If you’re looking for the best skills in fighting games, look no further. These are some of the most powerful moves that can help you dominate your opponents and reach Sifu status.

The “sifu best skills reddit” is a subreddit where users can post videos of their best skills. The “Sifu Best Skills & How to Unlock Them” is a wiki that provides an overview of the skill and how to unlock it.

Sifu Best Skills & How to Unlock Them


Sifu has a total of 24 talents. They are divided into five categories, four of which have five talents and one of which has four. They not only provide you new moves, but they also enhance your entire battle strategy with some incredible combinations.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest Sifu talents, as well as suggestions on how to obtain and maintain them. 

How to Unlock Sifu Skills

By spending 500-1,500 XP each talent, all skills in Sifu may be unlocked through a skill tree option. However, if you resume your game, you may realize that some of the talents you bought are no longer available.

That’s why you should choose to permanently unlock skills, which shows as an option soon after you first acquire a talent. Permanent unlocking will cost you 5x 500-1,500 XP each skill, which will unlock the talent and retain it in your skill tree until you choose to “Give Up” the game in the menu, which would effectively wipe off all of your progress.

This implies that when you unlock a talent for the first time, you must spend 500-1,500 XP six times and then spend another 500-1,500 XP five times. To permanently unlock any talent in Sifu, you’ll need to spend 3,000-9,000 XP in total.

However, you may first unlock the skill and then spend another 500-1,500 XP for the first of five permanent unlock fees, which will allow the game to maintain track of your progress. You may continue to invest in it later, and your XP payments will be kept. Just don’t “Give Up” your game, or you’ll lose everything.

Sifu’s Best Skills

Snap Kick


In Sifu, range is crucial, so keep an eye out for talents that reduce the distance between you and the adversary.

Snap Kick is one of the strongest range talents in the game, since it enables you to attack while moving forward, reducing the distance between you and the target quickly.

Combo of Snap Kicks

  • Up + Up + RMB on a PC.
  • Up + Up + Triangle on the PlayStation.
  • Up + Up + Y on the Xbox.

Kick with a Spin Hook


The snap kick closes the gap in a forward motion, but the spin kick spans an area surrounding you and may hit many foes at once.

When you’re being assaulted from all sides at the same time, a hard kick like this may be quite effective.

Kick with a Spin Hook Combo

  • PC: RMB + RMB + RMB + RMB + RMB
  • Triangle + Triangle + wait + Triangle on the PlayStation.
  • Y + Y + wait + Y on the Xbox.

Mastery of the Environment


Throwing items at foes is another approach to close the gap in Sifu. You may basically toss anything at an adversary on the ground, including bottles, crates, guns, or any other item you see, doing damage and staggering them, with this talent.

Mastery of the Environment Combo

  • PC: When you’re near an object, press R.
  • Press R1 while you’re near an item on the PlayStation.
  • When you’re near an object on the Xbox, press RB.

Claw That Flows


Evasive moves are just as important as the offensive ones, and Claw That Flows is one of the best defensive skills in the game.

It enables you to rapidly deflect an opponent’s assault while also striking back with a devastating stroke.

Claw That Flows Combo

  • LMB + RMB on PC.
  • Square + Triangle on the PlayStation.
  • X + Y on the Xbox.

Strikes are falling like rain.


Some of the combos are more intricate than others, but it is vital to find a simple combo that delivers the biggest punch, and Strikes are falling like rain. is that kind of skill.

It’s a little on the pricey side, at 1,000 XP, but it’s well worth it for all that damage.

Strikes are falling like rain. Combo

  • RMB + wait + RMB on a PC.
  • Triangle + wait + Triangle on the PlayStation.
  • Y + wait + Y on the Xbox.

Those are the Sifu’s Best Skills, as well as tips on how to unlock them. Now you know what to spend your XP on or what to unlock that best fits your playstyle. Learn how to spare bosses here or check out our Sifu review here. 

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