The Buddy Pass is a new way to score by having someone else help you out during the game. This feature has been implemented into Rainbow Six: Siege and will be available in future games as well. Share your experience with us!

buddy pass rainbow six extraction” is a game mode that allows players to play as two teammates. This article will show you how to use Buddy Pass in Rainbow Six: Siege.

Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Use Buddy Pass

A free trial of a game may not always be lengthy enough to determine if you wish to invest your money in the complete version. This might make it difficult to persuade your friends to play a game you like, but if you can give them a longer trial, it will be lot simpler to persuade them. Thankfully, the Buddy Pass in Rainbow Six Extraction lets players to do just that.

In Rainbow Six Extraction, How to Use the Buddy Pass


The Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass lets players who have purchased the complete game to invite two Ubisoft friends who have not purchased the game to join their team and play for free for two weeks. This is an excellent chance for anyone contemplating purchasing the game to see whether it is something they would be willing to spend their money on.

Every game owner will get two Buddy Pass Tokens, which they may gift to anybody on their Ubisoft friends list in the game. A buddy may accept a token as an invitation to join your team and play by sending it to them.

How Do You Invite Your Friends?

Open your in-game friends list from the main menu of Rainbow Six Extraction and navigate through it to discover the one or two pals you’d want to add to your squad. When you’ve located them, click on them to send them a Buddy Pass Token.

You will only ever get two tokens, and once redeemed, they cannot be retrieved. Be cautious not to send it to the incorrect person. This is all there is to it when it comes to inviting your pals. They are in charge of the remainder of the procedure.

Accepting Buddy Pass Invitations

To accept a Buddy Pass invitation from a buddy, you must first download the game’s trial version, which you may do on any platform of your choice. If you’re playing on Xbox or PlayStation, you’ll need Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus to play online.

Choose to squad up from the main menu, and you’ll be given the opportunity to accept your Buddy Pass Token. You’ll be able to team up with your pal this way. If you play alone at all during the 14-day trial, that time will be deducted from the two hours allotted to you. 

Rainbow Six Extraction’s trial edition lets players to play for two hours, but if they accept a Buddy Pass Token, the two-hour countdown will be halted as long as they’re playing with their buddy. If you play alone, the timer will start counting down. You may still play with your buddy in their squad for the whole two weeks if you use up those two hours, but you won’t be able to play alone any longer.

If you opt to buy the complete game, you will keep all of your progress made during the two weeks, so don’t worry about losing your stats, trophies, achievements, or anything else you’ve acquired in the game.

That’s all there is to know about the Buddy Pass system in Rainbow Six Extraction. Check out our other Rainbow Six Extraction tutorials if you want to learn more about the game.

Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Use Buddy Pass is a game mode in the Rainbow Six series. The game mode allows players to choose one of their teammates and have them carry out actions for them. This guide will teach you how to use this feature. Reference: rainbow six extraction buddy pass ps5.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the buddy system in Rainbow Six Extraction?

A: The buddy system is a multiplayer mechanic in Rainbow Six Extraction that allows players to play with another player. While playing, the two players will be able to share health and revive each other when they are downed. It can also be used as an escape plan during the missions of R6E if one player dies while escorting someone through the mission

How to get R6 Extraction trial?

A: To gain access to the trial, you will have to sign up with EA. Once signed in, purchase the trial from there and enter your key into our platform (you can find a link for this on your account page).

How to download Rainbow Six Extraction trial ps5?

A: To download the trial, you must purchase it first and then go to your library. From there, select Games and scroll down until you see Rainbow Six Extraction Trial.

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