One of the most difficult things in life is what to do when you’ve had enough. What if you had the chance to turn back time? Well, that’s exactly what Roblox is doing with its newest game, Demon Fall. The game allows players to live out their fantasies while solving the mysteries of the game, with the added benefit of getting a free gym membership. We’ll be going over the lore of Roblox, the locations of all the breathing trainers, and what players can achieve in the game.

The second part of this series of blog posts is based on my travels to all the locations of “All breathing trainers” in the Roblox environment, a free game by the Roblox team. I spent most of my time in the “Roblox Demon Fall” map, where there are over 100 locations of “All breathing trainers”. I’ve written down every single one of them, so that you don’t have to waste time on finding them.

You know how we’ve always wanted to know the locations of all the trainers in Roblox Demon Fall? Well now we know them! This guide is a combination of the locations of all the trainers and the locations of all the breathing locations in Demon Fall. Since there are a lot of trainers, the guide is split up into sections. Each section contains the locations of all the breathing locations. For each trainer, the exact locations are listed, for those that have multiple locations.

Roblox’s Demon Fall is based on the popular Demon Slayer anime. Fans of anime and manga should be acquainted with the five breathing styles included in this game. Interacting with the appropriate trainers is required to unlock each breathing style.

This guide will show you where you can find all of the breathing trainers in Roblox Demon Fall. You must spend 3 skill points for each additional upgrade of your selected breathing style after you have unlocked any of the five breathing types.

Locations of all Breathing Trainers in Roblox Demon Fall


Trainer Location for Thunder Breath

If you want your sword to deliver electric damage, Thunder Breath is a fantastic technique to use. This implies that not only will your strikes do more damage, but they will also stun opponents for longer.

Kujima, who lives in the Coast Forest in the southern half of the map, can teach you this breathing technique.

Location of the Water Breath Trainer

With this technique, you’ll be able to guardbreak your opponents with a unique Whirlpool attack. With each hit, it also adds 15% to your breath bar, thus making your breathing last considerably longer.

Urokodaki, the second trainer in the Coast Forest, teaches this technique.

Location of the Fire Breath Trainer

The Fire Breath, also known as Flame Breath, is very potent. When your blade strikes an enemy, it causes them to burn, inflicting passive damage.

The Rengoku strike is very strong, erupting in a blaze that engulfs all foes within its range.

Rengoku, a trainer who can be found on the White Peak east of Coast Forest, can teach you this technique.

Location of the Wind Breath Trainer

Wind breath is a must-have if you wish to walk and move quicker during fights.

The famed Wind Typhon move, which causes your character to spin and produce a whirlwind that works as an AoE strike, is included in this style.

Grimm, a trainer that resides in Okuyia Village, west of Coast Forest, may teach you this technique.

Location of the Mist Breath Trainer

Teleportation is a useful ability to have, particularly when attacking opponents from behind.

The Sea of Clouds and Haze ability of the Mist breathing technique accomplishes all of this and more.

The Tokito trainer in the Frosty Forest in the northeastern section of the region may teach you this technique.

All of the breathing trainers can be found in Roblox Demon Fall. Check out our dedicated hub page for more Roblox-related content.

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