When grappling, it’s not just about your ability to grab an opponent and hold on tight. It also requires good footwork and timing for throws as well. If you’re looking for a new way to improve your game or work towards becoming the best grappler in town, this article will help you find that next step!

The “salt and sacrifice walkthrough” is a video game where the player must find a grappling hook. The player has to follow a trail of salt while also avoiding sacrifices that are being made.

Salt and Sacrifice needs various improvements that may be found all throughout the planet. The Grappling Hook is the first one you’ll need, and once you get it, the game begins to open up.

Fortunately, you won’t have to go far to discover and use this first tool. We’ll go through where to look for it in detail.

How to Find and Sacrifice the Grappling Hook in Salt


Head left from your original spawn place in Ashbourne Village until you come to a fork in the route. Deal with any foes that stand in your path, then dash through the bottom entryway.

Root-Ceil Cavern is reached by going below. There are skeletal foes, archers, and bats in this region. At the bottom is a fully armed and armored knight who, the first time you encounter him, will throw you in the ground quicker than you can blink.

Rather of continuing to the left, proceed to the bottom right corner of the room. You’ve gone too far down if you encounter the green knight, so stick right until you reach another doorway.


To get to the Greymoss Mire, go through the portal. Because you’ll need to defeat Uryks Necklace-of-Ears to progress, and there are at least two Mage bouts in this location, you’ll get intimately acquainted with it.

Once you’ve defeated Uryks, you only have one last option: the bottom right cave entrance.


Follow the one-way road down within this green-lit cavern. A long-dead Inquisitor may be found in the cavern’s bottom. Take the Grappling Hook from his body.


With the Grappling Hook in hand, you may now use the right trigger to latch onto the numerous sparkling grapple spots scattered across the battlefield. To activate it, you must be leaping and within range of the grappling point, however the activation distance is very forgiving.

Allow the whole grapple animation to play, then turn your character in mid-air and use the Hook again if you aren’t heading in the appropriate direction. You’ll become hooked on the new path. By continuously hitting the button, you may chain grapples, which you’ll need for some of the longer gaps.

That’s How to Find and Sacrifice the Grappling Hook in Salt. Check out our review of the game if you’re looking to learn more about it.

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