Football fans know all about the “Tom Brady Effect”; the quarterback’s ability to defy the odds is well documented. But what if that effect extends beyond the gridiron and into the world of sports? Something is happening in sports that seems to defy the laws of the evolution of the species. Statistically speaking, the last time a team made the playoffs with a quarterback the age of Brady’s 37 was 2002. The last time a team made the playoffs with a quarterback the age of Brady’s 37 and won a championship was the Patriots in 2001.

The New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who is known as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time, is also one of the most notorious for his love of throwing. Brady throws a lot of passes, which has led to his teammates and opponents alike to question his ability to throw accurately. The Brady Effect, which is a term that is used to describe the correlation between the amount of passes thrown by a quarterback and his subsequent success or team’s success, is real, but the actual effect may be very small. Brady’s accuracy is still a topic of discussion among sports analysts. Many have argued that Brady throws too many passes, and that his success is only a product of his ability to read defenses and make key throws at the

Saying Tom Brady wins is different than saying the water is wet. In 21 NFL seasons, Brady has won 230 of his 299 regular season starts, 34 playoff games and, of course, seven Super Bowls.

It’s hard to say he wins everywhere he goes, as his pro career includes 20 seasons with the New England Patriots and one season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, it is literally true that different teams in different sports win a high number of titles no matter where Brady lives.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers tested Tom Bradyeffect

Tom Brady looks on during the second quarter of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Super Bowl game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Raymond James Stadium on 7. February 2021. | Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Middle linebacker Derrick Brooks, who played his entire career with the Buccaneers, won a Super Bowl with the Oakland Raiders after the 2002 season, giving him an idea of what winning culture is all about.

Brad Johnson was no Tom Brady this year, but he got the job done. But according to Brooks, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame at both the college and professional level, the mood was very different last February as he prepared for Super Bowl 55.

The Tom Brady effect dominates this area, he said shortly after the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory in Kansas City. Just the confidence he brought to this team. … I’ve seen it happen and change over the course of the season. You’ve seen the players start to take on a different level of responsibility, which is necessary for a championship mentality. You saw it, and I think you saw it because there was a man in the locker room who had every right to command it.

Another Tom Brady effect to talk about

Since arriving in Tampa Bay 16 months ago:

– Two Stanley Cups
– Super Bowl title
– Reach the World Series.

The Tom Brady effect is real.

– Ryan Spagnoli (@Ryan_Spags) July 8, 2021

Brady has won seven Super Bowls (and counting) since joining the Patriots in the NFL in 2000. That’s a record for a single player, and that record will likely stand for decades to come as the salary cap and Free Agency impact NFL teams that might otherwise become dynasties.

Brady’s connection to championships, however, goes beyond his own accomplishments and football. SB Nation researched the places Brady has lived and worked over the years and found a surprising connection between him and winning teams.

Sure, Brady has contributed absolutely nothing to Stanley Cups, world championships and basketball championships, but he has a knack for participating in victories. In fact, the website found 25 such cases, 12 of which were related to his work for the Patriots.

The breakdown for New England includes six titles won by Brady as quarterback of the Patriots, four titles won by the Boston Red Sox and one each for the Bruins and Celtics. (By the way, SB Nation’s report incorrectly states that the Patriots won the Super Bowl after the 2007 season).

The rest of the list is impressive


Brady’s connection to the Champs began with his childhood in California. He grew up in San Mateo, near the San Francisco Bay Area. Two years after Brady was born, in 1977, Joe Montana was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers, becoming a central figure in four of the 49ers’ five Super Bowl victories. The Oakland Raiders also won the Super Bowl, and the Oakland A’s won the World Series before Brady left for college.

The University of Michigan won a national football championship with Brady (Brian Griese was a player) and the Detroit Red Wings won two Stanley Cups. The New England era followed, and Brady stayed in Tampa Bay long enough to see the Lightning win back-to-back NHL championships.

Again, Brady has only won seven Super Bowls plus the Wolverines’ championship. Still, it’s impressive to see how the other championships have stacked up in his time.

All statistics are from Pro Football Reference.

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