In the first year of a new generation of baseball, MLB’s top players have already been ranked in this article. This will be updated to reflect who they are as we enter the 2022 season and beyond.

The “best pitchers in mlb 2022 the show” is a ranking of the top 5 pitchers for the 2022 MLB Season.

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During the 2022 MLB season, who was the greatest pitcher in baseball?

Before the campaign began, Sportscasting tried to answer this issue in advance, but this is no longer simply speculation. Most notable starts have thrown at least a half-dozen innings, and the samples are becoming big enough that we can compile some genuine takeaways… which is precisely what we’re doing in this episode of Baseball 360.

Ben Verlander of Fox Sports’ Flippin’ Bats recently put together his top five pitchers for 2022, highlighting Milwaukee Brewers’ Corbin Burnes and Josh Hader, New York Yankees’ Nestor Cortes (who we covered extensively in the previous episode of Baseball 360), Miami Marlins’ Pablo Lopez, and Houston Astros’ Justin Verlander.

Who are the Top 5 pitchers in baseball right now?@BenVerlander gave us his list 👀

— FOX Sports: MLB (@MLBONFOX) May 24, 2022

What’s on our list? Well, there’s some overlap, which is to be expected when a few pitchers have dominated the early part of the 2022 season.

However, presenter Mike Calendrillo has some reservations about whether closers — or other relief pitchers — should be included on such a list, and this top five includes a few newcomers among the established stars.

As a 39-year-old coming off Tommy John surgery and a lengthy recovery time, can Justin Verlander truly hold onto the #1 spot? Does Tampa Bay Rays’ Shane McClanahan, the league’s strikeout leader, make the cut? What about Kevin Gausman, who has been a fan favorite with advanced stats in his debut season with the Toronto Blue Jays?

As you can see, we’ve given this countdown a lot of care, and you won’t want to miss it. The current edition of Baseball 360, presented by Sportscasting’s Mike Calendrillo, delves into all of this and more, so watch the video above in its entirety, press the subscribe button, and sit back and enjoy all of MLB’s latest events.

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The “mlb preseason rankings” is a list of the top 5 pitchers for the MLB season in 2022.

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