“Salt and Sacrifice” is a new game on the market with its own unique lore. It was made by Rovio Entertainment, developers of “Angry Birds”. The creators started out as an indie development team but quickly grew to become one of the industry leaders in mobile gaming.

“Salt and Sacrifice” is a game that has been popular on the Xbox One. The game allows players to equip higher tier weapons and armor with the use of salt.

Salt and Sacrifice incorporates mechanics from a variety of games. Its approach to gear equipping is directly out of Final Fantasy XII, with starting characters unable to equip the higher weapons and armor. You must manually enable this capability.

Instead, in Salt and Sacrifice, there is a whole unique system for equipping formidable weapons and armor. This is how.

In Salt and Sacrifice, how do you equip higher-tier weapons and armor?


As you progress in Salt and Sacrifice, you’ll have the ability to activate the Tree of Skill grid’s various nodes. The majority of these nodes boost a single stat point, thus your progress will be sluggish but steady.

It serves two roles if the node includes an image of a weapon or chest piece.

  • It allows you to utilize that weapon or armor.
  • It will increase a stat corresponding to the kind of weapon or armor unlocked by one point.

Every piece of gear in the game has a Tier associated with it, including Runic Arts that are related to certain weapons. When you create a new character, you’ll have access to all Tier 0 gear as well as one piece of Tier 1 gear: the weapon and armor your beginning class comes with by default.


To unlock the ability to wear or wield Tier 5 gear, you’ll need to pay tens of thousands of Salt to activate all of the needed Skill grid nodes. Because you won’t be utilizing everything on a single character for a long time, particularly on your first playing, you’ll need to decide where to specialize.

You’ll be well advanced on your chosen construction route by the time you acquire Tier 5 of anything. If your only goal was to reach Tier 5, you’d have a lot of work ahead of you to unlock any additional skills, weapons, or armor types. We encourage that you expand out a bit, since raising your Vitality and Endurance is crucial to avoid becoming a smear on the floor, even if it means adding a few more Skill grid nodes.

In Salt and Sacrifice, you now know how to equip all levels of armor and weapons. It isn’t the most elegant procedure, but it is what we have to deal with here. The Metroidvania portions in this game are thankfully more clear, as seen by our guide to obtaining the Grappling Hook. Check out our Salt and Sacrifice review and the guides hub for additional information.

Salt and Sacrifice is a game where players collect items in order to gain access to higher tier weapons and armor. The best way to do this is by using salt and sacrificing the lower tier items. Reference: salt and sacrifice best weapons.

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