Urban Meyer, the head coach of Ohio State Buckeyes football team, has been in hot water for his recent actions. He’s made some questionable decisions and now he’s desperate to appease the public.

Urban Meyer’s Disastrous Start Has Forced the Controversial Coach to Send a Desperate Message to Jaguars Fans.

The Jacksonville Jaguars seem destined for another last-place finish in the AFC South, despite possessing a head coach with three national championships and a starting quarterback who joined the NFL as one of the most highly-hyped prospects of all time.

Their supporters, on the other hand, aren’t in need of a lesson on how to deal with a bad season. After all, no NFL club is more closely associated with losing than the one that calls TIAA Bank Field home.

Yet, just two games into his employment, Urban Meyer has already sent Jaguars fans a desperate message that doesn’t inspire much confidence in his ability to stay in Jacksonville.

Since becoming an NFL head coach, almost everything has gone wrong for Urban Meyer.

Is it possible that Meyer made a mistake by pursuing his skills in the NFL?

That seems to be the case.

It’s hard to overlook everything that’s occurred since he was hired by the Jaguars in January. Meyer has made a number of poor decisions that have raised doubts about his ability to succeed in the NFL, from hiring controversial strength and conditioning coach Chris Doyle to creating unnecessary drama by signing Tim Tebow to committing OTA violations that cost him and the Jaguars a combined $300,000 in fines.

Sadly, things have only grown worse for the 57-year-old coach in recent weeks.

The Jaguars began their season by being thoroughly demolished by a Houston Texans club that is also rebuilding. Meyer’s team was stunned to give up 37 points and 449 total yards to a team led by journeyman quarterback Tyrod Taylor. To make things worse, in his first NFL start, No. 1 overall selection Trevor Lawrence threw three interceptions.

The Jaguars had a difficult day against the Denver Broncos after a humiliating Week 1 showing. The Lawrence-led offense scored 13 points on 189 yards of total offense, while the defense surrendered 23 points on 398 yards of total offense.

Meyer, unsurprisingly, delivered a dud in front of Jaguars fans during his first official home game.

Meyer has been compelled to deliver a desperate message to Jacksonville supporters as a result of his poor start.

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer looks on during a game against the Broncos.

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer looks on during a game against the Broncos. Urban Meyer’s tenure in Jacksonville has gotten off to such a shaky start that he’s already begging with supporters to stay with the club. | Getty Images/David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire

Is Jacksonville’s support for the Jaguars’ first-year head coach already waning?

Meyer can’t afford to keep having terrible days at work now that his club is 0-2 on the season. However, with whispers of a possible return to college circulating, he may not have to worry about losing his job even if he fails horribly in his first year as an NFL head coach.

If there was any doubt that he is under pressure to win, his frantic post-game statement to Jaguars supporters put that to rest.

“Thank you for being there,” I said on behalf of myself, my staff, and the players. Please don’t abandon us. Please bear with us. ‘We’re going to get better,’” says the narrator. Meyer remarked. “One thing Jacksonville and 904 should know is that no one is going to try more to get this thing flipped than us.”

While Jaguars supporters certainly anticipated more from the club, it’s not as if the squad was aiming for the playoffs. Nonetheless, Meyer’s request that them not “give up on us” clearly exemplifies why there should be little faith in his capacity to succeed in his position.

After two games, why should a coach urge supporters to “hang in there with us”? Other clubs in the league have started 0-2 as well, but their coaches haven’t issued frantic appeals for continuing support.

Meyer couldn’t even get through Week 2 without having to confront the possibility of his quitting the team. Why should Jaguars supporters put their faith in him to bring the club around? During the spring and summer, he couldn’t keep out of the spotlight, and his pro football future became a heated subject after only one game.

While his message may encourage some fans to stick with the team, Meyer seems to be losing support as the season continues.

After the season, will the Jaguars appoint a new head coach?

Jaguars supporters, please accept my apologies. Trevor Lawrence’s potential will have to be unlocked by someone else, it seems. Even while it may be painful to have to start again a year later, it may be the best thing for the young quarterback’s future.

Meyer has much too much baggage and seems to be an unsuitable match for the NFL. His tactics may work in college, but they don’t work on adult guys who are paid to play football. Plus, it’s difficult to get a point through when you can’t back it up with Sunday victories.

The Jaguars should start compiling a list of applicants to interview after the season at this time. Lawrence will never reach his full potential until he is coached by a competent head coach.

Unfortunately for the former Clemson standout, he was selected by a club with a dismal track record of selecting the best candidate for the position.

For his sake, let’s hope that changes when Urban Meyer’s turn comes to replace him.

Pro Football Reference provided all statistics.

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