One of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, Tom Brady and his Patriots are currently tied with Peyton Manning’s Broncos for most playoff wins at 36. But if the Buccaneers win Super Bowl 56 on Sunday night, Brady would become the all-time winningest team in NFL playoff history with a record breaking 39 victories.

The “what quarterbacks have beaten tom brady in the super bowl” is a question that has been asked by many people. The answer to this question is that Tom Brady has only lost one game in his career, and it was against Peyton Manning. If the Buccaneers win Super Bowl 56, they will be the first team to beat Tom Brady in the playoffs.

Tom Brady Could Become the All-Time Winningest Team in NFL Playoff History if the Buccaneers Win Super Bowl 56 (Don't Worry, We'll Explain)

Tom Brady’s club has the most victories. Isn’t that strange?

It’s possible, after all. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will start their quest for a second consecutive Super Bowl with quarterback No. 12 at the helm. The Buccaneers begin the playoffs with a home game against the Philadelphia Eagles after a back-and-forth regular season.

Brady and the Buccaneers are not only vying for another Super Bowl, but the future Hall of Fame quarterback also has the potential to create a new record by winning more playoff games than any other club in NFL history.

Tom Brady is looking for his eighth Super Bowl victory and another piece of history.

When will Brady’s acclaim come to an end?

The 44-year-old keeps defying the odds and writing his name in the history books. He was one of just two quarterbacks to pass for 5,000 yards this season (the other being Justin Herbert).

Nothing, however, compares to the following figure, which is hard to believe. Depending on how things play out, he might pass all of the teams on this list if the Buccaneers win the Super Bowl this season.

What is there to say about Brady’s brilliance if this isn’t proof of it?

There are a few wrinkles to work out in this conceivable scenario, but Brady is on his way to an eighth Lombardi Trophy and another place in the NFL record books.

The other teams on the list are in the NFL Playoffs, so Tom Brady has his work cut out for him.

The other teams featured on that list with Brady are all in the playoff field this time around, which is an odd twist.

The New England Patriots are at the top of the list, which isn’t surprising given that Brady spent the first two decades of his career in New England before moving to Florida.

The Patriots kick things off against the Buffalo Bills in a game that will be played in sub-zero conditions and might be a challenge for Bill Belichick’s club.

The Pittsburgh Steelers face Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in a difficult matchup, and Ben Roethlisberger simply wants to enjoy himself in what could likely be his last game in the NFL.

Brady’s chances of topping this list should not be jeopardized by those two clubs. The Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers, on the other hand, may have a chance.

The Packers have a first-round bye and, barring a major setback, figure to be on their way to the NFC Championship Game. The Cowboys face a difficult battle against the San Francisco 49ers, which has sparked a lot of interest owing to its history.

Aside from that, Brady seems to be in fantastic condition to add another incredible achievement to his extensive list of achievements. Brady and the Buccaneers, on the other hand, are likely to meet the Cowboys or Packers — or both — if Tampa Bay can beat the Eagles on Sunday.

Brady’s name will be at the top of the list in February if he and the Buccaneers can win the NFC championship — and some other pieces fall into place.

The Buccaneers begin their season against the Eagles in an intriguing clash.

Buccaneers QB Tom Brady.

Buccaneers QB Tom Brady. Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady receives the Lombardi Trophy as Super Bowl MVP| Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The playoff field this year is intriguing. The Buccaneers and Eagles showdown is chock-full of stories, with Brady’s Super Bowl defeat to the Eagles — although as a member of the Patriots — at the top of the list.

More importantly, this game pits Tampa Bay’s top passing offense against Philadelphia’s best rushing offense, led by Jalen Hurts.

Although nothing is guaranteed in the NFL this season, the Buccaneers are favored by more than a score and should have no trouble beating the Eagles.

Nonetheless, Brady seems to have a clear road to the NFC championship game, and a Rodgers-Brady battle for the second year in a row might be in the cards.

As the playoffs go, keep an eye on this list to see whether Brady’s squad can become the most successful in NFL history. That would be quite an achievement, to be sure.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

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The “super bowl 2021 playoffs” is a topic that has been talked about for quite some time. If the Buccaneers win Super Bowl 56, Tom Brady will be able to become the all-time winningest team in NFL playoff history.

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