The Denver Broncos could trade for Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins, but the price tag is high. The Minnesota Vikings have demanded a second-round pick and another asset in exchange for their signal caller. Should teams be willing to pay such an exorbitant amount?

The “nfl news” is a question that has been asked ever since the Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins joined the Denver Broncos. The move could help Denver win now, but it also means losing their draft pick as well.

Should Denver Go After Vikings QB Kirk Cousins?

Highlights of the article:

  • Sheil Kapadia of The Athletic speculated that the Denver Broncos should sign Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins this summer.
  • The often chastised quarterback makes significantly more sense for the three-time Super Bowl champs than some may believe.
  • Don’t be shocked if Cousins’ trade market is rather quiet, given his vast background.

Since Peyton Manning’s retirement in early 2016, the Denver Broncos have apparently tested every quarterback possibility. Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch failed to live up to expectations, Drew Lock does not look to be the solution, and former Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco only lasted one season in Colorado.

No, your mind isn’t messing with you. In 2019, Flacco was a member of the Broncos’ roster.

Nothing the Broncos have done at quarterback, even former Pro Bowler Teddy Bridgewater, has resulted in a return to the playoffs. At this point, the Broncos may as well bring in Kirk Cousins, an experienced quarterback from the Minnesota Vikings, to solve their quarterback dilemma.

In the grand scheme of things, it isn’t such a horrible concept.

The acquisition of Kirk Cousins by the Denver Broncos was advocated by The Athletic, and the pairing makes sense.

Could Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins play for the Denver Broncos in 2022?

Could Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins play for the Denver Broncos in 2022? Would Kirk Cousins of the Minnesota Vikings be a good fit for the Denver Broncos? | Mike Comer/Getty Images

We can’t claim full credit for the Cousins-to-Denver concept. Sheil Kapadia of The Athletic suggested the deal in a Feb. 16 column, and it makes sense after additional consideration.

Despite the fact that the Broncos have been connected to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers for over a year, it now looks like the four-time NFL MVP will stay in Denver in 2022. That may open the way for Cousins, who turns 34 in August, to play for an AFC club for the first time, providing the Vikings are willing to eat money and find a new quarterback.

The Vikings might eat up to $15 million of Cousins’ $35 million contract, according to Kapadia. According to the outlet’s lead NFL writer, such a deal might fetch the Vikings a second-round choice in the 2022 draft; as of publishing, Denver has two second-round picks in the 2022 draft — No. 40 and No. 64, the latter courtesy of the Los Angeles Rams.

Cousins threw for the Vikings in 2021, completing 66.3 percent of his passes for 4,221 yards, 33 touchdowns, and seven interceptions. Despite his habit of missing important games, he would offer consistency and stats to Denver that haven’t been seen at the quarterback position since Manning’s last season in the NFL in 2014.

Cousins’ history with the squad might help him fit in quickly on a team in dire need of a reliable quarterback.

Cousins’ familiarity may be what makes him so intriguing to the Broncos, if they are interested. Last season’s offensive coordinator for the Vikings, Klint Kubiak, is now the Broncos’ passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach. George Paton, the general manager of the Denver Broncos, worked in Minnesota before coming to Denver after the 2020 season.

As fans of the Indianapolis Colts realized last season when seeing Carson Wentz and Frank Reich reunite, a reunion is never a guarantee of a playoff spot. Cousins, on the other hand, could join a new club knowing the general manager and the guy who would become his position coach.

Cousins’ +26 touchdown difference last season was his highest of his career. In three seasons under Kubiak, the Michigan State graduate went 25-22 with a 67.6% completion percentage, 12,089 yards, 94 touchdowns, and just 26 interceptions. Since Manning’s retirement, the Broncos have been missing those stats, particularly in terms of wins and losses.

If Cousins becomes available, which other clubs should attempt to sign him?

Let’s imagine, as hazardous as it is, that Cousins asks for a trade or the Vikings decide they’re ready to do business. The Broncos seem to be a likely suitor, given they have the assets, cap room, and need for a quarterback to make such a deal.

A deal between Minnesota and another club is significantly simpler to execute if the Vikings eat around $15 million. The issue is determining which teams, if any, would be interested in acquiring a 34-year-old who missed a game in 2021 due to a lack of vaccinations and does not have a lengthy postseason career.

Despite the fact that the Pittsburgh Steelers are in need of a quarterback to replace Ben Roethlisberger, there has been no indication that they would pursue Cousins or Houston Texans veteran Deshaun Watson. The New Orleans Saints are unlikely to be able to afford to sign the quarterback who led his team to a Superdome triumph in the 2019 NFC Wild Card Round.

Even while a trade between Cousins and Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield sounds attractive, the Browns look content to remain with their troubled quarterback for the time being. The Colts have made one hazardous move with an unvaccinated quarterback when they acquired Wentz last year, and he may not be around for much longer.

Cousins’ final destination might be Denver, Minnesota, or the Mystery Team. Don’t be shocked if the Mystery Team turns out to be the Carolina Panthers next season, and he leads them to the Super Bowl.

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The “kirk cousins contract” is an interesting question. The Vikings are set to release their QB, and the Broncos could be a perfect fit. However, there are some risks involved in this decision.

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