We have know this for a while, but now we know it for certain: Saquon Barkley will be going to the NFL. The New York Giants have offered Barkley a contract and he has accepted it. This is a huge win for the Giants and a huge win for the NFL, as all 32 teams will get to see Saquon Barkley play the game he was born to play.

Saquon Barkley entered the league with a lot of hype, and it hasn’t faded away a bit since. As the season has gone on, so has his performance, as the rookie has continued to put up numbers that have been impressive, especially for an NFL running back. Given his ability, it stands to reason that there are going to be a lot of interest in him, especially considering that he is the next coming of a legendary running back in the NFL.

Saquon Barkley’s talents have allowed him to become a major superstar. He was selected No. 2 overall by the New York Giants, was the 2018 Offensive Rookie of the Year and was selected to the Pro Bowl this season. However, his reputation is now on the rise.

Barkley works with several sports stars, as the sophomore recently joined an investment group that also includes NBA superstar Kawhi Leonard and ESPN journalist Adam Schefter.

Saquon Barkley invests in X2 Performance

A new addition to the portfolio: It was announced Wednesday morning that Saquon Barkley is a Series D investor and is participating in a $16 million fundraising for X2 Performance. Sakuon is an investor and partner in X2, a manufacturer of energy drinks and pre-workout supplements. pic.twitter.com/diFLR4eivp

– Jordan Raanan (@JordanRaanan) July 7, 2021

As Barkley looks to return to the Giants’ roster after a 2020 season shortened by injury, the superstar running back recently became a co-owner of X2 Performance.

According to USA Today’s Giants Wire, X2 is an all-natural line of energy drinks and supplements.

I’ve long been a fan of Clean Products’ X2 line because it gives me long-lasting energy and doesn’t cause a dip or jitters like many other products, Barkley said, according to Giants Wire. I am very picky about the brands I support and even more picky about the companies I invest in. For me, X2 has it all: a great product that fills a gap in the market and a great management team.

Barkley isn’t the only superstar investing in the Performance line.

He joins players like Kawhi Leonard and Adam Schefter

Saquon Barkley of the New York Giants cheers after beating the Philadelphia Eagles on the 25th. November 2018. | Elsa/Getty Images

Other sports stars who have invested in X2 include Los Angeles Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard and Tampa Bay Buccaneers midfielder Lavonte David. Adam Schefter of ESPN is also a shareholder.

It’s also a big deal for me to be on the same side as these guys, who are very special players and have done a lot of great things on and off the field and on the field, and to know that this thing is going to be special; and this thing is really going to help change the world, Barkley said at 8. July in episode of The Rich Eisen Show.

Barkley said he hasn’t had contact with Leonard since the investment, but he thinks they’ll talk soon.

According to Giants Wire, Barkley’s investment is included in a Series D that is expected to bring in $16 million. If all goes well, it can only benefit Barkley’s career.

Saquon Barkley made millions in the NFL with the Giants


Barkley still has a rookie contract with the Giants, but considering he was drafted second, he’s already made a lot of money in his NFL career.

According to Spotrac, Barkley has a four-year, $31.19 million contract with the Giants. His contract also includes an option for a fifth year. After earning about $26.55 million in his first three years, the Giants gave Barkley a fifth-year option through 2022. His revenue will be about $4.8 million in 2021 and about $7.2 million in 2022.

Barkley plays on the New York market, but he has also made a lot of money off the field. In 2019, Forbes reported that Barkley made about $4.5 million that year from his endorsements and also had endorsement deals with Bose, Dunkin’ Donuts, Pepsi, Nike and Visa.

Barkley played just two games in 2020 due to a torn ACL. So even though he led the NFL with 2,028 yards on the ground in his rookie season and ran for over 1,000 yards in 13 games in 2019, Barkley’s NFL future remains unclear. Some are now wondering if he will be able to return to the level he was at before the injury.

But whether he succeeds or not, Barkley’s support and business efforts will help him get his life in order once his football career is over. Barkley appears to be a wealthy man, and that wealth will likely continue to grow.

statistics provided by Pro Football Reference

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