There is no denying that the Philadelphia 76ers are a broken franchise. Decades of losing have led to a mess of a basketball team, and it is impossible to ignore the fact that the team is on the verge of setting an all-time NBA record for futility. In spite of their record, the Sixers have been picked to win the NBA Championship by the majority of sportsbooks, which is a pretty shocking spot to be held in any year, let alone one as broken as this.

The Philadelphia 76ers are currently going through arguably their most embarrassing season of all time. Yes, they did lose their first home game of the season, but that was hardly the craziest part. The team, which last season was considered a contender, has not only lost all of their games this season, but have also dropped in the standings. The team has won no games in their last 20 attempts, and is currently in last place in the Eastern Conference. They are also currently on a 3-8 losing streak, which is their worst losing streak since the 1957-1958 season, when they went 1-15.  The Sixers are also reportedly trying to tank for a top pick in the upcoming NBA draft, which they hope will help

The Philadelphia 76ers are in the midst of their worst season in a decade. The Sixers are a broken franchise, and it’s up to the ownership to not only evaluate the talent on the roster but also to re-evaluate the franchise itself.

Philadelphia 76ers fans are drowning in Cheez Whiz and sadness on this dreary Monday morning, and understandably so. This should be the year that their young and talented team finally turns the corner. The Eastern Conference could not have gone better for the Sixers. They earned first place and an ECF bye, and they didn’t have to take on the Big Three in Brooklyn to reach their first NBA Finals since 2001.

But instead, Philadelphia couldn’t even get past Trey Young and an up-and-coming Atlanta Hawks team.

Sixers fans are no doubt upset that their disappointing team once again failed to reach the second round, but this humiliating loss is the best thing that could happen to a team still looking for answers.

Sixers didn’t deserve to beat Hawks

Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers beats Clint Capela of the Atlanta Hawks in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals | Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

After playing the Hawks in the second round of the playoffs, the Sixers entered the Eastern Conference Finals as favorites. Atlanta had no one in the lineup who could contain Joel Embiid, and the team seemed to rely on Young to create too much offense, giving the team four wins in seven games against a bigger, more talented team.

But as the series progressed, it became clear that the Sixers did not deserve to advance to the next round.

The first three quarters of the series were largely dominated by Philadelphia. Embiid was unstoppable, Seth Curry shot the ball like his brother, and Ben Simmons and Matisse Tibullet made things difficult for Young offensively.

But as the fourth quarter dawned, the Sixers gave up faster than a poker player with a two and seven in hand.

In the 4th and 5th games combined, Philadelphia lost only 63-37 in the fourth quarter. This is no mere coincidence. If the game falters at the crucial moment and degenerates into a mid-court shootout, the Sixers are doomed. One by one, they feed an exhausted Embiid and sit on the sidelines like they’re just fans in the best seats. Meanwhile, Simmons stands unguarded in the corner or near the basket, while his defender dupe Embiid and doesn’t care to leave his man behind. And Tobias Harris – at least he tries to set up an offense (sometimes), but you can’t trust him to play on the line.

The Hawks have shown more confidence and killer instinct over the course of the series, something the Sixers still lack for some reason. They won the series the same way Philadelphia lost it, and that’s saying something.

A playoff loss is just the signal Philadelphia needs


The 76ers’ early exit from the playoffs against an inferior team may seem like a nightmare scenario for the franchise, but it’s actually just the opposite. Should this team manage to avoid the Hawks and advance to the NBA Finals, Daryl Morey would have plenty of reasons to bring them back with the same lineup.

That can’t happen after what we just went through.

Simmons is an excellent point guard and defender with true Magic Johnson potential. But he will never reach the level of Rajon Rondo unless he can become a moderate threat in the half court. And somehow, it just gets worse. When Simmons gave up an open dunk late in Sunday’s game to serve the ball to Tybull, who was under double coverage, he practically bought a plane ticket out of town on the spot. The man didn’t even look at the basket to realize he was alone on the block. He made three shots in the fourth quarter during his seven-game streak.

It’s broken beyond recognition.

Now, after yet another Sixers embarrassment in the national spotlight, Morey will be forced to make drastic changes this season. And you know what? This is exactly what this worthless franchise needs.

How do the Sixers solve a seemingly incorrigible lineup?

Doc Rivers on whether Ben Simmons can play point guard on a championship team. Now, I don’t know the answer to that question.

– Derek Bodner (@DerekBodnerNBA) June 21, 2021

Nothing has changed in the last four years of the Embiid-Simmons era. Embiid is constantly forced to play one-on-five at the end of games because the Sixers haven’t surrounded him with a team that fits his game.

Embiid needs more space for himself late in the game. He needs several shooters around him to spread out the defense and give him more options when double teams come into play in the fourth quarter. The 27-year-old won’t be able to reach his full potential until Simmons leaves the field and the city.

But therein lies the problem. Simmons has four years left on his $177 million contract with the Sixers. It would take a lot on Morey’s part to find a buyer willing to take over that contract, knowing what kind of player he has become. And even if Morey finds a team willing to take that risk, Simmons’ trade value has never been lower.

Still, the Sixers need to find a way to send him away this season. We’ve seen enough. As it stands, this team will never reach the Eastern Conference finals with its prehistoric half-court offense and the mentality of Ryan Gosling, who playscornerback in Remember the Titans.

The process isn’t dead while Embiid is still on the team, but he’s definitely on life support.

COMPARED TO: Ben Simmons makes good on his departure from PhiladelphiaThe ” Process “, as Sixers fans have come to call tanking, is a concept that’s been around since the NBA implemented the lottery, but for the first time in a long time, it’s being used in a very literal sense. Thanks to a dismal stretch of losses, the Sixers are now on the brink of being a lottery-bound team, and with that reality at hand, the franchise has been in a bit of a panic, trying to find a way to keep its 2015 first round pick, while at the same time trying to convince themselves that it’s OK to lose games.. Read more about sixers trade options and let us know what you think.

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