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Michael Jordan is one of the best basketball players ever. He has been in the NBA for over 20 years and has won 6 championships. When he left the Celtics, he left basketball. Read more in detail here: michael jordan larry bird friendship.

‘When I Left the Celtics, I Left Basketball’

Larry Bird’s NBA career with the Boston Celtics will go down in history as one of the greatest in basketball history. The Legend, on the other hand, got the chance to play for the best squad ever formed.

The Dream Team, which the United States sent to the 1992 Olympics, was the most extraordinary assemblage of talent ever assembled, and it went wild through the world’s top teams on its route to a Gold Medal in Barcelona.

That summer, a 35-year-old Bird was on the roster. Back ailments had taken their toll at that time, and his career was on its final legs. Larry was well aware of this.

He expressed his gratitude for the wonderful privilege of being able to serve his nation. However, he was fully aware that his basketball career was over.

And, according to Bird, no medal could ever compare to his time with the Celtics.

In 1992, Larry Bird was a part of the greatest basketball team in history.

Larry Bird acknowledged the honor of playing in the Olympics, but knew his career ended with the Boston Celtics.

Larry Bird acknowledged the honor of playing in the Olympics, but knew his career ended with the Boston Celtics. Team USA’s Dream Team’s Larry Bird and Magic Johnson take questions from the press. | Sportswire Icon

For a reason, the 1992 United States Olympic Basketball Team is known as the Dream Team. It was an incredible assemblage of historic talent.

NBA players were permitted to compete in the 1992 Olympics for the first time.

And USA Basketball took full advantage of the situation.

Bird and Magic Johnson were on the roster as they neared the end of their respective careers. Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, Chris Mullin, David Robinson, John Stockton, and Clyde Drexler were all on the squad. (And what about Christian Laettner?)

Most significantly, the team’s finest player was none other than the GOAT himself, Michael Jordan, who was in the midst of his heyday. Furthermore, according to Sporting News, Charles Barkley was the guy that led the squad in scoring and rebounds.

Despite his body failing him, the Legend played all eight games and averaged 18.6 minutes each game. He was overshadowed by the younger players, averaging 8.4 points and 3.8 rebounds while shooting 52.1 percent.

He was, nevertheless, a leader and a cornerstone of something incredible.

On their route to Olympic gold, the Dream Team ruled the globe.

In the Tournament of the Americas, Team USA scored 136 points in its first game together, a 79-point victory against Cuba. The team won the event by an average margin of 51.5 points, according to Sporting News.

What about the Olympics? According to, the United States was the first team in history to score at least 100 points in every game, averaging 117.3 and winning by an average of 43.8 points.

Bird, along with Johnson, was one of the team’s co-captains, and he guided his team to a 117-85 victory against Croatia in the Gold Medal Game.

“Winning a gold medal has to be one of the best accomplishments an athlete can achieve,” Bird told

“It was simply being there for the Olympics that gave me pleasure.” Some of these men had been on my teams before, but this was the Olympics. It was unique.”

But, as The Hick From French Lick would later admit, not as memorable as his time in Boston.

Larry Bird acknowledged that his illustrious basketball career ended with the Boston Celtics, not the Dream Team.

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Bird met down with Bob Ryan, then of The Boston Globe, after the Olympics and before he officially retired. The topic of the Dream Team came up during their interview.

Sure, The Legend conceded; competing in the Olympics was a wonderful honor, and it was a fantastic experience. It wasn’t, however, in Boston, and he wasn’t playing for the Celtics.

As Ryan put it,

He dragged himself through a brief playoff stint before making it to the Olympics. “Of course, I wanted to do it.” It was a wonderful honor for me to play for your nation when I was 35.”

But don’t question him about his gaming memories. He adds, “There’s nothing to speak about.” “You can’t claim you had the finest time of your life because you spent 12 days doing one thing.” The 13 years I spent with the Celtics were the best of my life.

“I quit basketball when I left the Celtics.” When I left the Boston Celtics, my career came to an end.”

On his Celtics basketball career and playing with the Dream Team, Larry Bird writes to Bob Ryan.

The Dream Team is the most skilled bunch of basketball players to ever grace the court. It dominated on the international scene, winning an Olympic Gold Medal and permanently altering the history of basketball.

Despite this, Bird said that the Celtics were his home, and that when he left Boston, he left basketball behind.

Basketball Reference provided all statistics.

Larry Bird’s nickname, “The Hick From French Lick,” was never more fitting than when he first arrived in Boston: ‘I didn’t know what I was doing.’ Terre Haute was the first city that sprang to me when I thought of a city.

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The “celtics gm” is a book written by Red Auerbach. It tells the story of his time with the Boston Celtics from 1946-1950. The book was published in 1965, and it has been translated into 7 languages.

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