Top 10 best weapons in Ratchet and Clank: Rift apart

The latest installment of the Ratchet and Clank series has been a huge success for Insomniac Games, and an even bigger success for Sony, which has sold over 3.2 million copies worldwide. But, with so many people playing and such a limited supply of new guns, how does one create a list of the Top 10 weapons? Why, one must create a list of the Top 10 Best Weapons in the Ratchet and Clank: Edge of the World video game.

Ratchet and Clank : Rift Apart can be considered one of the best games in the series just for the weapons, as each tool of destruction is either a return of a classic motif or the introduction of a new favorite (in most cases).

A total of 20 weapons can be collected in the game, but this list only includes the weapons available in the first game.

If you purchased the Deluxe Edition of the game or pre-ordered Rift Apart, you’ll have access to Pixelizer from the start. So consider this a PSA honorable mention if you are.

A goodRatchet and Clank weapon is more than just an effective tool in combat. It should also have personality and a comedy factor. The best weapon is the one that has all these elements, and the 10 weapons listed here also have these elements.

10. Headhunter/migrant

The Headhunter, or as it is also called, the Migrane is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, which is honestly the main reason why it is in the top 10 best weapons. This is the classic sniper, but he also has the ability to slow down time if you press L2 hard.

This delay, combined with the nice animations you get to see when you hit enemies right in the forehead with this weapon, makes it a solid weapon in the series and inRift Apart, although its short range makes it not very useful in most scenarios.

9. Jet pistol/air gun

The Burst Pistol, or Blast Pistol as it will later become known, is the first weapon you get in the game. It’s also one of the weapons we recommend upgrading first. So why did he barely make the list?

The answer lies in its simplicity. It’s a simple weapon, but very effective, especially after unlocking three shots and increasing the rate of fire. However, it lacks personality and a comedic element, which is why it’s at the bottom of the list.

8. executor/executioner

The Enforcer, or Executor, is again one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Compared to the Headhunter and the Burst Pistol, it has the advantage of being very useful, as it is an extremely powerful shotgun that can get you out of many difficult situations.

His uniqueness comes from the amount of destruction he wreaks, causing enemies to eventually burst into flames after he’s been sufficiently reinforced. The flash of light that emanates from this four-cylinder is always interesting, even though it doesn’t stand out particularly.

Amidst the other bright lights and gun shows we’ll soon see, Executor stands in the background. Nevertheless, it is a very effective weapon that you should probably use regularly.

7. Blackhole Storm/Blackhole Vortex

The Blackhole Storm is a rapid-fire machine gun that is a brand new weapon for theRatchet and Clank series. It’s very effective when attacking a large number of enemies at once, as you can fire an almost constant barrage of bullets in their direction while dodging counterattacks.

It doesn’t suck enemies into a black hole, as the name suggests. When you reach level 5, the enemies hit by the black hole explode into a bright purple screen that scares the crap out of anyone unlucky enough to be in the vicinity, and creates an awesome light show.

6. Lightning rod/lightning strike

In this list, we begin to familiarize ourselves with weapons that bring a lot of personality and fun to the fight, yet are very effective. It shoots little flashes of electricity that stun enemies and make them flinch and shake in a very funny and cartoonish way.

Another thing that makes the lightning rod sixth is that if you kill an enemy and he is electrocuted, the enemies next to him are also instantly electrocuted. It’s very effective, and it’s fun to see the different animations of each enemy being electrocuted. They’re all worth it.

Mr Fungus/Miss Fungus

Mr. Mushroom, or Mrs. Fungal, who she eventually transforms into, is the first passive weapon on the roster, and is both the return of an old classic from the series and a unique weapon in its own right.

Since the Zurcon family plays several important NPC roles in Ratchet and Clankand Clank, Insomniac created the Fungals to replace them.  Mr. Fungi is theRift Apart version of Mr. Fungi. Zurkon, the classic weapon fromRatchet and Clank , giving birth to a small robot with only one purpose: To destroy their enemies.

The mushroom version of Mr. Zurcon is a very worthy successor: He is just as effective as Mr. Zurcon in the previous games, as he helps take down many enemies without wasting a single bullet.

It’s also hilarious to watch Miss Fungal and Mr. Fungal go at each other. If the whole family eliminates their enemies. It’s both funny and heartwarming.

4. Bouncer/Copter

Ricochet is a new weapon in theRatchet and Clank series, and I already have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of it in future installments.

It shoots, essentially, a pinball machine, and after you hit an enemy for the first time, you can press R2 to hit them again and again. It’s a very effective weapon and a very nice animation.

The pinball machine is also recreated on its own, at least aesthetically, with an incredible barrage of lights and sounds with each ball. It’s the kind of intuitiveRatchet and Clank weaponry that makes longtime fans like me realize that Insomniac hasn’t lost its skills, it’s refined them.

3. Formal pruning nozzle

The topiary sprinkler is a new weapon that appeared inRift Apart , and speaking of new additions, it now has another new weapon linked in terms of my favorite additions. He installs a turret that sprays enemies with a special water that turns them into… Topiary?!

Not only does it have a great and fun effect on enemies, but it also stuns them for a significant amount of time and allows you to dish out damage. He will also be able to pour acid on enemies after he levels up, making him even more effective than before.

The Topiary sprinkler is probably the best passive weapon to appear in a Ratchet and Clank game, and I sincerely hope Insomniac brings it back in future games.

2. Drillhound/Drillpack

The Drillhound is a weapon that has overtaken the Topiary Sprinkler on my personal list of favorite new weapons. He targets your enemies, and instead of a heavy drill, he fires a tiny robot drill that only dreams of digging itself into the ground, only to take to the air and explode in your enemies’ faces.

Hearing and seeing the robots jump out at your enemies is probably one of the funniest animations inRift Apart, I almost always laugh when I use this weapon. And once you unlock the ability to hit multiple enemies at once, it becomes an even better combination of everything that makes a good Ratchetand Clankweapon. It has more personality than any other gun and is only slightly less fun to shoot than our best gun.

1. Ryno 8

This will come as no surprise to fans of Ratchet and Clankand . Ryno is almost always the best weapon in everyRatchet and Clankgame he appears in, andRift Apartis no different in this regard. Sure, it’s extremely powerful and does a lot of damage to your enemies, but what makes this version of the Ryno better than the others and better than any other weapon in the game is not how effective it is, but what it shoots.

Ryno 8 can open portals to other dimensions, so Insomniac decided that’s where all the Easter eggs could be placed. You unlock theHorizon Zero Dawn dimensions and launch Sawtooth at the enemy. Or watch Jak and Daxter come out of the gate. Or Cooper’s gang van. It’s a never-ending cycle of fun Easter Eggs from PlayStation’s past, as well as the most effective destruction tools in your arsenal.

Here is the final list of the top 10 weapons for Ratchet and Clank :. Rift Apart. What weapons would you put on that list? Do you want to change the order? Tell us about it in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out our other Ratchet & Clank: You can find the Rift Apart manuals here on GameSkinny.

Published 18 June 2021

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