There has been a lot of speculation lately about what will happen once Tom Brady retires. The 34-year old quarterback is a lock to be the starting quarterback in the NFL for the rest of his career, and his legacy could easily be tied to his seven Super Bowl wins. But when Brady retires, the NFL will not be the same league it is today.

Tom Brady has had a long career. He’s been with the Patriots and has been the face of the franchise for the past 15 years. In that time he’s won five Super Bowls, two regular season MVPs, and has a number of other accolades to his name. However, what Brady has never done is win a Super Bowl in the postseason. In fact, Brady has yet to win a postseason game of any kind in his career, and that’s started to become a problem.

The New England Patriots have put together a perfect record over the past two years, coming within a game of winning two Super Bowls. While everyone knows about the team’s success on the field, perhaps their greatest accomplishment has been their ability to maintain an annual routine that many teams just can’t seem to accomplish.. Read more about does tom brady’s sons play football and let us know what you think.

Since his entry into the NFL in 2000, Tom Brady has altered the destiny of many teams, including the New England Patriots. Now, his obstinacy may compel the NFL, like every other defense the three-time MVP has faced, to make major changes to its own structure.

Brady reportedly played despite a serious knee injury during the 2020 NFL season, according to sources. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, on the other hand, never put their star quarterback on their injury report, which may be an issue down the road.

Florio, Mike believes Tom Brady concealed his ailment to get an edge in the game.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady in 2020.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady in 2020. After Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers kept a knee injury concealed throughout the 2020 season, ProFootballTalk’s Florio, Mike thinks the NFL should alter its injury report structure. | Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

At this point, the injury report is as much a part of the Sunday game experience as chicken wings and Twitter trolls slamming Joe Buck. We shall know who is active that day and who will sit once we reach 90 minutes before kickoff.

Brady was never listed on the Buccaneers’ injury report with a knee ailment in 2020. The three-time NFL MVP has a reputation for being obstinate about his health, and he allegedly skipped the Patriots’ end-of-year physical following the 2019 season. 

Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk, who revealed Brady’s apparent reluctance to take his last physical with the Patriots, discussed why the great quarterback may not have been on the injury report in 2020 on the July 19 episode of the PFT PM podcast.

“I’ve heard it stated, ‘We’re going to test the damaged region,’ when you know a man has an ankle injury, a knee injury, a shoulder injury, anything.’ Opposing defenses would put it to the test if they thought Tom Brady had a left knee issue, because everyone knows he tore his ACL and MCL in 2008.”

Mike Florio

Given Brady’s competitive mentality, Florio’s argument makes perfect sense. The famous quarterback will never admit that anything is incorrect, particularly if doing so might give someone an edge.

The Buccaneers, on the other hand, intentionally or unwittingly broke league rules, which, according to Florio, may cause major problems for all parties in the future.

Brady’s knee ailment, according to Florio, may compel the NFL to restructure its injury report.

This isn’t a problem. QB for the #Bucs Tom Brady has never missed a practice or a game in his career. So why did he reveal it if it had no bearing on his availability? TE Cam Brate played with a torn hip labrum for the entire 2018 season. Neither a practice nor a game was ever missed by him. There was no mention of it in the injury report.

July 16, 2021 — PewterReport (@PewterReport)

Chess games provide the basis for some of the greatest sporting matches. Brady, or the Buccaneers as a whole, made a calculated decision not to include him on the injury report.

Florio said he understood why Brady and the Buccaneers would keep a 43-year-old quarterback’s knee ailment a secret. However, the creator of ProFootballTalk thinks that clubs withholding injury information may cause significant ethical problems in the age of legalized gambling.

Insiders with inside knowledge of non-publicly reported ailments, such as Brady’s knee injury, Florio said, might leak the information for money “or other things.”

“I think the league understands that, especially in an era of legalized sports betting, if you start letting the world know that there is cheating on the injury report, that there is some level of corruption within the sport, that’s what gets legislators and prosecutors interested in maybe trying to end those practices,” he says.

Mike Florio

According to Florio, the final result may be an updated injury report. He acknowledged that the league has to “reimagine the whole injury reporting function” in order to strike a balance between openness and player health and safety.

The NFL should take note of the recent developments in Major League Baseball.

Due to state-sponsored sports betting, #MLB teams will have to submit starting lineups to the commissioner’s office 15 minutes before they are made public this year.

I’m not sure what it implies for me tweeting lineups every day. #Rockies

March 7, 2019 — Patrick Saunders (@psaundersdp)

If the NFL decides to change the injury report in the aftermath of Brady’s hidden knee ailment, Roger Goodell and his team should take a page from Major League Baseball’s book.

Major League Baseball announced a major adjustment to its pregame program in 2019. MLB clubs were required to submit their starting lineups to the commissioner’s office 15 minutes before they were made public, which is typically 90 minutes to two hours before the game starts.

To prevent “tipping” or intelligence leakage, Major League Baseball made the move. However, this hasn’t prevented managers from exaggerating or downright lying about why some players aren’t in the lineup on any given day.

The NFL should explore requiring all players to get a bimonthly physical performed by a third-party doctor. Players who refuse to take the physical will be ineligible to play in the team’s next game. The league receives all of the material from the exam, which would have disclosed Brady’s knee issue as early as August 2020.

Florio is right in his assessment that the NFL must act quickly before it is too late. Expect the league to act swiftly on this, whether for the 2021 season or next year, particularly as additional money comes in from gaming agreements. When it occurs, add it to the list of significant NFL events that include Brady’s name.

To seek assistance, call the National Council on Problem Gambling’s hotline at 1-800-522-4700 in the United States.

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Prior to the NFL’s most recent round of labor talks with its players, one of the most frequent topics of discussion was the fact that the league’s games are played on Saturday. Since the NFL is a tussle between the owners and players, and since the owners want to increase the amount of money they make from their product, the players considered this to be a concession, and even though the players are willing to work longer and harder for less money, they are not willing to give up one of the few things they have left: their free time.. Read more about tom brady accomplishments and let us know what you think.

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