This week the release date of the 4th edition of the popular strategy game “Port Royale 4” has been moved to June 14th, 2018. After the release of the 3rd edition in September, the publisher decided to defer the PC version of the game to June, so that the game can be adapted to the console-gaming platform.



For September 10, Kalypso’s maritime mercantile strategy game Port Royale 4 was scheduled to launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Those versions, on the other hand, will come a bit later, on September 24, as planned. 

The next-gen Port Royale 4 ports were announced earlier this year, and Kalypso stated that the game will include free updates on both platforms. It will also be accessible on consoles as part of Game Pass. 

On the PS5 and Series X, Port Royale 4 will have a 4K resolution, while the Series S will have a 1080p resolution. Players will be able to carry over their progress from last-gen systems thanks to cross-gens saves. According to Kalypso, there will also be “real-time cloud rendering.” 

On PS5 and Series X, fans may purchase the game digitally or physically for $59.99. Four lighthouses and five park plans will be included in the expanded digital versions. Finally, Kalypso said that an actual boxed version will be available, but she didn’t say what it would include or how much it would cost. 

While we complimented Port Royale in sections, calling it “immersive” and “gratifying,” we also acknowledged that its “fighting is slow-paced and imperfect.” Regardless, it’s a game worth playing for lovers of the genre, since a 7 isn’t half terrible.

After a few months of waiting, there is finally some good news for those who want to play Port Royale 4 from the comfort of their couch. In an unexpected turn of events, the developer announced that there will be a version for the PS4 coming.. Read more about port royale 4 dlc and let us know what you think.

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