: Extreme Frisbee Throwdown Part Deux

Windjammers is the most popular SNK sports game of all time. The “flying disc sport” is a cross between tennis and Pong, but with a Frisbee-like object and a framework similar to a traditional arcade one-on-one fighting game. Each of the six characters has their own venues and distinctive fighting game techniques.

Windjammers is fun stuff too, even for those of us who’d never touch more traditional sports games. It managed to generate enough goodwill and nostalgia over the years to both get ported to modern systems and spawn a sequel. Windjammers 2 might have flown in almost 20 years later, but it sticks like glue to the source material. 

Windjammers 2 Review: Part 2 of the Extreme Frisbee Throwdown

The new game has ten characters, as well as new levels and techniques to go along with them. Throwing, lobbing, and tossing the disc over a net to score a goal in your opponent’s scoring zones is the fundamental gameplay. The scoring zones are commonly separated into three portions, each earning three or five points, depending on the stadium (the five-point zone is usually a smaller-sized goal). A missed shot by an opponent is worth two points, and the person who wins two of the three rounds wins the match.

Your power gauge fills up as you play, allowing you to perform super techniques like scorching swirling disc shots or discs that burn down unexpectedly deviating trajectories. A target appears on the ground indicating where the disc will fall when it is thrown at you, and standing there just before collecting and returning the shot might result in a special move. All of these powerful movements have significantly greater power than regular shots, yet they may still be intercepted and returned (which also results in a super shot).

The majority of these maneuvers are performed by pressing the throw, slap, or lob buttons while selecting a direction. With half-circle motions as you throw the disc, you may add curve to regular shots. The gameplay has a surprising number of levels, and mastering basic and special techniques is just half of the struggle. It’s a little more difficult to figure out how to counter opponent shots.


The single-player arcade mode exemplifies how unpredictable much of the action can be. The movement of the disc (especially with certain special techniques) might seem nearly random at times. Dash and throw are the same button, just as in the original, which may lead to irritating errors like dashing away when you wanted to catch and return the disc.

There are no pixelated characters in sight, and the hand-drawn 2D images are crisp and vibrant. Although the widescreen, HD presentation is impressive, the aesthetics remain true to Windjammers’ antiquated beginnings. The soundtrack (which includes an overly enthusiastic announcer, wacky electronic combat music, and rapid character soundbites) is in keeping with the Neo Geo arcade tradition.

Both online and local multiplayer modes are available in Windjammers 2. You may choose from rated, fast, or buddy matches while playing online. Online matches were smooth and lag-free, however sophisticated customization and tournaments were lacking. You choose a character, an arena, and then you’re off. Unless you actively choose to play with a buddy, the game assigns you to other players at random.

Review of Windjammers 2 – The Bottom Line



  • Graphics are crisp, and the game moves quickly.
  • Multiplayer game in the manner of an arcade 
  • There are ten characters to choose from, as well as a variety of unique fighting-game-style skills.


  • Overall, it doesn’t contribute anything to the original.
  • The controls may be a touch slick, particularly because the dash and catch/throw buttons are the same.

Windjammers 2 plays more like a remaster of the original than a sequel. Despite the new aesthetic update and expanded selection of characters, the game remains essentially unchanged. That’s not necessarily a negative thing if you liked the first game, but in the end, we can’t help but think the sequel should have been bolder and more broader. 

[Note: The copy of Windjammers 2 used for this review was given by Dotemu.]
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