The quotation above was recently written on a chalkboard in the Carnegie Mellon basketball locker room by a teammate of mine. In fact, I have seen that quote written on the back of uniforms before. It was written after our team was playing a game against a team full of underdogs that were ranked in the top ten in the country. Our team was ranked in the bottom three. As our players were walking in the door, they saw the chalkboard and saw that we were the underdogs. We lost to this underdog team, and then some players came up to the locker room and said, “The reality is that you are just a regular person.” They were trying to avoid seeing that they were part of a team that was not as good

The Royals have found themselves at a crossroads, needing to decide if they will be buyers or sellers in the offseason. This is the time of year when teams start to make changes to their squads, see if they work out or not, and put out a new team, a team people are excited to see.

The Reality: You are just a regular person. You are not a professional athlete. You are not paid to play. You do not walk on a field and feel like you are stepping up to the plate when you step onto the field. You play for the thrill of the game and the love of competition. You play for other players who are better than you, and you play in front of fans who support your team, but are not critical of your performance.. Read more about what is it called when you question reality and let us know what you think.

For a generation of football fans, Green Bay Packers great Brett Favre is a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. is a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. embodied the gunslinger. He kept slinging touchdowns (and some nasty interceptions) despite injuries and age until he retired in his early 40s.

For years, Favre functioned as one of the league’s best ambassadors, thanks to his pleasant demeanor and prodigious throwing statistics. Despite his accomplishments and riches, the Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback saw little difference between himself and the Packers supporters in the stands.

During his playing career, Brett Favre never considered himself a celebrity.

Jerry Glanville employed Brett Favre as a “Travailing Road Show” quarterback.

He thinks Favre can win by throwing the ball a long distance with the crowd cheering him on.

July 13, 2019 — Dov Kleiman (@NFL DovKleiman)

Favre donned a helmet, threw touchdowns, and took a pounding from athletic defensive linemen and linebackers for three hours every Sunday. He was nothing more than a Mississippi guy once the helmet was off. 

During a 2004 news conference, a reporter questioned the quarterback whether he considered himself a celebrity, according to the Packers’ official website. Favre made it obvious from on that he considered himself a “normal guy.” 

“To be completely honest with you, I have no idea how I feel. I’m not sure how you define a celebrity. Is it a person who is always being yanked at while signing autographs? I mean, I’ve always seen myself as a football player – as a child, I saw myself as a football and baseball player. I just like what I do. I never imagined all of the additional things that come with it.”

Brett Favre

Whatever you think of Farve, there’s something admirable in his desire for people to realize that he didn’t view himself as superior to them simply because of his wealth or numbers. It’s worth mentioning that throughout that season, he passed for over 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns. That year, he made $9.5 million, according to Spotrac.

But the uniform and the money did not make the guy, and Favre wanted everyone to know how he felt.

Favre’s knowledge can benefit all professional players.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre in 2006.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre in 2006. Brett Favre, a Green Bay Packers icon, never considered himself a star | Matthew Kutz/Sporting News via Getty Images courtesy of Getty Images

For almost a century, professional athletes have been regarded as superhuman forces. It’s easy to forget that, despite their achievements, LeBron James and Tom Brady undoubtedly have the same interests and dislikes as many of their followers.

During the 2004 news conference, Favre expressed his pride in knowing that he and his family were “normal folks,” as he put it.

“You may get caught up in what’s going on around you at times. The truth is that you are just like everyone else. The career will come to an end at some time, and the dazzling lights will turn out. If you’re not simply a normal man, it may come back to bite you.”

Brett Favre

It may not be too late to contact Favre if the NFL needs another motivational speaker any time soon. He definitely has enough good and terrible experiences to teach the next generation of players about how to live life and what to avoid.

Favre may consider himself a normal guy, but in Green Bay, he’s anything but. Fans of the Green Bay Packers, including those who booed him during his time with the Minnesota Vikings in 2009-10, will always remember him as a football hero.

When he’s returned to Packers games in recent years, the fans have greeted him with shouts and acclaim. He has received standing ovations all across the United States. When Favre arrived at Ridgedale Center in Minnetonka, Minnesota, for a signing session ahead of Super Bowl 52 in 2018, the crowd erupted in applause.

Farve has spent decades trying to figure out who he is and hope that people would see him as a person rather than simply an athlete. Even though the majority of people still want him to be a Hall of Fame player, it’s not the worst ambition for a renowned person to have.

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You know those athletes that have that aura about them? The ones that get that super look. The ones that some say are better than they really are. They are the ones who are able to take that hit, make that pass, or pull that shot. Its so much work for them. They are the ones that train, eat right, and even take supplements to make the best they can. Its all about them.. Read more about truth vs reality quotes and let us know what you think.

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