The V-Rising: Greater Blood Essence and Unsullied Hearts Guide is a supplement for the 5th edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game. This guide designed to provide advice on how to bring an added sense of realism, or “flavor,” into your campaign with vampires in particular.



In V Rising, you eventually require Greater Blood Essence to advance, yet no matter how many enemies you kill, you’ll never find it as a drop. Instead, you must create it from a basic material, much like the more advanced elements you eventually need.

The likelihood is that there will only be one basic material available once you are in need of Greater Blood Essence. If you’re up for the task, you may subsequently unlock an other, simpler alternative.

Methods for Increasing Blood Essence in V Rising

Greater Blood Essence may be made at a Blood Press, and the first formula calls for 4 Unsullied Hearts. You could have been fortunate enough to hoard a few already, but chances are you want more. Much more.

Players who haven’t travelled too far north in Farbane Woods may discover that they haven’t obtained even one Unsullied Heart, since they are a pretty uncommon drop.

However, the likelihood that an Unsullied Heart may drop increases with opponent level. By the time they require Greater Essence, players that have been predominantly killing opponents level 20 and above or defeating V Blood carrier bosses should have some Unsullied Hearts on hand, albeit probably not enough to manufacture a lot.

Given the notion of progression in V Rising, it seems natural that foes level 30 or above have a larger probability of dropping these hearts than those of lesser levels. Try your luck at farming foes of level 30 or above to try your luck at collecting Unsullied Hearts for your new crafting endeavors.

To get to the second, far more dependable process to create the material using ordinary Blood Essence, one must first farm Unsullied Hearts.

Tristan the Vampire Hunter, a level 46 V Carrier monster, must be defeated in order to reveal the second recipe for creating Greater Blood Essence. It can take some time before you get the strength to kill Tristan in order to obtain this invaluable time-saving tool, but the wait will be worthwhile.

Do you wait it out or cultivate Unsullied Hearts? Really, it’s up to you. As you advance in V Rising, you’ll encounter a lot of other options and difficulties. For extra advice, see our V Rising guidelines.

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