This article is an achievement guide for the Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong game. It contains a list of achievements, goals and tips on how to complete them.

The “vampire the masquerade swansong trophy guide” is a guide to help players obtain the “No Survivors” achievement in Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong.

Warning: this article contains major spoilers for Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong’s late game, which is required to get the No Survivors achievement.

Galeb Baxory has been sent to deal with the Boston vampires now that they’ve found out who their foe is. Galeb’s objective is Walter Stanford, a Second Inquisition commander, but he’ll have to go a long distance to get there.

Here’s how you eliminate Stanford’s subordinates and get the trophy/achievement No Survivors.

How to Leave Swansong with No Survivors


Galeb’s first obstacle at the SAD headquarters is obtaining a security implant with the appropriate degree of clearance so that he may utilize the SAD central computer to hunt down Stanford.

Only three Inquisition operatives—Chiara Favarone, Joseph Manneh, and Elle Gallagher—have the red implant you seek, and they’re all under lock and key. Your goal is to find a way to get to them, murder them, and steal at least one of their implants without alerting the rest of the base to the fact that you’re a vampire infiltrate.


You may go after these operators in any sequence, in principle. On a blind run, though, you’re more likely to come across the Favarone answer first because it’s the most intuitive.

It also seems to be the creators’ intention for the scene’s progression. You can go to Manneh without a red implant, but it’s not simple to figure out how; until I sat down to create this guide, I assumed it was impossible.

Similarly, if you have the correct character build, you can kill Gallagher without an implant, but doing so eats up Willpower points that you’d be better off storing for later. To get to Gallagher through the “cheap” route, you must first go halfway down Favarone’s path.

More importantly, once you get into this environment and start experimenting about, you’ll quickly realize that not all red implants are made equal. While you may use either Manneh’s or Gallagher’s implants to finish the scenario, none of them gives you the same amount of access as Favarone’s.

Chiara Favarone was the first to arrive.

To get to the clinic, take a left at the entrance. Favarone may be seen from the operating theater’s observation area, but she’s hidden behind a door that needs her permission to open.

You may get a clue to his locker code on a post-it note connected to a monitor in her long-suffering subordinate Dr. Henry’s room: it’s the number for his “lucky patient.”


If you go through Henry’s email (above) on a functional computer – he’s too busy to complain — you’ll see that patient #1492 is mentioned.

You may use this code to access Henry’s locker and put on his hazmat suit. Go enter Favarone’s theater after sitting through the decontamination process.


You’ll ruin the experiment she’s working on if you attempt to take her implant. She’ll give you the keycard to the cold storage area to replace it. This chamber is not only one of the three safe rooms in this scenario, but it also houses the security key you’ll need to deal with Gallagher on the shelf to your right as you enter.


To retrieve Jara’s cerebellum, go to the shelf with Jara Drory’s name on it and open the second cooler on the left. Bring it back to the surgical room and put the brain in the drawer. You may steal Favarone’s implant after she begins her new experiment, killing her in the process.

You may now upgrade to Favarone’s implant by utilizing the panel near the freight elevator in the hub area. This gives you complete control over the level, making it simple to locate and remove the remaining Inquisition members.

You may also go around the facility and find her body by using Favarone’s implant. There’s a rare and precious Tremere mixture in her workplace, even if she doesn’t have anything else you need.

Note: You’ll earn the Precision Job trophy/achievement if you leave right now and check the central computer to conclude the scenario without doing anything else. Continue reading to receive No Survivors.


To take Manneh out, boost the humidity in his workstation using the thermostat adjacent to the observation glass in the library. This serves as a bonus goal by destroying the rare books he’s working on and bringing him out into the open.


During the subsequent Confrontation, do anything you want, and when it’s finished, choose to murder him. To discover a Tremere brooch, walk past Manneh into his workshop and access the little safe on the bench, which needs either his implant or Favarone’s.


To reach Gallagher, enter the SAD base’s Pyre wing and exit via the far side door. She’s now testing weaponry and is trapped behind a closed door that can only be accessed from the inside. You’ll have to channel your inner Agent 47 here.

Your new security key fits the console on the left side of the test room, allowing you to incinerate Gallagher using its pyrolysis capability. Thankfully, her implant will survive the ordeal.

However, before you murder Gallagher, use Favarone’s implant to access the storage room in the test area’s control booth. Take the electrical pliers inside.


Return to the test area and use the pliers to repair the broken wire by opening the fusebox on the wall. The green button on the console will now operate, closing the door to the test area’s safety chamber.

Press it, then fry Gallagher with the red button before pressing the green button again. You may now read the book she brought inside the testing room, which counts toward a bonus goal.

There’s nothing more for you to do except complete the sequence, which should result in the unlocking of No survivors. But, just for kicks, let’s talk about what we’d have to do if we were to save Favarone for last.

First, there was Elle Gallagher.


As previously said, if you want to kill Gallagher first and gain all you need out of the process, you’ll need a very specific setup. You’ll need Security 3 and, of all things, Fortitude 3 in particular.

You can stroll down the stairs from the central computer room and into the test room’s control booth without issue. You can crack the lock on the console and fire the pyrolysis using the Security skill, but this will destroy Gallagher’s book.

Because you can’t reach the electrical pliers, you may repair the wiring in the fusebox by hand, which costs 2 Hunger and needs Fortitude 3, indicating that Galeb is capable of handling live electricity. This allows you to secure the book and seal the safety compartment.

First, there was Joseph Manneh.

Manneh can be rescued from his workshop without Favarone’s implant, although it’s a little silly. It’s a puzzle, although there seem to be just three indirect clues.


Villeneuve, the blonde researcher at the library’s entrance section, will explain the problem to you if you talk with her. Manneh has locked himself up to work and will not emerge till his current project is completed.

Villeneuve will let slip that Manneh just finished work on the volumes in the R section with a dose of Presence. He’s now on S, logically.


Next, on the right side of the library, there’s a file authored by Manneh that says he’s a great admirer of Dr. Seamus Sloan.


Finally, you may utilize the reference computer in the rear room with either Gallagher or Favarone’s implant to see that Sloan’s Guardians of the Faith is one of five volumes accessible for consultation.


If you look beyond Manneh, you’ll find an automated request system for rare books and a wall list that links the library’s current inventory with their reference numbers. The number for the Guardians of the Faith is 8070.

If you enter that number into the request system, it will show up as the volume Manneh is now working on, encouraging him to come out and see who’s attempting to attract his attention.

vtm-swansong-survivors-6a770“What am I supposed to do now? What are you going to do with his stuff?”

This is the start of a confrontation. It makes no difference what you say since we’re here to murder Manneh. Simply choose anything you want and snap his neck when the chat is over. However…

One word of caution:

The way you play this level will have a big influence on the remainder of the game. Manneh is a potential asset, as Galeb’s chat with him implies, and allowing him to survive might pay off well in the future.

Do anything you want on your first blind run. If you want to get the “Let Us Show Them the Power of Immortality” trophy/achievement by having all three vampires survive the game, it’s simpler if Manneh is on your side and still sucking air.

Galeb is by far the simplest of the three vampires to murder on the run, and any advantage you can squeeze from the previous scenes will be well worth it. Acquiring Manneh will not necessarily tie you into a story arc in which Galeb dies, but it will make things more difficult for you.

In Swansong, this is how you obtain the No Survivors and Precision Job achievement/trophies. Keep an eye on our official Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong tips page for additional guidance on the game’s puzzles and more.

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