The first thing you will need to do is get a Pokemon in either wild or captivity. Now that the two are taken care of, it’s time to find some Hearty Grains! Look for grass patches with white flowers and red berries on them (the flowers should be bigger than the berries). If there are no such patches nearby, use your Poke Finder app/watch/whatever else you have available. You’ll know when you’re close because there will likely be an NPC standing near one of these plants.

The “where to find hearty grains legends arceus” is a game that was released on the Nintendo 3DS. This article will tell you where to find Hearty Grains in the game.

Pokemon Legends Arcues: Where to Find Hearty Grains

You won’t have to go very far in Pokemon Legends Arceus to find Hearty Grains. Though it only grows in one location of Hisui, the wheaty deliciousness is pretty frequent.

Hearty Grains are required for one of Legends’ numerous side missions, but they’re also a critical component in a few extremely useful recipes. You’ll need a lot of them, and here’s where to find them.

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, where can you get hearty grains?

Only the Crimson Mirelands, the second place you uncover in Pokemon Legends, has Hearty Grains. They grow on the ground in the Crimson Mirelands’ Golden Plains region and resemble little sprigs of wheat – not to be mistaken with the golden grass deeper in the plains, which, despite its appearance, is not a grain. The majority of the Hearty Grains, particularly the rocky area directly near the region’s initial camp, grow near rocks.

Hearty Grains may also be found in haystacks spread across the Crimson Mirelands’ mirey section. These frequently include Hearty Grain and include a variety of plants.


What is the purpose of Hearty Grain in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

Hearty Grains are used for the first time in the side quest Getting Ahold of New Wares. You must return Hearty Grains to Choy in order for them to grow their store inventory. However, there is a much greater use for them: food preparation.

Return to Jubilife after completing Arezu’s Predicament, the quest that takes you to the Mirelands.

A new quest may be found inside one of the Floaro street residences. The home on your left, facing Galaxy HQ, is the second closest to the bridge. To gain a recipe for Jubilife Muffins, complete the quest The Taste of Home. These need Hearty Grains and will cure your Pokemon of any status ailments.

When you get in the fourth location, Coronet Highlands, chat with a Galaxy team member near Lonely Springs to obtain the recipe for Choice Dumpling. These cause your Pokemon to get fixated on their previous move, making it more powerful each time they perform it.

That’s all there is to know about Hearty Grains in Pokemon Legends Arceus, but for additional information, see our other Pokemon Legends tutorials.

The “where to get hearty grains arceus” is a question that many players have asked. The answer to this question is found by going to the Pokemon Legends Arcues menu.

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