Rainbow Six is one of the most popular FPS games. The game has always been a staple in gaming culture, but recently released DLC and an upcoming sequel have put Rainbow six on the charts again. This list will focus on what are some of the best weapon attachments for Rainbow six players to use while they’re playing.

The “best r6 operators” is a weapon attachment that can be used in Rainbow Six Siege. It has been proven to be one of the best attachments for the game.

Rainbow Six Extraction: Best Weapon Attachments

There’s more to your guns in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction than punching holes in bad guys with your bullets. Each has a different assortment of optional weapon attachments, all of which serve a different but important purpose. These can affect damage, accuracy, and even whether or not enemies know you are around.

We’ve gone through all of the guns and played with all the accessories to tell you which are the best weapon attachments in Rainbow Six Extraction.  

The Best Rainbow Six Extraction Weapon Attachments

Suppressors are attached.


The last thing you want is to be sneaking in a bomb or smuggling away an MIA Operative and have an entire horde of Archæans come bearing down on you. That’s where suppressors make all the difference.

These almost entirely muffle your weapons’ firing, enabling you to pick off adversaries unnoticed. Suppressors are one of the greatest weapon attachments in the game, particularly for slow, methodical stealth play, despite the fact that they lower damage. Most Archans will be instantaneously killed by a well-placed shot to vulnerable spots.  

Extended Barrel (Attachment)


Over a long range, many weapons lose their damage and accuracy. That’s an issue when you’re attempting to take out foes from afar, therefore the long barrel is one of R6E’s better weapon attachments.

The long barrel is exactly what it sounds like: an attachment that extends the length of the gun’s barrel. This boosts the effective range of your weapon, allowing you to be fully lethal at range, staying out of the clutches of pesky chimera.

ACOG Sight is an attachment.


Any time a gun gives you the option, consider putting on one of the higher zoom ACOG sights. The slow, deliberate action of R6E lends itself to careful shooting, especially with the clearly identifiable weak points on the Archæans. That puts the ACOG on this list of best weapon attachments.

With a single, well-placed shot, you may often remove foes through far barriers or drop them at a distance.  

Vertical Grip is an attachment.


In Rainbow Six Extraction, there are two kinds of gun stabilizers. Individual shots’ recoil is reduced with Angles Grips. That’s all well and good, but if you’re firing individual bullets, you’ll have plenty of time to re-align your aim.

The Vertical Grip attachment upgrade doesn’t reduce recoil, but it does force it into a very tight pattern. It is much easier to unload a full magazine from your machine gun into a tough chimera if all you need is to put consistent pressure on your thumbstick or mouse to hold your aim.

As a result, the Vertical Grip is unquestionably the finest weapon stabilizer and one of the best weapon attachments in the game.  

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Guns perfectly outfitted with the best weapon attachments make your objectives in Rainbow Six Extraction easier to attain. You’ll live to fight another day. For more tips and tricks, click the links above or check out our other Rainbow Six Extraction guides here on GameSkinny.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best attachment in r6?

A: A scope is the best attachment in Rainbow Six Siege.

What is the strongest weapon in r6?

A: The strongest weapon in R6 is the SMG. It has a damage rating of 4 and it can take out an enemy with one shot.

What attachments reduce recoil in siege?

A: The stock, the grip, and a bipod.

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