While the sequel is not as good as it’s predecessor, Knights of the Old Republic II still manages to be a worthy title.

The “star wars knights of the old republic 2 switch review” is a great game that still holds up today. It’s a true classic and worth playing if you have not already.

On Christmas Eve 2004, I still remember opening my copy of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II. I picked a class, agonized over numbers, and got ready for another superbly designed RPG experience since I loved the original KOTOR and had played it several times. I was not let down. 

Knights of the Old Republic II was a fantastic sequel, but it was also hurried since it was released just one year after the first game. As a result, it experienced some negative feedback. However, time has been kind to the game, as Aspyr has now released the follow-up for the Nintendo Switch.

Review of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II on the Switch: Still an Outstanding RPG

Five years have passed since the events of the original game when the tale for KOTOR II begins. You take on the role of a Jedi exile who was expelled from the Order for pursuing Revan instead of staying on the Jedi path during the Mandalorian Wars. Even though there is some complex information there, the text is readable and makes sense given the possibilities for light-side, neutral-side, and dark-side discourse. 

Your decisions have a significant impact on the tale as well. For better or worse, your decisions will have an impact on how you interact with the game’s many supporting characters. There are over 13 prospective party members to choose from, many of whom may be taught in the ways of the force, as well as those of great repute, such as the powerful Mandalore himself. 

The way the plot is put together keeps you on your toes and gives you the impression that you are really experiencing the narrative. The epic voyage over many worlds, each with its own issues waiting for a solution, is built up by adding the professional voice acting and a strong musical composition.


While KOTOR II is a port, Aspyr has made certain improvements to make it compatible with the Nintendo Switch. Combat is comfortable. When docked, there is some pixelation, but in handheld mode, cutscenes look and sound clear. 

One of the more minor bugs is audio during cutscenes that is either truncated or doesn’t play properly. Only when I was playing the Switch docked did I become aware of this problem. Another problem is that portions of the conversation is shown on-screen alone, playing with no sound. Both in portable and docked modes, I encountered this.

After one of the minigame events when I was given control of a turret on The Ebon Hawk, I also encountered a couple repeating occurrences, which quickly caused the game to crash. Fortunately, I didn’t have any further crashes while playing the game. 

Minigames still have an unpolished and uninspired vibe, which is another area of concern. I wish they had gotten more attention, despite not being a remake or remaster.  

Conclusion of the KOTOR II Switch Review



  • branching tale with immersion.
  • many characters in the cast.
  • fantastic mechanics


  • Several audio issues.
  • frame rate chugs a little when loading.
  • Occasionally monotonous conversation 

The successor to one of the finest love letters to the fans, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, is still a fantastic game. Despite being close to 20 years old, it is still a competitor in terms of music, mechanics, and plot, even if the aesthetics are a little stale.

Although there are still some bugs in the Nintendo Switch version that need to be fixed, they are neither game-breaking nor nearly as serious as some of the problems the original game arrived with. It is priced at $15 USD, which is the ideal range for both series regulars and novices.

[Note: The copy of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II used for this review was given by Aspyr.]

The “kotor 2” is a stellar role-playing game that has been ported to the Nintendo Switch. The port of the game was done by Aspyr Media and it offers up a great experience for fans of the original.

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