V Rising is a 2018 American action-thriller film directed by Robert Parigi, starring Danny Trejo and Meg Foster.

The “v rising leather” is a process of how to get leather. This process includes the use of a vat, boiling, and other processes.

Leather is required for a wide range of craftables in V Rising, but unlike many other resources, you won’t be able to get your hands on piles of it without some effort. Leather may be found as loot in various camps, but you’ll need to make your own to have a sufficient quantity.

In V Rising, how do you get leather?

Animal Hide is one of the numerous crafting materials you’ll find early on in a game, and it may be stacked up to 500 times like other crafting materials. Wolves, bears, and even deer deposit Animal Hide.

To achieve your Leather requirements, you’ll need a lot of Animal Hide; each piece of Leather requires 16 Animal Hide. However, before you can begin, you must first create the workstation on which you will be able to construct the Leather.

To make Leather, you’ll need to go to the Tannery. Kill a V Blood carrier called Keely the Frost Archer to get access to the Tannery workstation.

You may pick Keely the Frost Archer from your base’s Blood Altar and hunt her down by smell, but you can alternatively save time and find her in the camp highlighted on the map below. Keely the Frost Archer is a level 20 Bandit Trapper who can be found in East Farbane Woods in a big Bandit Trapper Camp.


You’ll be able to use the Tannery to create Leather if you’ve killed Keely the Frost Archer. To construct the Tannery, you’ll need eight Planks and 160 Animal Hide, and each piece of Leather requires 16 Animal Hide. At the very least, after all of this labor, you won’t have to manually maintain the Tannery.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to making Leather in V Rising. Keep a watch out for GameSkinny for more V Rising instructions.

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