The Toronto Raptors have continued their winning ways by posting a 11-0 streak. Led by the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference, the Raptors are the only team in the NBA to be undefeated this season. The team has already clinched a playoff spot for the first time since 2012, and if they can keep on winning, they have a good chance of getting all the way to the Finals.

The NBA regular season has just started, yet the topic of this post is not pre-season game results—it is all time losing streaks. For the sake of analysis, I will be looking at all time streaks of 15 games or more. The longest 15 game losing streak in NBA history occurred in the 1985-86 season. The Chicago Bulls had 20 consecutive losses, before finally defeating the Golden St. Warriors at the end of the year. This game was the only time the Bulls won a game in the late 80’s, as they only won another 5 games in the next 2 years.

The Lakers have an 18-game losing streak, the Bulls have an 11-game losing streak, the Clippers have an 11-game losing streak, the Suns have an 11-game losing streak, the Heat have an 11-game losing streak, the Timberwolves have an 11-game losing streak, the Kings have an 11-game losing streak, and the Pacers have an 11-game losing streak. But just how long was the NBA’s longest losing streak before the Timberwolves hit the skids?

The Houston Rockets have been very unlucky this season. First, their main player, James Harden, asked to be traded, which backfired heavily on the franchise. A series of defeats began that would last most of the season. Winning in the NBA is hard, but some teams lose so much they set records. Let’s take a look at why some teams lose badly in the NBA and determine the longest losing streak in the NBA.

Houston Rockets have lost 20 consecutive games

word-image-14913 word-image-14914 Houston Rockets in a bunch. Michael Reaves/Getty Images The Rockets have been unlucky this year with the departure of Harden, but they seem to have it in them to keep a game interesting. They acquired defenseman John Wall from Washington in a trade for Russell Westbrook. They also had a promising first head coach in Steven Silas. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for the team. They’ve even lost 20 games. It all came down to a win against the Toronto Raptors on the 23rd. Released in March. Although the team knew they still had a lot of work ahead of them, they took the moment to enjoy the victory. Silas was the most excited about the players, reports ESPN: It’s just indescribable, winning in March in this crazy season. I’m so proud of the boys. To witness that, to fight so hard and see the frustration on the players’ faces after each defeat. And then to go into the locker room tonight after the game and see everyone happy and excited, I mean, that’s really cool and awesome. The Rockets have been bad this year, but on paper they didn’t look that bad. How is it that a team is on a historic losing streak?

Why an NBA team is on a long losing streak

. Teams that fail badly often suffer from one or more problems. Injuries can play a role. Losing a star player (or even a key role player) can hurt a team’s performance. But what has really hurt many franchises is the superteam concept. Ever since LeBron James and Dwyane Wade teamed up in Miami, more and more superstars have been playing on the same teams. This leads to an abundance of talent on a handful of teams, while the rest of the NBA struggles to compete. It’s not always easy. Teams must either make a great selection or find a way to generate interest from a high-profile free agent. That means you have to be in a large or in-demand market (like Los Angeles, Miami or Brooklyn) or have a chance to find generational talent (Milwaukee). If teams can’t do either, they need to put themselves in a better position. Therefore, the tendency of teams to sort out to get higher picks has become commonplace. The Philadelphia 76ers are a recent example. They used the motto Trust the Process when they hit rock bottom and ended up with great players like Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. If a team treads water until they find a good pick, they lose a lot.

What is the longest losing streak in NBA history?

Clearly, the two biggest culprits in a big NBA loss series are a lack of superstars and a rebuilding team. In each case, both teams had the longest unbeaten streak in NBA history. According to the Land of Basketball, the longest period without a win in NBA history is 26. Both teams have an equal chance of being (un)honored: Philadelphia 76ers 2013-14 and Cleveland Cavaliers 2010-11. In the case of the Sixers, they were in the middle of their famous rebuild, which now seems to be paying off. The Cavs just lost James in the offseason. We shouldn’t be surprised that neither team has such an embarrassing record. COMPARED TO: John Wall earned $184 million in the NBA and now owns part of theprofessional basketball teamChicago Bulls fans have to be secretly happy when they get to watch a LeBron James-less NBA season. (Yes, we know the current roster is mostly made up of second-tier squads that produce more than a few losses a year.) But in order to have a chance at winning an NBA title, the Bulls will likely need to add a few more pieces to the roster.. Read more about longest losing streak in nba 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the worst NBA record ever?

The next time you hear people discussing the worst NBA record, odds are they are talking about the Toronto Raptors. They currently have the longest losing streak in the NBA, and it is a record that has been incredibly hard to beat. The Raptors lost their last 27 games of the 2014-2015 season, and at the time of writing, they’ve lost their last 54, without getting a win. While the NBA is often referred to as “the sport of basketball”, it is a league that has no shortage of controversy. The NBA is one of the few sports which has a team that is actively looking to become the worst team in the history of the sport. The Phoenix Suns have made headlines in the last few years for their attempts to set the record for the longest losing streak in NBA history.

What is the largest win in NBA history?

We all know that the Los Angeles Lakers are known for their winning traditions, but what about the other team in the NBA? What is the longest losing streak in the history of the NBA? If you guessed the Indiana Pacers, you would be right! The Pacers have the dubious distinction of being the longest losing team in NBA history, going through five straight decades (1977-1986) without a single win. Although the Pacers have been competitive at times, including an appearance in the playoffs in the mid-1980s, they have been unable to break the streak. To determine the longest losing streak in NBA history, we must first determine the record for the largest win. The most recent win in NBA history is the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 118-72 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 4 of the 2016 NBA Finals on June 7, 2016. The Cavaliers’ win was the largest win in NBA history, and is the most recent win for the Cavaliers, making them the most recent team to win a game in NBA history.

What is the most points a NBA team has lost by?

The most points a NBA team has ever given up in a single game is the most points an NBA team has ever given up in a single game. The Philadelphia 76ers lost 108-105 against the New York Knicks on December 26, 1985. It was the second game of a game-seven playoff series, and as the Knicks led by 16 points with 5:04 to play in the fourth, the 76ers rallied to within two points. When the Houston Rockets lost to the Boston Celtics on Tuesday, they dropped to an all-time NBA record of 151 points, setting a record that was previously held by the Golden State Warriors. The record is a pretty interesting one for a number of reasons, especially considering that it was originally set by the Warriors in a game against the Chicago Bulls in March of 2016.

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