The NFL Network’s Andrew Marchand revealed that the New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees could potentially get one last chance to broadcast as a broadcaster, but his new network won’t break the bank. The 38-year old is ready for retirement and he has been since 2011, when he was traded from San Diego to New Orleans.,

The “drew brees number” is a topic that was recently brought up by Sports Media Insider Andrew Marchand. He revealed that Drew Brees could get his last chance as a broadcaster, but his new network ‘won’t break the bank’.

NBC Sports' Drew Brees reports from the sidelines before an AFC wild card. The former QB could be on his way to Fox.

NBC Sports' Drew Brees reports from the sidelines before an AFC wild card. The former QB could be on his way to Fox. Drew Brees | Icon Sportswire/Scott Winters

Drew Brees was a legendary quarterback in the NFL. His debut season as a broadcaster, however, did not go as planned. Now, as rumors circulate that he’s leaving NBC, sports industry analyst Andrew Marchand claims that another network may offer the former New Orleans Saint a “last opportunity” to succeed behind the microphone.

Drew Brees’ broadcasting career hasn’t gotten off to a good start at NBC.

We are getting set to kick off the 2021 season on Football Night In America and it’s great to have Drew Brees with us. Rodney Harrison will be on the field and in different parts of the stadium. Drew will be amazing giving fans a QB’s perspective.

— Tony Dungy (@TonyDungy) September 9, 2021

Drew Brees, the former quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, retired after the 2020 season and spent 2021 in the booth for NBC’s Football Night in America.

His first season in the media was a disaster.

Brees was severely lambasted by critics for being boring and uninspired. He also seems cautious to criticize players after just a few months away from becoming one himself. Brees’ lackluster commentary stood out the more against presenter Mike Tirico and commentator (and former NFL head coach) Tony Dungy. Brees’ lack of charisma was much more evident since Trico and Dungy are also low-key.

That’s not to suggest Brees won’t be a terrific TV quarterback in the future.

Big personalities and heated views that can be absorbed and delivered in fast chunks are required for studio programs. Terry Bradshaw and Boomer Esiason, as well as Charles, Shaq, and Kenny, are all needed. Brees just does not fit that model.

Brees, on the other hand, is obviously extremely knowledgeable about football and has valuable insight to share with viewers. As a color guy on a broadcast, such skill set is ideal. Cris Collinsworth, on the other hand, was already on NBC’s weekly NFL game.

It was impossible to put Brees into the correct window without a complete slate of games every week, like CBS or FOX do.

However, one of those networks may now give Brees a chance. However, if he fails to impress in the booth, his time on television may be over.

Drew Brees of NBC might get one final opportunity as a color commentator at Fox, according to Andrew Marchand.

NEWS: Drew Brees might be the No. 2 quarterback for Fox Sports.

If Brees wants to make a name for himself as an NFL broadcaster, this is his best — and maybe final — opportunity. Fox will not break the bank for him, but he will have the chance.

— Andrew Marchand (@AndrewMarchand) May 19, 2022

On The Marchand and Ourand Sports Industry Podcast, sports media insider Andrew Marchand of the New York Post covered the Drew Brees story.

He speculated that Brees may join Fox as the network’s No. 2 color analyst, possibly behind Greg Olsen since that Troy Aikman has moved to ESPN.

Marchand is concerned about Brees’ willingness to accept a reduced contract, particularly given the megadeal Tom Brady just inked with the network. Marchand explained:

I can see it if you’re Fox. Drew Brees, one of the best quarterbacks of all time. He’d definitely receive between $10 and $20 million to make a game if he came out today. As a result, he’d be number one. Instead, he now has some game experience from last year. He comes to you as a discounted number two. That is exactly what it will come down to. ‘Well, Tom Brady got this humongous $375 million deal,’ can Drew Brees say? Is it possible for me to accomplish it for a couple of million dollars?’ We all claim that they don’t need the funds, but there is ego at play.

Drew Brees, according to Andrew Marchand

This autumn, being on Fox’s second-tier game would be excellent for Brees.

Without the burden of being one of three persons in the Sunday night studio program, he could practice and improve. Brees will also be able to dissect the game in length if he calls the game, which fits him better.

The future Hall of Fame quarterback’s broadcasting career might follow in the footsteps of his NFL career.

Following his third NFL season, Brian Schottenheimer advised Drew Brees that the Chargers will most likely choose a quarterback in the 2004 draft. 

Brees responded, “That would be the worst f–king mistake this organization could ever make.” 😤 @brgridiron

(via @AlbertBreer)

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) December 26, 2019

On his show, Andrew Marchand brought up another interesting topic. This switch from NBC to Fox, according to the sports industry expert, might replicate Drew Brees’ NFL career.

Brees was selected in the second round (32nd overall) in the 2001 NFL Draft by the San Diego Chargers. In his debut season, the former Purdue Boilermaker waited behind Doug Flutie until taking over as the starting in 2002.

Brees and the club struggled for the following two seasons. As a starter, he went 10-17 with 28 touchdowns and 31 interceptions. As a result, the Chargers selected Eli Manning first overall in the 2004 NFL Draft and traded him to the Patriots for Philip Rivers.

Brees, on the other hand, defeated Rivers the next season, leading the club to an 11-4 record (with 27 touchdowns and seven interceptions) and won NFL Comeback Player of the Year. In 2005, Brees began again and went 9-7. Late in the season, though, the quarterback suffered a shoulder injury. As a result, the Chargers chose Rivers as their quarterback in 2006.

Brees wanted to join the Miami Dolphins, but the team and then-head coach Nick Saban turned him down because to his injuries. He subsequently signed with Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints, and the rest is history (68,010 yards, 491 touchdowns, 12 Pro Bowls, 1 All-Pro team, and a Super Bowl title).

Who knows, maybe Brees at Fox will be like Brees with the Saints, and he’ll go down as one of the all-time greats in the booth.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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