Richard Jefferson is firing back at Gilbert Arenas with a truth bomb. The Bucks veteran says he’s been playing in pain for the last two seasons because of an injury to his left knee, but that “there are no excuses”.

Gilbert Arenas, former NBA player, has been in the news a lot recently due to his recent comments about his ex-teammate Richard Jefferson. The two players have had a long history of feuding and Gilbert has not held back on what he thinks about Richard. Read more in detail here: gilbert arenas.

Richard Jefferson Fires Back at Gilbert Arenas With Expletive-Laden Truth Bomb

For a long time, the NBA has been the most spectacular sports league in the world. Not only do current players engage into Instagram and Twitter brawls on a daily basis, but former stars are also at odds with one another in an attempt to remain relevant in retirement.

The latest NBA dispute is between former Arizona Wildcats teammates Gilbert Arenas and Richard Jefferson, who are hurling barbs back and forth. R.J. reacted with an explosive truth bomb and some eyebrow-raising statements regarding the 2001 National Championship Game when Arenas spoke out about getting taken after Jefferson in the NBA draft.

Richard Jefferson was recently chastised by Gilbert Arenas.

Richard Jefferson destroys Gilbert Arenas with the truth.

Richard Jefferson destroys Gilbert Arenas with the truth. Gilbert Arenas and Richard Jefferson, former Arizona teammates, high five during a game versus California | Donald Miralle/Allsport/Getty Images

Arenas and Jefferson were close friends throughout their collegiate years and NBA careers. For two years, the two were teammates at the University of Arizona, where they helped the Wildcats reach the National Championship game in 2001.

Arenas and Jefferson both entered the NBA draft the same year after losing to Duke in the championship game. The Houston Rockets selected Jefferson with the 13th overall choice, while Arenas, despite being a far superior prospect on paper, was selected in the second round by the Golden State Warriors.

Arenas recently discussed the 2001 draft on his The No Chill with Gilbert Arenas Podcast, and in the process, he slammed his old colleague.

“You do realize they chose Richard Jefferson, right?” “How did they choose Richard Jefferson?” you may wonder. Arenas remarked. “I’m our team’s leading scorer. Our team’s best player is me. He was the third or fourth choice.”

Arenas’ remarks reached Jefferson quickly, and you can probably predict how the rest of the tale unfolds.

With a blazing truth bomb, Jefferson retaliates at Arenas.

Jefferson is a laid-back individual. He seems to get along with everyone of his previous college and professional colleagues, including LeBron James. The NBA champion, on the other hand, was not going to let Arenas insult his reputation without at least replying publicly.

As a result, Jefferson made a TikTok video explaining why Arenas fell so far in the selection.

“It wasn’t because of his skill,” Jefferson said, “but that guy is a nasty man, and I will come on any app and speak about how awful of a man he was.” “However, Gilbert was an immature jerk. He was exactly like that. I understand it, we were all a bunch of jerks, but what Gilbert did was a little bit different.”

Arenas declined to take a pre-draft stress test because he didn’t want to ruin his Chuck Taylor sneakers, according to Jefferson. That didn’t sit well with the NBA’s decision-makers.

Arenas was asked what he wants to achieve in the next stage of his life at a symposium with dozens of draft hopefuls the following day. “I want to be a pimp,” Jefferson allegedly stated. “I want to be a pimp on a global scale.”

“This dude blazed on Gilbert in a manner I’ve never seen before,” Jefferson said.

“All of these factors are why Gilbert simply continued plummeting because he’s a complete moron.” So, just to let you know who Gilbert is and how much I adore him — he’s a little bit unique.”

R.J., on the other hand, didn’t stop there.

Questions have been raised concerning Arizona’s 2001 title defeat.

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Arenas wasn’t the only one that Jefferson destroyed because of his blundering draft remarks. No, he went a step farther by criticizing his former teammate’s performance in the 2001 championship game, as well as his actions leading up to it.

“In the National Championship Game, Gilbert, how many points did you score?” Jefferson scored 19 points on 4-for-17 shooting. “Do you want to tell everyone what you were doing the night before the National Championship Event, the most important game of our life, for extra credit?” And, in retrospect, it was the most important game you’d ever participated in. Do you want to tell someone? No? OK.”

We can make an informed estimate about what Arenas was up to that night based on Jefferson’s words, but he doesn’t seem interested in entirely ratting on his old buddy. R.J.’s allegation is backed up by his 4-for-17 shooting performance against Duke.

These two are most likely not done with us yet.

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