Despite the fact that he played for four different teams during his 19-year NBA career, Shaquille O’Neal has struggled to learn more than a few words of English. His latest efforts to grow his vocabulary involved an interview with a Chinese NBA reporter that ended up being more of a Shaqtin’ a Fool viral mishap than anything else. O’Neal couldn’t pronounce a single word in the reporter’s question, and when she tried pronouncing it for him, he shook his head no and awkwardly laughed for a bit. He thought she had said, “What’s the difference between a cat and a rat?” and started rambling about how a cat is a cat and a rat is a rat. When the reporter tried to cut

Shaquille O’Neal has done a number of things over the course of his storied career, but a few of them have been more successful than others. Some of those things have included rap albums, a real estate career, and acting roles in movies such as Steel and Kazaam. His most recent endeavor, however, would not seem to be as successful as those as it has him getting ridiculed by many for his lack of knowledge regarding foreign languages.

Give Shaquille O’Neal credit for trying to be both multidimensional and multicultural. But again, Shaq’s attempt to speak another player’s native language ended in failure. Following the Denver Nuggets’ victory over the Portland Trail Blazers Monday night, MVP finalist Nikola Jokic joined TNT for a post-game discussion. Shaq tried to translate Jokic into Serbian, but Joker looked confused.

Shaquille O’Neal not trying a foreign language for the first time

Monday night, Shaquille O’Neal had the latest in a series of language missteps. He tried to talk Greek with Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo. It turned out to be Greek for Giannis , not . When O’Neil tried to speak Serbian to Jokic, his Serbian clearly sounded Russian (because he was actually Russian). Dallas Mavericks player Luka Doncic was told some Slovenian words by Shaq in April. Doncic was mostly tipsy, but maybe a little embarrassed. O’Neill also has trouble listing some of the players.

Shaq is never afraid to try anything

. At age 49, Shaquille O’Neal has never played the role of the laughing giant. On the contrary, O’Neil’s more than sprightly nature has allowed him to lead such a lifestyle off the field. He tried acting in movies, rapping, and he made more than his share of jokes. His sense of humor inspired the popular series Shaqtin’ A Fool , which has aired in the NBA since 2011. But Shaq tried even more elaborate jokes, like sharing an actual video of Bigfoot. He has made a fortune as a celebrity ad exec, and those ads often make use of Shaq’s comedic talent.

As an analyst, Shaquille O’Neal tends to play thecharacter.

word-image-10521 word-image-10522 Shaquille O’Neal has had his share of adventures in a foreign language. | Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Pepsi Stronger Together Since Shaquille O’Neal joined the cast of TNT’s Inside the NBA after his retirement in 2011, he’s been more concerned with being cocky and making noise than seriously analyzing basketball. He and his sparring partner on set, Charles Barkley, have been criticized for not being in touch with the modern NBA game. Of course, this makes sense for O’Neill. He was a big man of the old school, a player who will have an increasingly difficult time finding a decent spot in the 2021 NBA. His effective throwing range was about a yard, and if the officials had whistled today, O’Neal probably would have gotten two fouls before the game even started. His reputation as a member of the Hall of Fame is undeniable. But it doesn’t quite fit the modern style of play. The same can be said for Barkley, although if you’re old enough to remember him as a player, it’s kind of funny that he loathes the revolution of three-point shooting. Although he shot 26.6 percent in his career, Barkley made nearly two distance shots per game in an era when three-point shooting was not his primary weapon. In the 1994-95 season, when Barkley hit a record 3.2 three-point attempts per game, the Houston Rockets led the NBA with 21.4 three-point attempts per night and a league average of 15.3 attempts per game per team. That year, Barkley’s Phoenix Suns team was the third-best team in the NBA with a field goal percentage of 19.3. By comparison, teams averaged 34.6 attempts beyond the arc in the 2020-21 season, but Barkley never shied away from taking multiple shots. But as a comedy duo, Shaq and Chuck make great television. Even if O’Neill finds it necessary to speak in languages he doesn’t really know. COMPARED TO: Shaquille O’Neal’s iconic moment overshadowed the Magic’s Nick Anderson record-breakingperformance

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