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Salt and Sacrifice is a game of strategy that you can play with friends or as a solo player. The objective of the game is to build your own temple, while also destroying your opponents. This guide will teach you how to build your own temple, while also destroying your opponents’ temples. Read more in detail here: salt and sacrifice guide.



Parrying is a common element in Souls-like games, and Salt and Sacrifice maintains the tradition by allowing you to parry with any weapon that can guard. Successful parries in this game, however, work a bit differently than in other games of the type. We’ll go through everything right here.

How to Parry and Sacrifice in Salt

Because foes don’t take up as much screen area and their motions can only be so sophisticated, parrying in Salt and Sacrifice is both easier and tougher. As a result, the parry window is a little broader to compensate. It’s not simple, but it’s feasible.

Press the Guard button shortly before the assault makes contact to parry in Salt and Sacrifice. Rather of lowering damage by a percentage, this method completely eliminates it. Successful parries also lower the cost of blocking an attack in terms of endurance. Even with a robust shield, tanking tougher hits may drain up to a third of your stamina bar.

In Salt and Sacrifice, each strike that may be parried has a separate window where the parry connects. You’ll still protect the attack if you miss the time, but you’ll suffer the full stamina and health damage.

If you parry well enough times, you’ll throw your opponent off guard, allowing you to land a critical strike or at the very least a few free blows. Breaking an enemy’s guard, if they have one, may be done in the same way – press B or Circle for the critical strike.

Most boss foes, particularly Mages, are impossible to parry, although their strikes may be perfectly deflected. The effect is same, and it’s a good way to avoid rolling through their assaults. When fighting bosses, you’ll need to be particularly careful with your stamina intake since their strikes hurt both health and stamina. If your green bar is empty, it will take a few seconds to replenish, leaving you susceptible to at least one attack.

As we detailed in our review of Salt and Sacrifice, even a single strike may set off a chain reaction, particularly if you’re propelled into the air. Higher-tier armor and weaponry provide some relief; with them equipped, you’ll do much more damage while taking significantly less damage. Every boss and mob will have at least a couple opportunities to kill you unless you’ve leveled up well above the anticipated level for a region.

Knowing how to parry is another another weapon in your arsenal against the foes that stand in your path. For survival advice, see our Salt and Sacrifice guidelines site.

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