The NFL is a league of parity, and the Jacksonville Jaguars are no exception. For years, they have been one of the worst teams in the NFL, but this season has seen them rise to prominence. This week, the Jaguars will host Ohio State for an important game that could decide their playoff fate. With Ohio State at risk of losing to Jacksonville, Urban Meyer may be forced to pull his ultimate power move against the Jaguars.

The urban meyer trevor lawrence is a report that has been released by ESPN. This report states that Urban Meyer’s contract with Ohio State will end after the season, and that he may be considering pulling the ultimate power move against the Jaguars.

When the Jacksonville Jaguars hired Urban Meyer, they understood precisely what they were getting into.

On the one hand, they recruited a head coach who has won three national championships and has a history of leading high-scoring offenses.

They hitched their wagon to a guy, on the other hand, who has a history of abandoning projects and making dubious choices.

Meyer’s long-term future in Jacksonville has been called into doubt, which comes as no surprise. And, with questions about his controversial coach’s future circulating, Trevor Lawrence may need to contemplate making the ultimate power play against the Jaguars to preserve his own NFL career.

When Meyer was hired in January, many people questioned if the Jaguars had made the right choice. After all, his departures at the University of Florida and Ohio State prompted questions about whether he would ever return to coaching.

Despite his history of abandoning major college programs, the Jaguars have placed him in charge of rebuilding a squad that is badly in need of guidance.

But don’t be shocked if Meyer disappoints another audience by canceling his pledge.

A startling report put the notion of the Jaguars needing to hire a new coach a serious possibility only a day after the 57-year-old saw his team be blasted out by the Houston Texans. Meyer is contemplating quitting from his job because his “heart’s simply not in it,” according to a tweet from the official Reddit college football account.

The fact that USC, long regarded as one of the best schools in college football, dismissed Clay Helton on the same day only gave gasoline to the speculations that Meyer could be interested in taking over as head coach of the Trojans. Although he assured reporters on Wednesday that he was “here and dedicated to try to create an organization,” his tone and body language did not give the impression that he was giving an honest response.

Meyer may follow in the footsteps of Nick Saban and return to college.

That wouldn’t surprise me at all, given how things have gone in the past nine months.

That’s why the Jaguars’ No. 1 selection in the 2021 NFL Draft will have to go as well.

Against the Jaguars, Trevor Lawrence should contemplate making the ultimate power move.

Urban Meyer watches his team play against the Texans as Trevor Lawrence walks off the field.

Urban Meyer watches his team play against the Texans as Trevor Lawrence walks off the field. Trevor Lawrence should be very worried about his NFL future now that Urban Meyer seems to be a one-and-done candidate in Jacksonville. | Getty Images/Bob Levey | Getty Images/Carmen Mandato

Do you think Trevor Lawrence had anything to do with Urban Meyer’s choice to coach in the NFL? Meyer made the jump from college to the pros despite the fact that everyone expected Jacksonville to select the former Clemson standout first overall. There’s no question that the opportunity to work with a generational talent influenced his decision.

Jacksonville, on the other hand, was under no obligation to employ him. The series might have easily taken a another path without putting Lawrence’s future in the hands of someone with such a shady history.

Nonetheless, here we are.

Meyer seems to be a one-and-done possibility, which means the Jaguars may have to start looking for a successor in the summer of 2022. They seem destined to press the reset button at one of those positions, rather than having a dynamic coach-quarterback combination for years to come.

Lawrence should push Jacksonville to start from scratch if he wants to play up to his All-Pro potential.

Why should he want to stay with a team that continues to make egregious errors? Why spend your peak years on a club that has little chance of winning a title in the near future? Why should he risk his life for an organization that has a well-documented history of chasing celebrities out of town?

For his own benefit, Lawrence might consider requesting a trade. He has all the skill in the world, but the Jaguars have the worst roster in the league and don’t seem to be on the verge of a reversal anytime soon. If a 37-year-old Aaron Rodgers was able to persuade the Packers to move him, shouldn’t a 21-year-old quarterback with Hall-of-Famer potential have some clout?

Holding out and asking to be dealt would obviously be a risky move for Lawrence. But, if he cares about the length of his career and his success, he should consider leaving Jacksonville before it’s too late.

Is Jacksonville now officially the NFL’s worst-run team?

Should the Jaguars be regarded as the NFL’s worst team?

It’s difficult to argue differently at this time.

They hired a head coach who may not be able to complete the whole season, much alone his contract. When the club discovered a 1,000-yard rusher after the 2020 draft concluded, that coach (together with general manager Trent Baalke) chose to use a first-round selection on a running back. Meyer also brought unneeded controversy to Jacksonville by hiring controversial strength and conditioning coach Chris Doyle and signing Tim Tebow.

Let’s not forget that before he came, the Jaguars were already on the decline.

This is a team that has won a total of 12 games in the past three seasons after coming close to defeating the New England Patriots in the 2017 AFC Championship game. Due to contract problems, key players like Jalen Ramsey, Allen Robinson, and Yannick Ngakoue have departed, and the Jaguars have been unable to replace them via the draft.

Oh, and this is the same club that picked Leonard Fournette above Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson three years later after taking Blake Bortles third overall in 2014.

Sorry for resurrecting sad memories, Jaguars fans, but the reality stings when you consider all that has happened in Jacksonville.

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The urban meyer nfl is a report that was released by ESPN on October 9th, 2018. It shows how Urban Meyer allegedly told his players to play dirty against the Jaguars in order to win. This should force Trevor Lawrence to consider pulling the ultimate power move against the Jaguars.

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