Quarterback is one of the most important positions in any sport, and NFL quarterbacks are no exception. The arm strength of an NFL quarterback can be measured by how many yards he throws for, but there are other factors that come into play as well.

The who is the hardest thrower in nfl history is a question that has been asked for years. It’s hard to answer because football is such a fast-paced game, but one of the most accurate quarterbacks in NFL history was Johnny Unitas.

During football conversations, there will always be debates over quarterbacks. Every NFL fan obsesses over quarterback statistics and each athlete’s position in history.

Arm strength is an important aspect of a quarterback’s makeup. It has the power to either destroy or sanctify a player’s career. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the NFL’s most powerful arms. 

Quarterbacks with the NFL’s most powerful arms

Quarterback Brett Favre of the Green Bay Packers greets Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino before a 20-0 win at Lambeau Field in 1997 Dan Marino and Brett Favre, NFL quarterbacks, on the sideline in 1997 | James Biever/Getty Images

To make this list of the quarterbacks with the strongest arms, there must be some reasons. According to Bleacher Report, the top 10 quarterbacks that show their arm strength with numbers are:

  1. Dan Marino: Arguably the greatest NFL player with the strongest arm, Marino threw some of the most accurate passes in the game’s history. Despite the fact that he never won a Super Bowl, his tremendous arm needs to be recognized.
  2. Brett Favre: The cannon hand shattered a lot of fingers and earned him the moniker “the old gunslinger” because of his very powerful arm.
  3. John Elway: Elway’s arm power is shown by his ability to throw up to 70 yards down the field on the money.
  4. Jim Hart: With his passes that appeared to “leave a vapor trail,” Hart set a record of 98 yards passing in the air.
  5. Terry Bradshaw: Back in the day, the Steelers quarterback had a knack for throwing beautiful long passes that would leave spectators breathless.
  6. Jeff George: Even while running, the quarterback was able to throw deep, flawless passes. 
  7. Doug Williams: Williams was known for his ability to throw the ball from one end zone to the other.
  8. Jim Kelly, a Buffalo Bills great, was known for throwing long passes with minimal effort.
  9. Johnny Unitas: The all-time most accurate passer also produced some of the longest throws.
  10. Jack Kemp: Kemp’s arm power is undeniable, as shown by his many passing records in the AFL record books.

The NFL’s most powerful arm at the moment

According to Fox Sports, Josh Allen has the highest throw power rating in the NFL right now. Allen of the Buffalo Bills is ranked first in Madden 22. After setting career highs in completion percentage (69.2%), passing touchdowns (37), and passing yards, the 25-year-old wowed his teammates, opponents, and the media (4,544).

In only three years, he’s already been nominated for league MVP, coming second to Aaron Rodgers. Last season, Allen guided the Bills to first place in the AFC East with a 13-3 record. Patrick Mahomes, Baker Mayfield, and Matthew Stafford are all on the list of NFL quarterbacks with the strongest arms.

What it takes to be a quarterback with a powerful arm

In order to have a powerful arm in the NFL, athletes must concentrate on flexibility, form, and muscular strength. Dieter Brock is a quarterback who is seldom mentioned in these discussions. Brock only played in the NFL for one season, but he is regarded as one of the best quarterbacks in the league’s history.

Brock’s training methods helped him develop his famous arm. Brock utilized a weighted football during training as part of a variety of arm strength exercises. Upper body strength may be gained by working on shoulder strength and lifting weights. According to Sports Illustrated, Brock can throw a 93-yard pass and a 55-yard pass on one knee, earning him the moniker “The Birmingham Rifle.”

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The who has the strongest arm in the nfl 2021 is a question that can be answered with just one name. Tom Brady has the strongest arm in NFL history.

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