The Jaguars are reportedly considering a franchise-altering move that proves Urban Meyer has no idea what he’s doing. The front office is reportedly looking at UCLA head coach Chip Kelly to take over the helm of the team. Kelly is known for an offensive approach that involves lots of quick passes and plays that are designed to get the ball out of the quarterback’s hands as quickly as possible. A team that runs a lot of quick passes and plays that move the ball quickly would seemingly fit the Jaguars perfectly. The only problem? Kelly is reportedly interested in the Jaguars job, but the Jaguars reportedly are not interested in Kelly at all.

The Jaguars are nicknamed the Jags, because their logo is a Jaguar. So if they want to change their name to the Jaguars, just to make the logo look cooler, that doesn’t make any sense.

The NFL draft is finally here and it’s time to start thinking about who the Jaguars will select with their first round pick. But, what if they could change their pick? What if they didn’t have to pick at all? And what if that changed the way the entire draft went?. Read more about urban meyer nfl and let us know what you think.

The Jacksonville Jaguars took a daring move by hiring a head coach with a strong track record of success as well as a troubling history of dubious choices and controversies. They obviously think Urban Meyer has what it takes to turn things around in Jacksonville, as shown by their decision to hitch their wagon to him.

While the emergence of talented rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence offers the Jaguars reason to be optimistic about the future, it’s becoming apparent that Meyer has no clue what he’s doing. The Jaguars are allegedly contemplating a franchise-altering move after raising eyebrows by signing Tim Tebow. This makes little sense in light of their new head coach’s recent statement about adopting a “win-now” attitude.

Since becoming an NFL head coach, Urban Meyer has made a number of contentious decisions. v=3F55oiTt3cg

Let’s just say the Urban Meyer era hasn’t gotten off to the best start possible.

First, he angered some supporters by hiring Chris Doyle, a controversial strength and conditioning coach. It didn’t take Meyer long to understand that having the former Iowa coach on his staff wasn’t worth the trouble. Despite the fact that Doyle and the Jaguars ended their relationship amicably, the fact that he was hired in the first place prompted questions about Meyer’s future in Jacksonville.

He should also be chastised for how he handled the NFL Draft in 2021. Nobody should doubt the Jaguars’ decision to choose Trevor Lawrence with the first overall selection. However, considering the availability of potential second-year pro James Robinson, who joined the club as an undrafted free agency and ran for 1,000 yards, selecting a running back 24 selections later made little sense.

Meyer’s most contentious personnel decision, of course, featured none other than Tim Tebow. Despite the fact that the 33-year-old hasn’t played a down in the NFL since 2012, his collegiate head coach gave him a shot to revive his pro football career. Meyer’s decision to sign Tebow drew further criticism and provided a distraction for the Jaguars’ players, who have been dealing with it for months.

Unfortunately for Jaguars supporters, the first-year NFL head coach seems to be on the verge of making another big blunder.

Meyer seems to have no idea what he’s doing as the Jaguars are allegedly contemplating a franchise-altering deal.

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer points during a drill.,

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer points during a drill., Urban Meyer, the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, points during an exercise during a training camp session. | Getty Images/James Gilbert

Do you need any more evidence that Meyer has no idea what he’s doing?

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported on a potentially franchise-altering move involving one of the Jaguars’ most talented players on Sunday.

“An unexpected development: Multiple club executives think #Jaguars corner C.J. Henderson, the No. 9 overall selection in 2020, is a trade candidate. Jacksonville has created the sense in certain league circles that it is looking to trade Henderson, a high-profile player who is one year into his rookie contract,” Fowler tweeted.

“A source claims things are fine with the team and Henderson, who just returned from the Covid-19/reserve list,” he continued. So it’s possible that they’ll keep him. The squad, on the other hand, enjoys their corners, and Henderson would be a good fit.”

For the Jaguars, that strategy makes no sense at all. Why would you give up a guy you selected with a top-10 selection in previous year’s draft? Henderson was chosen over blue-chip prospects such as Tristan Wirfs, Jerry Jeudy, and CeeDee Lamb by Jacksonville. They may also have traded down to get more choices. Given their investment and Henderson’s skill level, trading him after one season (which was affected by COVID-19) looks extremely stupid.

Furthermore, how can Meyer and his staff be confident in their corner position? Shaquill Griffin got a big-money contract, but he still has to show that he can play at a high level outside of Seattle. The fact that rookie second-round selection Tyson Campbell has never played an NFL down doesn’t change the reality that he has Pro Bowl potential. In 2020, veterans Tre Herndon and Sidney Jones combined to throw seven touchdown passes.

Isn’t it not a stacked secondary?

The Jaguars’ history of mishandling high NFL draft choices should give supporters serious worries about the team’s future.


In the previous decade, no club had more top-10 selections.

No team got less out of them than they did.


2020: Henderson (trade block) 2017: Fournette (last 3 years) 2016: Ramsey (last 3.5 years) 2015: Fowler (last 2.5 years) 2012: Blackmon (last 1.5 years) 2011: Gabbert (last 3 years)

August 9, 2021 — Warren Sharp (@SharpFootball)

Meyer believes that getting go of a young, high-potential player at a key position would somehow improve his squad. But, in the end, C.J. The fact that Henderson is on the market should make Jaguars fans concerned about the team’s future.

After all, a glance back at the organization’s history shows a worrisome pattern of making bad choices.

The Jaguars have had a top-10 selection on several occasions, but their roster is abysmal. However, it’s simple to understand why when you consider how they conducted the draft.

Jacksonville has mishandled so many top draft assets over the years, from banking on Blaine Gabbert and Leonard Fournette to drafting and then selling Dante Fowler and Jalen Ramsey. Henderson seems to be on his way to being the Jaguars’ next first-round pick to depart before his rookie contract ends.

Maybe Urban Meyer knows something that the rest of us don’t. However, given his track record of dubious actions and the Jaguars’ propensity for making poor personnel choices, it seems that the team will continue to suffer as a result of weak leadership.

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