Philadelphia 76ers big man Joel Embiid suffered a mysterious injury to his knee that’s kept him out of the NBA playoffs. With Embiid sidelined, Sixers head coach Brett Brown has struggled to find an answer for how he will go about replacing one of the best players in basketball.

Joel Embiid is a professional basketball player for the Philadelphia 76ers. He has been injured and is not playing, but when will he return? Read more in detail here: when will joel embiid return.

While the old adage holds true that defense wins championships, the new NBA is all about superstars. You won’t go very far if you don’t have some significant top-end talent on your team. The 76ers have Joel Embiid and James Harden, which is good news for Philadelphia fans.

At the very least, they’ve got those two stars on paper. Philly will be without their starting center when the second-round series with the Miami Heat begins.

So, why is Embiid not in the starting lineup? And, maybe more crucially for Sixers fans, when will he be able to play in the series after his injury?

With a concussion and a fractured orbital, Joel Embiid will miss at least two games.

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Joel Embiid tore a ligament in his thumb during the first round of the 2022 NBA Playoffs. While he battled through discomfort to help the Philadelphia 76ers beat the Toronto Raptors, the big man will now be on the bench.

In the final minutes of the series-clinching Game 6 win, Embiid absorbed an elbow to the face as Pascal Siakam drove to the basket. Shams Charania of The Athletic would later tweet that the center had suffered a mild concussion and a fractured right orbital. Those injuries have ruled him out of the action, and the team didn’t provide an official timetable for his return.

Despite that reality, we do know some details about a potential timeline. Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that Embiid won’t travel to Florida for the first two meetings with the Heat but did note there was “optimism” that the big man could get back into the action for either Game 3 or Game 4.

Embiid will be assessed again next week, but he must be sidelined for at least five days due to the concussion, according to sources.

There is no schedule for this injury yet, but “the door isn’t closed,” according to sources.

— Ramona Shelburne (@ramonashelburne) April 30, 2022

Ramona Shelburne added her two cents, stating that it seemed like Embiid’s orbital fracture would not need surgery. Joel would also need to be gone for at least five days, according to her; if we start counting from the morning after he was injured, the sixth day would be May 3. That means Embiid could possibly pass the concussion protocol in time for Game 3.

Having said that, it’s important to understand that concussions impact people in various ways. The 76ers player might be ready to play the day he becomes eligible, but he could also need more time to rehabilitate. We’ll simply have to wait and see what happens at this point.

While Joel Embiid will be missed, the 76ers traded for James Harden for this reason.

Joel Embiid will obviously want to return to the 76ers as soon as possible. With him on the bench, they become a poorer team on both sides of the field. As a result, Philadelphia is at least somewhat prepared for this situation.

According to Ky Carlin of Sixers Wire, the Sixers played 14 games this season without their great center. The 76ers defeated the Heat twice despite being below.500 in those games. Doc Rivers understands his role guys will have to step up again now that Embiid is out. Paul Millsap, DeAndre Jordan, and Paul Reed all performed well while Embiid was out.

“DJ and Millsap, the two Pauls, as we call them, both played huge minutes in that game,” said the head coach. “I believed DJ’s height mattered in that game, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.” By committee, we’ll play center.”

The 76ers’ greatest ace up their collective sleeve, though, is James Harden. Even while the guard isn’t ideal, he can score with the best of them. Due to Embiid’s injury, he will be the primary offensive option, giving him almost unrestricted access to the ball.

While Daryl Morey recruited Harden to play alongside the center rather than replace him, having several players on the roster has certain advantages. Even against Miami’s formidable defense, the bearded guard couldn’t win a championship on his own, but he can hold down the fort for a few games.

The 76ers discovered that Ben Simmons was not a trustworthy backup option during the 2021 NBA Playoffs. With Joel Embiid on the bench, they’re now prepared to weather the storm. If he’s able to return to the floor in the next week or two, Philly’s odds of defeating the Heat are still good.

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