The former NFL quarterback has been outspoken about the Clemson Tiger’s struggles in his first season. Although he was a Heisman Trophy winner and a two-time national champion, Tebow is still rooting for Lawrence to succeed.

The where is trevor lawrence from is a question that has been asked by many people. Tim Tebow, the former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst, believes that Trevor Lawrence will be able to turn things around.

Fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars won’t get to witness Trevor Lawrence and Tim Tebow connect on a touchdown this autumn, next fall, or this winter, as yet another reminder why they can’t be happy. 

If the pictures have already been buried in your memory, let us remind you that Tebow was a tight end with the Jaguars during the preseason. Despite the fact that he’s returned to his comfortable position at ESPN, the Heisman Trophy winner is advocating for his former colleague and preaching patience.

Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars are still on Tim Tebow’s mind.

Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Tim Tebow (L) and quarterback Trevor Lawrence in 2021.

Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Tim Tebow (L) and quarterback Trevor Lawrence in 2021. Tim Tebow (L) is hopeful about Trevor Lawrence’s NFL future with the Jacksonville Jaguars | James Gilbert/Getty Images; Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

After a poor start to his NFL career, some onlookers may already be questioning Lawrence, the first overall selection this spring.

Tebow, who has had his fair share of doubters and detractors, doesn’t want anybody to write off the Jaguars’ rookie quarterback just yet. The ESPN analyst made remarks for a future edition of the AP Pro Football Podcast, according to the Associated Press.

Despite the Jaguars’ 0-2 start and Lawrence’s NFL-high five interceptions, his former colleague advises supporters to have confidence and stick with the club through the growing pains.

“I believe there is a lot of potential there, and they just need to keep working hard to improve. And every week, I believe Trevor has so much skill and ability, and I think he’s a wonderful young guy who will do absolutely fine.”

Tim Tebow

Despite their talent, the Jaguars began Week 3 of the 2021 season with a 12-38 record since the start of the previous season. Tebow, with his bright grin and upbeat demeanor, isn’t one to focus on the bad statistics.

After a shaky start, Tebow is correct in sticking with Lawrence.

Simply said, anybody who dismissed Lawrence after two starts should reconsider their football expertise. We urge Jaguars fans who are considering the quarterback crop for the 2022 NFL Draft to seek assistance.

Is it possible that Lawrence’s rocky start is a foreshadowing of things to come? Yes, and any young NFL player falls into this category. It’s still too early in the process to tell how he or any of the other players chosen earlier this year would fare. When he fired a 25-yard touchdown pass to Marvin Jones in Week 2, he looked every inch the NFL quarterback.

Consider the following scenario for a moment. Both Tebow and Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan scored touchdown passes in their NFL debuts. Both had quite distinct careers, one of which is still active today and the other of which is presently on television.

On September 9, 2012, Robert Griffin III, the second overall selection nine years earlier, tossed two touchdown passes in his NFL debut. The Chicago Bears defense intercepted Andrew Luck three times that day, one pick ahead of Griffin. Both had promising first seasons — Griffin even winning the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year Award — and seemed on the verge of stardom until injuries derailed their plans.

Lawrence has already had a number of passes that he undoubtedly wishes back, which is to be expected from a rookie quarterback. No one anticipated him to shred defenses with such accuracy as he did at Clemson for three seasons. However, as Tebow said, this is a scenario in which sheer talent should ultimately win out.

Lawrence is about to enter the most crucial phase of his NFL career.

Lawrence has now equaled his number of losses as a collegiate starter with two losses in the NFL. When you exchange Wofford and Florida State for the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos, that’s what you get.

Although no one expects the Jaguars to go from 0-2 to the AFC Playoffs, Lawrence will need to be at his best during this period. Outside of the effect of the coronavirus epidemic last year, he has never faced hardship like this in high school or college. On a rebuilding club with a first-year head coach, he’s already thrown five picks, and even then, there’s no guarantee Urban Meyer will be in Jacksonville past this season.

It’s probably unrealistic to expect the Jaguars to win two games in a three-game span against the Arizona Cardinals, Cincinnati Bengals, and Tennessee Titans. Lawrence’s aim in those games should be to gradually increase his performance, from fewer turnovers to more passes completed.

Lawrence showed flashes in his first two games, reminding fans why he was perhaps the most touted prospect in the draft in a decade. The time has arrived for him to bring everything together in 180 minutes and re-establish Jacksonville’s confidence and hope.

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Trevor Lawrence Joins Tim Tebow in Embarrassing Territory RELATED: Trevor Lawrence Joins Tim Tebow in Embarrassing Territory

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