Because of how the game is structured, a player can only progress past a certain point if they are able to rescue an operator. Because you need two players for this, it can be difficult trying to find someone else who has the resourcefulness and skill set needed for such a task.

“Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Rescue Operators” is a game that allows players to take control of a rescue operator and complete missions in order to save hostages from terrorists.

Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Rescue Operators

So, your most recent mission in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction didn’t go as planned, and you’ve been tasked with rescuing an Operator. You were investigating the invading aliens known as Archans when you made a mistake, and now your favorite operator is in a chemically induced sleep, held in the arms of a strange pulsating tree, with only a protective foam cocoon to keep them safe.

Working in the field is exhausting! Fortunately, not everything is gone, at least not for the time being. In Rainbow Six Extraction, this is how you rescue Operators.

In Rainbow Six Extraction, how can you save the operators?

Look, we understand you didn’t plan to ditch your Operator in the field like you’re Kevin McAllister’s mother, but things happen. You’ll have to return for them if you want them. This entails conducting an expedition into the same zone where they vanished. Look for the red symbol if you forget where you are. You can do this on any difficulty setting, so don’t feel forced to increase the level if you don’t want another agent to go missing.  

Once you’ve chosen your invasion, check for the MIA Rescue goal. Any of the three sub-zones will do. You may either fulfill any remaining missions or just go straight for airlocks to reach to where your agent was lost as fast as possible.


When you arrive in the same sub-zone as your Operator you will need to find them. This is easiest to do with recon equipment, such as the scout drone.

Look around the map until you find the creepiest tree ever. A massive amount of sticky, black Sprawl on the ground indicates you’ve arrived at the appropriate location. Remove any nearby adversaries, then use your pistol to clear the Sprawl; you don’t want it to slow you down.  

Approach your imprisoned Operator and press the button to begin bringing them down. The Archans tree will fight back and attempt to keep them in place. Take notice of the big structures that resemble umbilical cords. An Archans cell, which gave energy to the tree, is found at the end of each branch.

The cells are vulnerable when they light up. Shoot them to cutoff the energy supply. You can also shoot the light traveling across the cords to interrupt the energy flow. Keep pulling, stopping to destroy cells or deny incoming energy, and eventually the tree will surrender the operative.


You aren’t done! The Operative is still incapacitated. Now you need to carry them to an extraction point. Look for the icon on your screen, make your march to your objective. You can only fire your side arm while carrying the Operative, but if things get out of control you may want to consider dropping them someplace safe while you bust out the big guns to clear a path.  

Place the Operator into the pod after you’ve arrived at the extraction spot. They are now safe and on their way back to base. You have the option of extracting with them or moving on to the next goal.

It’s possible that the rescued operative may need another incursion or two before they’re ready to return to the field, but that’s a lot better than being locked in that tree. You’ll also get a share of the XP they earned on their incursion before they went MIA, which is a good bonus.


You will unavoidably lose operatives when playing Rainbow Six: Extraction. You will always get them back if you follow these procedures, and there will be no damage done. Put them in the pod after loading them into the same zone and pulling them out of the Archaean Tree. More strategies to assist you and your team destroy those pesky aliens may be found in our other Rainbow Six Extraction tutorials.  

Rainbow Six Extraction is a game that is played by the players. The main goal of the game is to rescue operators and eliminate terrorists from the map. There are many different rewards that can be earned in this game. This article will go over some of them. Reference: rainbow six extraction rewards.

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