It’s not very often that you get to witness the moment when a sports star gets a microphone shoved in his face, and then loses his mind. It’s even rarer when the person has just lost a championship match.

Whether you’re a fan of a sport or not, you likely remember some of the most memorable press conferences in sports history. From Michael Jordan’s famous line “I’m not a racist, I just hate the people who are” to Jose Canseco’s claim that he was the true “home run king” to Phil Mickelson’s “There will be some magic left for you” to Tiger Woods’ “I’m not going to say I don’t think about it” to Roger Clemens’ “I take full responsibility” to Curt Schilling’s infamous “I’m not gonna say anything” to Lance Armstrong’s “I’m a cancer survivor” to Lance Armstrong’s “It’s not an admission of guilt, it’s an admission

If you watch sports often, you know what athletes say at press conferences. Working hard for the team, giving 100% and doing it for the fans is almost always true. But some press conferences are extraordinary, and we’ve selected some of the most memorable sports press conferences.

Conor McGregor – Bottle Wars

Irish fighting sensation Conor McGregor is not afraid to make enemies in mixed martial arts. Every time he fights, he does his best to get inside his opponent’s head. Nate Diaz would not sit back and take the hits.

Most memorable sports press conferences of all time

After McGregor showed up very late to the press conference, Diaz decided he had enough of waiting and left. McGregor had a few words to say about his opponent as he left the ring, and before he knew it, water bottles were raining down on the audience.

Diaz and his team started throwing bottles at the Irish fighter, and of course he started throwing bottles back. The fight turned into chaos with penalties on both sides, and it’s one of the most embarrassing moments for the UFC.

Hal McRae – Hateful Questions

Coaches don’t like to talk to the press, but after a loss to their team, you can tell they’d rather be anywhere but in front of a reporter. Most give a few words so the reporter can write the story, then head back to the locker room, but not Hal McRae. He had just lost a game to the Tigers and was in no mood to ask questions.

Most memorable sports press conferences of all time

When a reporter asked him what he didn’t like, McRae lost his temper and started throwing just about everything in his office, including his phone. But he wasn’t done yet, and after the reporters fled, he chased them down the hall to scold them again.

Floyd Mayweather – Make it Rain

To some, Floyd Mayweather is the greatest boxer who ever lived, but his last professional fight was a circus that even he wasn’t used to. Mayweather faced Conor McGregor, known for his antics during the press conference, but the legendary boxer was prepared. Knowing that McGregor likes to talk about how much money he has, Mayweather decided to show the Irish fighter what real wealth looks like.

During the press conference, Mayweather pulled a wad of cash from his pocket and threw it at his opponent. Mayweather must have been inspired by his side business, an adult dance club called Girl Collection. But McGregor laughed it off: He looked at the bills drumming around him and called Mayweather cheap because he only used $1 bills.

Most memorable sports press conferences of all time

The journalists present at these press conferences got to see much more than they expected, as the athletes put on a show. There were no dull moments as every second of the press conference was impressive and will never be forgotten.

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