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This is Skyward Sword Crystal Ball Location: Where to Find the Fortune Teller’s Crystal, where I’m going to predict where the Fortune Teller’s Crystal is located in Ocarina of Time. I have to admit, I have my biases. I think the Fortune Teller’s Crystal is at the top of the Deku Tree because I’ve seen a lot of people make the same mistake and I hate being wrong. I think seeing the Fortune Teller’s Crystal is at the top of the Deku Tree will be the biggest spoiler ever, so I’m going to say B: The Fortune Teller’s Crystal is at the top of the tree.

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The crystal ball mission in Skyward Sword is a brief side quest that includes the fortune teller and appears about halfway through the game. It’s a simple method to get Gratitude Crystals.

Return to the Skyloft Bazaar after sealing The Imprisoned for the second time. You’ll see that the fate teller has left their booth. Our Skyward Sword crystal ball guide will show you where to locate the crystal and how to begin the quest.

How to Begin the Crystal Ball Adventure

Map showing the fortune teller's house in Skyloft.

Speak with the fortune teller in their Skyloft residence in the east. Gondo, the scrap business owner, lives next door to them. The fortune teller will tell you about the origins of their crystal ball and say that if you’re so motivated, you may locate a new one for them.

Because Gratitude Crystals, you are. You won’t be able to complete Batreaux’s mission until you collect all of the Gratitude Crystals.

Ignore Fi’s suggestion that you make the ball a dowsing item since you won’t have to look for it. 

Location of the Crystal Ball

A map showing the crystal ball location at Eldin Volcano.

Return to Eldin and the statue of a bird outside the Earth Temple. You may have spotted a target atop one of the stone ledges when digging for Eldin Keys. Dig until the air geyser erupts in the corner opposite where you located the first key piece. 

Glide up, spin around, and grapple over to the target with your Clawshot. The crystal ball may be found on the outskirts of the Earth Temple. Examine it, then have Fi summon Scrapper to return it to Skyloft.

To complete the mission and get five Gratitude Crystals as well as a discount on fortunes, return to the fortune teller’s home.

That’s all there is to know about the crystal ball quest and the fortune teller in Skyward Sword, but don’t forget to check out our other Skyward Sword tutorials for additional information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the fortune tellers house Skyward Sword?

The fortune teller lives on the top floor of the castle.

Where is the Crystal Ball skyward sword?

The Crystal Ball is a treasure in Skyward Sword. Its located in the Ancient Cistern, which can be found in the Faron Woods.

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