The Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers has been the starting quarterback on a Super Bowl-caliber NFL team for 12 seasons and is one of the most talented quarterbacks in league history. He set new career highs this year with 4,381 passing yards and 36 touchdowns. However, his signature moment may have come after an early hit on him by Clay Matthews sent him to the locker room during last month’s game against Chicago. After being cradled off to safety away from play by head athletic trainer Eric Bakhtiari, who was also injured in that same collision, Rodgers emerged later in time for what would be one of his best performances all season long—a 35-30 victory over Chicago without missing any plays or snaps

The Kansas City Chiefs’ running back, Kareem Hunt has been one of the league’s best quarterbacks this season. After a long and arduous journey to the top of his position due to injuries and personal issues, he is now experiencing success on an entirely new level with Patrick Mahomes.The “best running back in the nfl 2020” is a phrase that was used by ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The phrase has been used to describe Ezekiel Elliott.

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  • Tedy Bruschi, a former member of the New England Patriots, believes that Joe Brady, the offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers, is the secret to Cam Newton is a quarterback for the Carolina Panthers’s success.
  • In his first game for the Panthers since 2019, the 2015 NFL MVP scored two touchdowns.
  • It would be prudent for Brady and Carolina head coach Matt Rhule to pay attention to Bruschi’s comments.

Cam Newton is back for the Carolina Panthers and scoring touchdowns, which is exactly what you expected to hear when November began.

Newton scored two touchdowns — one running and one throwing — in a 34-10 surprise victory against the injury-plagued Arizona Cardinals only days after rejoining the Panthers. Tedy Bruschi, an ESPN commentator and former New England Patriot, offers a suggestion on how the 2015 NFL MVP may succeed in his return to Carolina.

Joe Brady, according to Tedy Bruschi, is the secret to Cam Newton’s success.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (L) and offensive coordinator Joe Brady in 2021.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (L) and offensive coordinator Joe Brady in 2021. Cam Newton (L) of the Carolina Panthers has high aspirations, according to ESPN’s Tedy Bruschi, as long as offensive coordinator Joe Brady performs his job | Getty Images/Christian Petersen; Getty Images/Jacob Kupferman

From 2011 through 2019, Newton’s head coach, Ron Rivera, was in charge of every snap he took as the Panthers’ starting quarterback. Remember, Rivera was on injured reserve when he was dismissed by the organization late in the 2019 season.

We bring this up because, although Newton has returned to the Panthers organization, things have altered dramatically since the Panthers released him in March 2020. Rivera is currently the head coach of the Washington Redskins, while Matt Rhule is in his second season as the Panthers’ head coach.

On Sunday NFL Countdown on Nov. 14, Bruschi said that Newton’s toughest challenge would be adapting to the new regime. The three-time Super Bowl winner also feels that Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady will determine whether the 32-year-old quarterback succeeds or fails in the weeks ahead.

“[Newton] has a unique set of abilities. Because you’re playing 11-on-11 football, this is one of the finest running backs in the league at quarterback; it’s how they used him in New England, the play-action throw, and Joe Brady has to adapt to that. You’ll fail if he’s trying to get Cam to chuck it all over the place.”

Cam Newton

In terms of inappropriate language, Bruschi stated the Panthers talked Spanish during Newton’s initial tenure with the organization. Now, the seasoned quarterback (and, for the sake of this experiment, a fluent Spanish speaker) is on a French-speaking squad.

“When you’re the quarterback and you’re in charge of disseminating information in a language you don’t know yet, it’s a lot more challenging,” Bruschi said.

In Week 10, Brady and the Panthers understood exactly what they were doing with Newton.

If Sunday was Newton’s first pop quiz in French, he aced it with flying colors. Newton completed three of his four throws for eight yards and a score against the Cardinals in nine offensive plays. He also had 14 yards on the ground, including a goal-line score on his first play back with the team.

After removing his helmet and exclaiming “I’m back” into a Fox camera, officials charged Newton with unsportsmanlike behavior. It wasn’t as though the ecstatic quarterback gave a damn.

For one day, Brady and the Panthers made excellent use of the veteran quarterback. They didn’t need him to take over a drive from their own 30-yard line and attempt to move the chains by throwing deep or using a play-action pass. Newton entered the game and seemed to be in good shape, rushing the ball and throwing short passes.

Let’s treat his Week 10 performance as a pop quiz and see how he does on his first exam.

Newton might stay with the Panthers through the season’s finish.

We wouldn’t blame anybody for assuming Newton had played his last NFL down when the Patriots released him in September. The’s the end of that notion.

Newton is likely to conclude the 2021 season with Carolina, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Even though he’s just signed for one year, don’t be shocked if the Panthers bring him back in 2022 if things go well in the coming months.

After releasing Newton and giving All-Pro running back Christian McCaffrey a risky and pricey contract deal, Carolina persisted on playing quarterback musical chairs. Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Darnold have yet to work, and if P.J. Walker is given another start in Week 11, we’ll see what he can accomplish.

On Nov. 21, if the Panthers start Newton instead of Walker, the three-time Pro Bowler will get his chance to face Rivera and the Washington Football Team for the first time. Who would have believed that a random November matchup between Carolina and Washington could be so interesting before the season started?

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