Football, baseball and basketball are the most popular sports in most countries, but football (soccer) and baseball (baseball) are the most popular sports in different countries. This post is about some of the more interesting urban legends about football (soccer) and baseball (baseball).

Have you ever noticed that the entire state of Kentucky apparently has a group of fans who simply cannot accept that one of their own players is not the best in the world? No, they insist that every single basketball player in the world is better than their own, even if the player in question never even played a game for the state. The number of times I have heard this absurd argument from Kentucky fans makes me wonder if they are being paid by the state to propagate it.

When a sports legend like Tony Dorsett retires, it doesn’t just seem like the end of a career. The man to whom this is usually referred is Michael Irvin, who retired from the Dallas Cowboys in 2003 at the age of 35. A year later, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. As a Cowboys fan, this was hardly surprising. But what was bizarre was that Irvin was being described as “the fourth-best wide receiver in NFL history.” Why was his career being characterized as having reached “impressive heights” at the age of 35? Who was the third-best wide receiver in NFL history?

Sometimes in sports you don’t like to admit that something happened. For many people, there has to be a reason behind a player’s loss, gain or trade, and that’s where urban sports legends can come in. Fans sometimes believe anything to make themselves feel better, and here are perhaps the strangest urban sports legends of all time.

Frozen envelope

When Patrick Ewing was drafted by the New York Knicks in 1985, many basketball fans thought something was off. New York is such a big market that it needs a star player to draw the crowds. Like magic, the Knicks were able to get away with Ewing, and people immediately thought it was too good to be true. The strangest urban sport legends with explanations word-image-15884 There are two theories about how the organizers could guarantee that Ewing would go to New York. The first was to crumple up the New York photo before it went into the spinning machine, so the person taking it out would notice. Another version is that the Knicks’ package was frozen for the draft so he could be identified and selected at the right time. It’s never been proven, but some think it’s no coincidence that four of the best players from the ’80s – Bird, Johnson, Jordan and Ewing – ended up in the best franchises.

Babe Ruth’s Provoked Battle

Many baseball fans know the folk legend that Babe Ruth is the team’s pitcher. The legendary hitter reportedly pointed his bat at the bleachers in center field before hitting the ball right there on the next pitch. Because of the lack of evidence, it’s hard to say for sure if Ruth accomplished this feat, but if so, it’s a great story.

Jordanian exit

Remember when Michael Jordan mysteriously gave up basketball to play baseball? One theory is that it’s to cover up the fact that Jordan was secretly banned from the NBA for gambling. It’s convenient that Jordan was gone for about a year and decided it was time to quit baseball and come back and dominate. It’s never been proven, but many believe that’s what got Jordan into the minor leagues of baseball. The strangest urban sport legends with explanations word-image-15885

Sonny Liston meetsbridge

Muhammad Ali fought Sonny Liston twice, but the second fight was criticized by many. Liston would have fallen too easily after hitting Ali, who was not strong enough to throw the heavyweight to the ground. This punch is known as a phantom punch because, on reflection, Ali barely threw a punch. Sure, he does a good job, but people think Liston should have taken over. He was eventually successful, but the fight was stopped and Ali was controversially declared the winner. These urban sports legends have been around for years, but have never been proven. Under often suspicious circumstances, fans and experts have drawn their own conclusions, creating these strange legends.Sometimes you hear a sports urban legend that sounds just too good to be true, like the one about the NHL referee who was called to a courtroom to testify in the trial of a player who was accused of killing a patron during a bar fight. As a witness for the prosecution, the referee had the opportunity to call the player to the stand and ask him questions, but instead he chose to leave the court and returned to his hotel room.. Read more about sports and let us know what you think.

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