He’s not the best quarterback on the Cowboys, he hasn’t made many big plays for the team this year, and he could be replaced by a rookie. But it’s hard to argue with Aikman’s skills. After all, he won three Super Bowls and two NFC titles as the starting QB of the Cowboys. So, what gives? Well, for starters, Aikman has said he’s had enough of the NFL. But he’s also not happy with how Prescott has played, and has been hinting about retirement. Could this really be the way out?

When the Dallas Cowboys’ team doctor, at the request of head coach Jason Garrett, declared quarterback Tony Romo done for the season, it looked like the Dallas faithful may have been relieved of their starting quarterback worries. However, recently, the idea that Dak Prescott may be able to replace Tony Romo should Romo return to the NFL has been gaining some traction.

Some of us are already aware of the growing rift between Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott and head coach Jason Garrett, but this week we learned that the relationship is now one of mutual contempt.

Troy Aikman, the legendary Dallas Cowboys quarterback, has earned a good career as a commentator, but his recent health scare may persuade fans that he’s considering a comeback to the NFL.

Aikman has made many comments regarding the health practices he acquired throughout his playing career. During his quarantine, he also made it a point to stay in shape.

The Hall of Fame quarterback is still working out, and his tweets nearly make it seem as if he’s gone through a transformation and adopted Magic Johnson’s social media image.

Troy Aikman, it seems, is a huge lover of gym selfies.

Troy Aikman intends to remain in the game, and he encourages you to do so as well. No, I’m serious.

“No shortcuts,” Aikman captioned a photo of himself lifting weights on Twitter. “There are no justifications.” People are responding with their own training videos, indicating that he has a strong following in the fitness world.

It’s understandable that Aikman would want to stay motivated. He just teamed up with Taos Bakes, an energy bar business that focuses on eating better. With an Instagram post, Aikman announced the collaboration.

Aikman stated, “I’m excited to announce my collaboration with @taosbakes.” “Excellent bars made with genuine whole foods. It was game over the first time I had the Taos coconut bar. I’m ecstatic to draw attention to a business that encourages a healthy and balanced lifestyle.”

Aikman has made it plain that he wants to be more than simply a pretty face. He seems to be committed to keeping in shape and honest about his efforts to live a healthy lifestyle.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys are hopeful that their current quarterback, who is coming back from a serious ankle injury, can remain healthy.

Dak Prescott is struggling with a shoulder issue right now.

After fracturing his ankle in Week 5, Dak Prescott has fought hard to get back on the field in time for training camp. Cowboys supporters will be disappointed to learn that he has yet another physical setback.

Prescott is out for the time being with a strained muscle and is unable to throw. On the plus side, the problem does not seem to be severe. Prescott has said that he wants to be cautious.

Prescott stated on the team’s website, “I felt some discomfort while making certain throws today, and I really just chose not to push things too far.” “It’s better to be cautious and careful. This does not strike me as a major setback. I’ll be OK if we treat it on a daily basis.”

Even yet, there may be some concerns about the shoulder being a recurrent problem, which would be disastrous for the Cowboys. Dallas doesn’t have many options when it comes to backup quarterbacks. What about Troy Aikman?

Prescott is a favorite of Aikman’s.

Current Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott speaks to former Dallas QB Troy Aikman in 2019

Current Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott speaks to former Dallas QB Troy Aikman in 2019 Prescott has been lauded by Aikman as a capable leader and quarterback for the Cowboys | Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Of course, the preceding remark is made in jest. Troy Aikman, who is 54 years old, is not coming out of retirement. He also holds Prescott in high regard and affection.

Prescott, who just signed a huge contract with the Cowboys, was recently dubbed the “best” leader in the NFL by Aikman, who complimented his attitude. Prescott was also well-suited to manage the demands of leading such a historic club, according to him.

Aikman will instead concentrate on his work in the television booth. He’ll most likely keep working out at the gym as well. Just in case the NFL comes calling again, you know. Or maybe not.

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The Dallas Cowboys have long been one of the most exciting teams to watch in the NFL, as they have a division winning streak that spans going back to the 1996 season. But the past couple of years, they have been beset by star quarterback issues, and the loss of Romo to injury in 2016 was a significant factor in that. Dak Prescott got a pretty nice contract this off-season, and has a lot to prove. But Prescott definitely has a lot of work to do to replace the Cowboys’ previous star quarterbacks.. Read more about troy aikman and let us know what you think.

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