If you’ve been following the NBA this postseason, you’ve probably heard of the ankle injury suffered by the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry. Curry suffered the injury while leading the Warriors to a comeback victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 6 of the NBA’s Western Conference Finals, but the extent of the injury isn’t yet clear. Curry could miss a number of games, but Warriors fans have every reason to be optimistic about Curry’s future. In the past, Curry has made a full recovery from ankle injuries, and he’s never missed more than two games due to an ankle injury or a fractured bone.

The 2008 NBA season had its share of notable injuries, but nearly all of them were in the first round of the playoffs. The most significant injuries did not happen in the first round, but rather in the second round.

“Injuries happen in basketball. Just think of everybody who never got back to action after they got hurt.” That pretty much sums up the fact that people get injured in professional basketball. No sport is immune from injuries, which is why you cannot ignore the fact that basketball players deal with injuries during the playoffs.. Read more about 2015 nba playoffs and let us know what you think.

Injuries are an unpleasant side effect of competition. But an unfortunate twist of fate could derail an entire season if the injury occurs during the NBA playoffs. The 2021 playoffs are no different. Joel Embiid, who is suffering from a torn meniscus, will start the Conference semifinals for the Philadelphia 76ers. Anthony Davis’ groin injury has put the Los Angeles Lakers’ first-round title defense in jeopardy. NBA history is replete with instances where good, and sometimes great, teams were eliminated from the playoffs too soon due to an injury to one or more of their stars. Here are five of the most significant injuries that could very well have cost their clubs an NBA championship. The order reflects the relative impact, not only for this year’s playoffs, but also for the future.

5. Bill Walton, Portland Trail Blazers, 1978. NBA Playoffs

. There has never been more equality in the NBA than after the merger with the ABA in 1976. Over the next three seasons, no NBA team won more than 58 games and only one team lost 60. In the 1978 NBA Finals, the number 5 faced the number 3. Yeah, that was weird. In the 1977-78 season, the defending champion Portland Trail Blazers won 58 games, and Bill Walton won the MVP award despite only playing in 58 games. He tried to play in the NBA playoffs with a foot injury, but it broke in Game 2 of the Conference semifinals. Portland lost six games, Walton never played for the Blazers again, and the franchise never won another title. What looked like a potential dynasty ended before it began.

4. Kyrie Irving/Kevin Love, 2015 Cleveland Cavaliers

. Yes, it’s an excuse. But LeBron James helped the Cleveland Cavaliers win Game 6 of the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors, while Kyrie Irving played just 44 minutes in the series. Irving broke his kneecap in the first game and did not play again in the postseason. Kevin Love played 107 minutes throughout the 2015 NBA Playoffs before his shoulder was nearly ripped from his body by Boston’s Kelly Olynyk in the first round. Would Cleveland have been able to beat the Warriors if Irving and Love had been healthy? Maybe. But without them, they had virtually no chance. But there have been more serious consequences. With two titles under his belt, would Kyrie have been more interested in staying in Cleveland? Could this have led to a third or even fourth championship? Can you convince LeBron to stay? Yes, that thought will fester if you let it.

3. Bill Russell, Boston Celtics, 1958

word-image-1524 word-image-1525 Wilt Chamberlain (13) defends against Bill Russell (6). These two have faced each other several times in the NBA playoffs. | Photo: Bettman Archives/Getty Images This pick is another trip in the time machine, but the Boston Celtics were one win away from winning the NBA title after 10 games. The Celtics win the title with Bill Russell, after acquiring him from the St. Louis Hawks on game day. Coincidentally, Boston beat the Hawks for the championship, and the two teams met again in the 1958 NBA Finals. Russell was injured in Game 3 with a tie. He missed game 4 and 5, and in game 6 he was himself. The Hawks won their only title. Boston, with Russell back healthy, has won eight consecutive games. Oh, what could be.

2. Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas Mavericks, NBA Playoffs 2003

. In the 2002-03 season, the Dallas Mavericks had the best record in the NBA along with the San Antonio Spurs, reaching the playoffs second in the West. Chris Webber’s injury helped them beat the Sacramento Kings in seven games in the Conference semifinals. But when Dirk Nowitzki sprained his knee in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals against the Spurs, the title slipped away. San Antonio won three of its next four games. The New Jersey Nets couldn’t keep up with the Spurs. They wouldn’t be the same for the Mavericks either.

1. Derrick Rose, 2012 Chicago Bulls

word-image-1526 word-image-1527 Derrick Rose (1) of the Chicago Bulls was injured in this 2012 NBA playoff game. | Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images What happened to Derrick Rose in the 2011-12 season robbed the Chicago Bulls of any chance at a post-Michael Jordan dynasty. Rose, who was voted NBA MVP last season, was plagued by injuries during the season shortened by lockouts. He missed time due to toe, back, groin and ankle problems. Rose has played in only 39 of Chicago’s 66 games. Still, the Bulls have 50 wins and are in first place in the East. However, at the end of the first round, Rose took an unfortunate fall after shooting the ball and tore his ACL. Chicago lost to the eighth-seeded Philadelphia 76ers in that round. Rose, meanwhile, played in just 10 games over the next two seasons. Knee problems completely changed the course of his career. If he gets into the Hall of Fame, he will challenge the voters. Every MVP in history should be inducted into the Hall of Fame, both NBA and ABA. Rose’s career results could well mean he won’t make the team. So you can add insult to injury. Honourable mentions

  • Elgin Baylor, Los Angeles Lakers, 1965: Knee injury in West Division Finals; loss against Celtics in NBA Finals.
  • John Havlicek, Boston Celtics, 1973: Breaking the armor in the Eastern Conference Finals; losing to the Knicks.
  • Magic Johnson/Byron Scott, Los Angeles Lakers, 1989: Hamstring injuries kept them from playing in the NBA Finals loss against the Pistons.
  • Patrick Ewing, 1999 New York Knicks: Tore his hamstring in the Eastern Conference Finals; lost to the Spurs in the NBA Finals.
  • Yao Ming, 2009 Houston Rockets: Broke his leg in the Western Conference semifinals, lost to the Lakers. This injury meant the end of his career.

Statistics provided by Basketball Reference. COMPARED TO: The Boston Celtics are off the hook, and Jason Kidd seems to be the center of it all.The NBA playoffs almost always result in injuries, and sometimes those injuries can prove to be quite devastating. Whether it’s Kobe Bryant’s knee injury that ended the playoffs for the Lakers in 2009, or the dislocated ankle suffered by the Nuggets’ Andre Iguodala in 2013, these kinds of injuries are well-known to the NBA. But the most significant NBA injuries of the playoffs in the long history of the League usually have a major impact on the whole outcome of a series. Today we’ll be talking about those injuries.. Read more about nba west standings and let us know what you think.

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