Gather your team of sniping experts and take down the Nazi’s in this open-world stealth game.

The “sniper elite 5” is a military first-person shooter video game that was released on March 14, 2018. The “sniper elite 5” has many collectibles for players to find and some of them are found in the final mission.

The Secret Weapons level in Sniper Elite 5 contains 19 distinct treasures to find, including the typical suspects of stone eagles, personal letters, confidential papers, and hidden goods. In Mission 7, you may additionally unlock three workbenches and two starting places. 

To avoid retracing, we’ll cover the collectibles discovered in the lower half of the map first, travelling west to east, before heading up to the top half, moving east to west, like we did in our guides for Mission 3: Spy Academy and Mission 5: Festung Guernsey. Of course, you are free to pursue whatever path you like! 

It’s worth mentioning that one stone eagle site is missing, and we’ll update this guide whenever we find it. There are a few collectibles in this level that may be discovered in numerous spots, so we’ve noted them when appropriate. 

Collectibles and Starting Locations for Secret Weapons


An intruder has been discovered (Classified Document 1)


Begin the quest by going ahead and down the hill from the Facility Overlook starting point. Straight ahead of you (north/northeast) over the train track is a shack on the hill. On a motorbike, a soldier will arrive. Kill them and look for this information. The sharpshooter in the lake-side camp north of the castle may also provide this information.

Workbench for Pistols


Carry on ahead to the road and turn left (west). A dirt route veers off to the left just before the bridge, then continues left to cross over the waterfall and divides right to go under the bridge. Take a right and descend. Turn left at the bottom to uncover a cave entrance and a barrier with a resistance stockpile hidden behind it.

Report on Pressurization (Classified Document 2)


Cross the bridge (or the area immediately next to it) and go to the castle in the southwestern corner of the map. Pick this up from the table adjacent to the shattered wall at the top of the tower on the south/southwestern side of the castle.

1 Stone Eagle


Exit the tower by going down one story. Turn left and continue the route to the next archway, passing through the archway with the power conduit on the ground and wall. Stop, spin around, and gaze up at the tower’s right (western) side. The stone eagle may be found around halfway up, right behind some vines.

Starting Point: Lake Overlook


When you land, use the zipline in the northwest tower (you may get there by falling through the floor) and ignite the campfire in front of the tent.

Schedule of Dr. Jungers (Classified Document 3)


Down the slope toward the lake, keep going. On the main road, just to the right (northeast) of a checkpoint, you’ll discover a lakeside campground. In or near the tent, there will be an officer, a sharpshooter, and two jaeger troops. The Intruder Sighted secret document is carried by the sniper.

However, you’ll find what you’re looking for on a desk on the tent’s right side. This paper may also be discovered at Junger’s Rocketry Lab/Weapons Lab and in the railyard on the eastern side of the map.

Plans for Prufstand XII (Hidden Item 1)


Now continue east on the main road until you reach a bridge. Cross it and turn right along a dirt road that leads to the waterfall on the other side. Here’s where you’ll find a sleeping bag and this secret item: beneath the bridge.

Inbound Deliveries and We Had a Deal (Personal Letter 1) (Classified Document 4)


Enter the railway station on the map’s eastern side and go to the second level through the ticket office. Turn left at the top of the stairs, then left again into a room with a safe and a desk where you’ll find this personal note.

The key to the safe containing Inbound Deliveries may be obtained from the officer at the railway station. The Brownshirt engineer working on the locomotive at the railway garage may also help with inbound cargo.

Starting Point for the Abandoned House


Go behind the railway garage and over the railyard to the east. To get to the Abandoned House on the hill, use the muddy route to the left. Climb the pipe that runs beside the generator towards the front.

Turn right at the top for Stone Eagle 2 is a sequel to Stone Eagle. (below), then left to climb around to the house’s rear. To secure this starting place, descend to the balcony and open the door. I’m Done (personal letter 2) is also available here, as mentioned below.

Stone Eagle 2 is a sequel to Stone Eagle.


Climb to the second storey of the Abandoned House and continue going around by turning right instead of left. Look for the stone eagle lurking amid the rocks on the eastern (left) side of the hill, near the center of the route below the house.

I’m finished (Personal Letter 2)


Go downstairs by opening the door off the balcony of the Abandoned House. Examine the fireplace in the vicinity of the deceased person.

Logistical Issues (A-4B) (Classified Document 5)


Now go to the Weapons Lab, which is located to the northwest (where Christian Jungers is, just southeast of The Dome). The planning/engineering room is located on the second level, over the munitions garage. On the four tables pushed together on the far side of the room, this is part of the secondary goal.

Imaginative+ Paraphrase (Personal Letter 3)


Complete the goal in the Dome’s War Room and use the blue stairway on the southern side to reach the center structure (where the V2 missile was). Turn right at the top to discover this on a desk under two framed propaganda posters.

Peenemunde ID (Laboratory of Peenemunde) (Hidden Item 2)


Descend the stairs from the letter above, then turn around at the bottom to discover an aperture in the central stairwell that leads down. Pass through the first right-hand door with the Waffenkammer symbol above it. You’ll go along a short corridor lined with containers on the right side. Go down it and into the little mess hall via the first door on the left to locate this behind a table on the far wall.

Workbench by SMG


Return to the hall and go all the way to the end. With this workbench, unlock the door to uncover a tiny armory.

The V2’s are no longer in production! (Personally Addressed Letter No. 4)


Down at the V2 Assembly and Refueling section, complete the task. Leave the control room and make your way to the area’s southernmost point. Climb the ladder across from the horizontal V2 and the alarm. Turn left through the doorway at the end of the catwalk.

Take the way that leads up. As you go out the door, you’ll see a V2 launchpad in front of you. Climb the staircase to your left, open the door to another control room at the top, and collect this personal letter from the right-hand chair.

This isn’t how I want to work (Personal Letter 5)


Now go southwest to the Lake Compound. This personal message sits on a table across from the yellow rocket on the trailer, near the open rocket capsule over the ocean.

Workbench for Rifles


Continue straight (north) beyond the yellow rocket. You’ll notice an alarm and an armory in front of you when you pass the control room on the right. To obtain access to this workstation, open the door beneath the Waffenkammer sign.

Playing Cards of the Luftwaffe (Hidden Item 3)


Leave the Lake Compound and make your way to the map’s northernmost main bridge. These may be found on the table to the right of the radio equipment inside the checkpoint’s gatehouse.

In Sniper Elite 5’s Secret Weapons quest, they are all of the stone eagles, papers, secret goods, and workbenches. Head over to our SE5 tips site right here for additional instructions on locating all of the other treasures in the game’s other levels (excluding Mission 9 since there aren’t any!).

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