The Los Angeles Lakers have been the laughing stock of pro sports for a while now and they seem to be getting worse, not better. However, there is still some hope that things may change due to one player’s willingness to do what it takes in order to win.

The “jerami grant” is a player who was recently traded from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Los Angeles Lakers are now looking for a trade partner for him, but it seems that no one is interested in trading with them.

There May Yet Be Hope For a Los Angeles Lakers Shakeup as Jerami Grant Proposals 'Aren't Pouring In' For Detroit

The Los Angeles Lakers continue to be the subject of trade speculations that are mostly unfavorable. Los Angeles looks to be unable to make a season-altering move due to a lack of assets after mortgaging the future to acquire Russell Westbrook.

However, there is a ray of light for the Lakers, since new speculations claim that the Detroit Pistons are getting lackluster offers in their quest to trade forward Jerami Grant.

Could this be an opportunity for LA to swoop in and alter the course of the team’s 2021-22 season?

LA’s season didn’t get off to a good start and hasn’t improved much since then.

After their first ten games, the Lakers had a 5-5 record. However, since it was early, the panic button remained out of reach for LA, and the three of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook would undoubtedly find a way to push for a title.

The team’s start to the season was ironic. Over the first ten games, he has a total of 500 points. Because the Lakers are 24-24 (still) as of Jan. 26. If anybody needs assistance with the arithmetic, it’s 500.

James and his teammates are now ranked eighth in the Western Conference, putting them in a strong position to qualify for the play-in round.

There’s still time for LA to climb the ranks… However, there is still possibility for the team to go considerably lower.

The Lakers are just two games behind the Nuggets for sixth place. However, the Los Angeles Lakers are just 3.5 games ahead of the Portland Trail Blazers in 10th place.

After a lengthy injury layoff, Davis returned to the lineup on Jan. 25. In 25 minutes, he scored eight points, grabbed two rebounds, and dished out two assists. It did, however, come in a victory against the Brooklyn Nets, who were short-handed.

Despite AD’s comeback, it doesn’t look like LA will win a title this season. As a result, GM Rob Pelinka and LBJ needed to find a deal to improve the Lakers’ squad.

They haven’t been able to locate one thus far. However, according to a recent source, LA might be on the verge of securing a huge agreement.

The Lakers have a minimal chance of acquiring Jerami Grant via a trade.

The Los Angeles Lakers still may have hope for a Jerami Grant trade after rumors say the Detroit Pistons star may not be in high demand.

The Los Angeles Lakers still may have hope for a Jerami Grant trade after rumors say the Detroit Pistons star may not be in high demand. During the fourth quarter of a game at Little Caesars Arena, Jerami Grant of the Detroit Pistons reacts to a play against the Los Angeles Lakers. | Getty Images/Nic Antaya

Grant has been regarded as one of the top available players this season as the deadline approaches on February 10.

According to Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer, the Detroit Pistons are seeking a combination of two first-round selections or a first-round pick plus a high-upside young player in exchange for the 27-year-old forward.

It’s not an outrageous asking price, but it’s also not a bargain.

According to The Athletic’s James L. Edwards III, offers for Grant aren’t “pouring in right now.”

Even if there’s a tiny chance, it opens the door for LA to make a competitive offer to the Pistons.

The Lakers have been dangling Talen Horton-Tucker as a young prospect in trade talks. Kendrick Nunn and the team’s first-round selection in 2027 are also on the table.

According to the Fanspo Trade Machine, including Malik Monk in the transaction also works.

Is it a deal that would completely demolish Detroit? No. However, if there aren’t many other teams throwing no-brainer offers at the Pistons, as Edwards suggests, there’s a possibility a deal like that may be acceptable.

A trade for Grant would instantly turn the Lakers’ season around.

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The closer we go to the Feb. 10 deadline, the less likely LA’s offer to Detroit will be greater than another team’s offer.

Caveat No. 2: If the Pistons aren’t able to strike a contract that suits them, they can always keep the Syracuse product and hunt for better deals during the summer.

However, it makes sense to part ways with Grant now in order to give franchise cornerstone Cade Cunningham more opportunity. It’s time to pass the keys over to the next point guard for the Motor City.

The Lakers’ offer may not be the best that Detroit gets. However, there’s a tiny chance the Pistons feel they need to get away of Grant to help Cade grow faster, and LA’s offer may be the best way to do it.

Is it improbable? Maybe. “So you’re telling me there’s a possibility,” Lloyd Christmas, who is generally upbeat, remarked. There’s always the possibility. provided all data.

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