We are a sports blog dedicated to the art of the punt. Our goal is to highlight the greatest punters in the history of the game – the top punt returners, kickers, and field goal kickers in the history of not only the NFL but all of American Football.

The art of the punt may be a strange concept for football fans to grasp, but when you consider that the modern-day punt is a relatively new trick, you’ll realize that even the most successful punters in history have had to master this art, as its success is contingent upon mastery of a number of different skills. It’s also a skill that changes from league to league, since field conditions and the position of the punter change.

The game of soccer is a beautiful thing, and the beautiful game can be played well even by the worst players. But football is the king of sports. It is the reason men take up a spear, be it a Crow or a Samoan, and it is the reason that the world has become obsessed with capturing the mighty boot, the foot that holds the ball and connects it with the earth. Football has, and always will be, our obsession. And the players of the game, the artists of the game, the kickers, the punters, the field goal kickers, the long-snappers, the holders, the guys that kick the ball into the dirt, they are the masters of the art.

There are several specialized positions in football, but one that is often overlooked is the kicker. They only get on the field every four games, but when they are there, it is often for a good reason. Attacking is an integral part of football and these players are masters of the art of attacking.

Justin Tucker

He still plays, but Justin Tucker is a machine when it comes to hitting. Tucker has already helped the Ravens win a Super Bowl, and hopefully he can help them win another in the future. He regularly throws for over 5,000 yards in a season, and in 2017 he had never missed an extra point. The art of kicking – The best football players of all time word-image-16526


In the pre-Super Bowl era, Lou Groza was the main man when it came to hitting. He was a nine-time Pro Bowler, spent his entire career in Cleveland and won four NFL titles. Groza played from 1946 to 1967 and scored a total of 1,608 points in 268 games. He became the first kicker to kick from 40-50 yards, earning him a place in the famous Football Hall of Fame.

George Blanda

While most batsmen are known for their ability to keep the ball in their feet, George Blanda could do it all. His passing game was not limited to his feet, his hands were also very useful. In fact, Blanda has already scored seven touchdowns in one game. He excelled as a kicker and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1981. The legendary Chicago Bears kicker scored 2,002 points in 340 games. His success rate on make-up tests was 98.3 percent, giving him the most extra points of any kicker in football history at the time.

Morten Andersen

Morten Andersen, six-time top scorer, has had a rich career and played for some of the league’s best teams. He is one of the few shooters to make it to the Hall of Fame, but the best moments of his career came in the 1980s. Andersen became a big name with the New Orleans Saints, but was able to continue playing for three decades. The kicker ended his long career with the Minnesota Vikings in 2004, ending one of the greatest kicking careers in the NFL. The art of kicking – The best football players of all time word-image-16527

Adam Vinatieri

Adam Vinatieri knows how to win a Super Bowl, and he has his four championship rings to prove it. The kicker has made a field goal in every game, with an impressive 84.3 field goal percentage. He is perhaps the most famous kicker in football history, as he won the Super Bowl three times for the New England Pats with his field goals. At 46, he is still active for the Colts and has scored a total of 2,600 points. These thugs got their foot in the door of football and made sure their names would never be forgotten. With her exceptional talent, she has played an integral role in championships and Super Bowl victories.How do we measure the most important part of a kick? The ball, obviously. But what is the most important part of the ball? The punt? The kick itself has been, and continues to be, one of the most important parts of the game.. Read more about is justin tucker the best kicker ever and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the greatest kicker of all time?

Of all of the hundreds of sports, football is the most popular one, and the most exciting one. I am not a big fan of the sport, but it’s one I’ve watched my whole life, and I’ve followed most of the greats. There have been thousands of football players over the years, most of them dominant at one point or another, but there are a few who stand above the rest. Here are the top five greatest football kickers in history. Football has a long history of kickers, from the first ever kick in the history of the sport to the best of the best today. There have been some truly amazing and exotic football kicks over the last 100 years or so. Some have been more of a novelty, such as the first ever kick-off return touchdown in the NFL, or even the only two-time setting of the world record for longest field goal by a punter.

Is Justin Tucker the best kicker of all time?

You’ve heard about the big-name kickers in the NFL, like Justin Tucker, Stephen Gostkowski, Adam Vinatieri, Dan Bailey, and Sebastian Janikowski. But what about the rest of the league? Who are the best kickers in the NFL today? Kickers are often overlooked in the discussion of the best players in the league, but the truth is they are just as valuable and just as integral—especially in the early rounds of the draft. There are two things that set NFL kickers apart from other kickers: their field-goal attempts and their kicking accuracy. But what separates one kicker from another can be how he also pulls off the field-goal attempt. You see, some kickers are accurate, but their punts are regularly returned for touchbacks. They don’t even attempt a field goal. Others are inaccurate, but they always let their punts fly deep. They’re rarely returned for short gains. And then there are kickers like the Baltimore Ravens’ Justin Tucker. He’s accurate, but he also kicks the ball further than almost anyone else.

Who is the most accurate field goal kicker in the NFL?

The NFL has an amazing kicker. Since he was selected in the 3rd round of the 2009 NFL Draft, he has become one of the most accurate field goal kickers in the league that has a career average of 88% from the field. After 12 seasons in the NFL, that’s a pretty impressive record. In 2009, there were only 29 player-kickers in the NFL. The following year, that number jumped to 34. Then, in 2011, the number jumped up to 41. For the first time in NFL history, the total number of NFL players that were directly involved with a field goal or extra point attempt exceeded 50. In the last four years, the average number of players that attempt field goals and extra points has jumped up to 52.

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