The Green Bay Packers found success with a strategy that was unique in the NFL. However, over time they have become predictable and even stagnant to their opponents. With one game left before the playoffs it is too late for them to make changes but here are some things you can do as a fan of another team if you want your team to beat GB this weekend.

The “greenbay packers game” is a football game that the Green Bay Packers play. The team has been struggling recently, and this could potentially be their end of season.

What Used to Be a Strength for the Green Bay Packers Has Become a Potentially Season-Ending Weakness

For the Green Bay Packers, Mason Crosby is a legend. The veteran kicker has won much more games for the Packers than he has lost. Nonetheless, his difficulties this season must be quite troubling.

Crosby was once a huge strength for Green Bay, having been an automatic for so long. However, he’s suddenly a liability for the Packers. As Green Bay moves closer to the NFL playoffs, his field goal/PAT unit seems to be a huge issue.

The field goal/PAT unit, led by Mason Crosby, has become a liability.

Green Bay Packers kicker Mason Crosby

Green Bay Packers kicker Mason Crosby Green Bay Packers’ Mason Crosby #2 reacts after making a field goal against the Los Angeles Rams at Lambeau Field in the fourth quarter | Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

For years, if Aaron Rodgers couldn’t reach the end zone, the Packers knew they could count on the kicking team to provide them three points. For so many seasons in Green Bay, that was automatic.

Green Bay also knew it could count on Crosby to hit a game-winning field goal without hesitation. He had frost running through his veins.

What happened to all that ice?

Crosby still has the ability to knock down huge kicks, so it’s not like it’s gone away. However, there is a big fault somewhere in the procedure. Crosby has missed far too many kicks, and his confidence must be at an all-time low.

Crosby has now missed nine field goal tries in 2021. That’s the lowest mark in the league, and it’s accompanied by a field goal percentage of 66.7 percent, which is also the lowest among all eligible NFL kickers.

The operation of placekicking requires a great degree of attention to detail.

The kickers receive all of the praise and criticism, yet kicking a football between the uprights is a full-fledged “surgery.”

The long-snapper is first, and he returns the ball to the holder. After that, the holder must lay the football on the ground and spin it so that the laces face away from the kicker. The timing of the kicker’s approach to football is meticulously orchestrated.

When it works, the transition between snap, hold, and kick is flawless. What happens if it doesn’t? That’s where missed field goals and blocks, or worse, come from. If you’ve ever seen a holder catch the ball and run aimlessly around the backfield before being tackled, it’s likely that the snap was faulty.

The fact that so much precision goes into it is astounding. Everything occurs in a matter of seconds, and every detail counts. If anything goes awry, such as a low snap or the holder putting the football at a little different angle, everything may go wrong.

According to, special teams coach Maurice Drayton recently outlined the procedure:

“You want your long snapper to snap the ball with precision and location,” Drayton said. “That’s going to require velocity and the same revolutions to go to the holder in the same catch position (every time).” “Then it’s up to the holder to place the ball on a spot about the size of a penny, maybe with very little movement, and then lean the ball in the direction your kicker requires.”

Maurice Drayton, special teams coach for the Green Bay Packers, discusses the kicking game.

Something has to be wrong with the Green Bay Packers’ kicking game.

Mason Crosby is having a terrible season

Mason Crosby is having a terrible season Green Bay Packers’ Mason Crosby #2 reacts following his team’s field goal attempt against the Cincinnati Bengals | Andy Lyons/Getty Images

There has to be something wrong with the Green Bay operation. Crosby has taken a lot of the heat, but he’s part of a three-man team, and he’s much too seasoned to be battling like this without something else going wrong.

The facts are unmistakable. He’s on his second long-snapper of the season, and punter Corey Bojorquez is his new holder. Crosby made 16 of 16 field goals alongside long snapper Hunter Bradley and holder JK Scott last season.

Scott was benched in favor of Bojorquez, which made sense in terms of pure punting ability but not so much in terms of holding. Bradley has battled with snap placement for most of the season and was recently replaced by Green Bay practice squad member Steve Wirtel.

Crosby’s troubles this season have to do with the turnover in a squad that was fairly solid in 2020. Recently, Drayton appeared to point the finger at everyone except Crosby, lending credibility to the assumption that the veteran kicker isn’t battling alone.

In mid-November, Drayton remarked, “Mason Crosby deserves better.” “Well, I owe him something.” We owe him something, and we’ll make it happen.”

The Packers are a Super Bowl favorite this season, but it’s simple to see how their aspirations may be shattered if the kicking operation isn’t fixed immediately. Playoff games are often tight, and three points (or even an additional point) might be the difference between winning the Lombardi Trophy and finishing another season in despair.

The Packers must correct this as soon as possible.

If Drayton owes Crosby money, the bye week is the ideal opportunity to make the payment.

ESPN and Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

On Charles Woodson Day, the Green Bay Packers defense shows off their ominous Super Bowl ceiling.

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