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The “vampire survivors unlock guide” is a website that will help you get all the arcana in the game. The site includes videos and images to help you along with your quest.

Arcanas are a new feature in Vampire Survivors that gives the game a lot more variety and flexibility. All Arcana are stage selection modifiers that may be toggled on or off to provide you various perks throughout your runs, such as more revives, greater healing, or monetary bonuses.

In-game, there are 10 Arcana cards to unlock, and we’ll teach you how to earn them in this tutorial.

Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock All Arcana

In Vampire Survivors, you’ll need to acquire a certain relic from the fourth level, Gallo Tower, to unlock Arcanas.

Gallo Tower may be unlocked by surviving until Level 40 of any other stage after achieving Level 60 of a Dairy Plant run. The Randomazzo is a relic that facilitates both the unlocking and activation of Arcanas. It appears as a spade-shaped playing card floating about with a faint purple glow.

To locate this relic, enter Gallo Tower and look for a green arrow at the top of the screen. Take this green arrow all the way up to a room with a beautiful red carpet running through it. The Randomazzo is floating towards the top of this carpet, waiting to be grabbed. Simply go in and a pop-up will appear asking you to choose the Randomazzo.


Arcanas will become accessible to unlock after you’ve reached the Randomazzo. Each of the ten Arcanas has its own set of requirements and effects, which are all listed below:

IV – Awake

Unlock Requirement: Survive until Krochi reaches Level 99.

Awake provides you +3 Revivals. Each Revival grants +10% Max Health, +5% Area, Duration, and Speed, as well as +1 Armor. 

V – Nightmare in the Dark

Unlock Requirement: Survive until Giovanna reaches Level 99.

Effect: In 10 second intervals, Chaos in the Dark Night causes peed to fluctuate from -50 and +200 percent.

Sarabande of Healing VI

Get the Randomazzo as an unlock requirement.

Sarabande of Healing doubles healing and makes healing do the equal amount of damage to adjacent opponents.

Iron Blue Will, VII

Unlock Requirement: Survive until Gennaro reaches Level 99.

Iron Blue Effect Will gives the Axe, Knife, Phiera Der Tuphello, Carréllo, and their evolutions up to three bounces and the ability to pass through barriers or foes.

Waltz of Pearls (XI)

Unlock Requirement: Survive until Imelda reaches Level 99.

Effect: Waltz of Pearls gives Carréllo, Cross, Fire Wand, Magic Wand, and their evolutions up to three bounces.

XIV – The Gold Disco

Survive until minute 31 in the Inlaid Library to unlock it.

Picking up gold gives you the same amount of healing as picking up Coin Bags, but picking up Coin Bags gives you Gold Fever.

Slash (XVI)

Unlock Requirement: Survive until Lama reaches Level 99.

Slash allows critical hits and doubles critical damage for the following weapons and their evolutions: Axe, Heaven Sword, Knife, Whip, and their corresponding evolutions.

XVII – Lost & Found Painting

Unlock Requirement: Survive until Poppea reaches Level 99.

Effect: Lost & Found Painting makes it so the duration for weapons changes constantly between -50% and +200% in ten second intervals.

XVIII – Illusionary Boogaloo

Unlock Requirement: Survive until Concetta reaches Level 99.

The region varies regularly between -25 percent and +50 percent at 10 second intervals, thanks to Boogaloo of Illusions.

Heart of Fire (XIX)

Survive until Arca reaches Level 99 to unlock.

The Fire Wand projectile, as well as light sources and characters harmed by Heart of Fire, explodes on hit.

The only one you’ll unlock immediately upon getting the Randomazzo is Sarabande of Healing VI. The others will take some more effort. Once unlocked, you’ll be given the option to toggle one at the start of runs. You can have a total of three active, however the second and third must be obtained from chests during your run.

Arcana chests dropped by monsters you kill at the 11 and 21-minute milestones will each include four random Arcanas for you to pick from (or fewer if you haven’t yet unlocked four). Only if Arcanas have been unlocked do these bosses emerge.

While there are only 10 Arcanas in the game right now, placeholders for 12 more can be seen in the Vampire Survivors game files, implying that many more will be included in future releases.

Consider checking out our other guides on our guides hub if you want to learn more about Vampire Survivors!

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