Brooks Koepka just shot a bogey free 67 in round two of the PGA Championship, which is a great start to his first major as a professional. But the feat is bittersweet, since he’s currently playing in the wake of Phil Mickelson’s historic collapse in round one. Mickelson had a six-shot lead going into Sunday, and shots of him crying with his caddy were all over Sportscenter.

Brooks Koepka, one of the best American golfers right now, is back at it again. As you may recall, he has sent out a strong message to Phil Mickelson, telling him that he would be “well-served” to just stay away from the U.S. Open. In response, Mickelson decided to show up at the U.S. Open just to “ bug ” Koepka. Fortunately, it was a slow day, and he was only able to do that for a little while before he was removed by the police. Koepka’s frustration has been boiling over for some time now, but Mickelson taking the time to show up at his event just

Phil Mickelson looks at the face of history. Brooks Koepka looks back on his legacy. Mickelson enters the final round of the PGA Championship with one stroke ahead of Koepka. The two men have a history dating back to the late 1990s when Koepka was 9 years old, which caused some heartache for the young golfer.

Phil Mickelson on the brink of history

word-image-9180-scaled word-image-9181-scaled Brooks Koepka (USA) and Phil Michelson (USA) chat on the tenth tee during the final round of the BMW Championship tournament at Medinah Country Club #3 on the 18th green. August 2019 in Medinah, Illinois. (Photo: Andrew Redington/Getty Images) COMPARED TO: Phil Mickelson can’t play a friendly game of golf without an extra bet: You play with Phil, you have no choice Mickelson entered Sunday’s final round with a one-point lead after a 2-under-par 70 on Saturday. If he holds out, the man they call Lefty will become the oldest champion in history. His lead was shrinking by the end of Saturday, but he still leads the leaderboard with a score of -7. Even though I struggled a little bit today and wasn’t as focused and precise in some swings, I’ve never been better in a long time, Mickelson said, according to ESPN. So I’m making great progress, and I’ll keep working on it, to hopefully eliminate some of those free oscillations. It won’t be easy. Kjopka, who underwent knee surgery in March, took over. He is 20 years younger than Mickelson, but already has four major titles to his name. I’m where I want to be, and we’ll see how it goes on Sunday, he said. You only need to be three points behind the leader in the final nine kilometers to have a chance.

Mickelson has already hurt the young Cape

. COMPARED TO: Phil Mickelson reports that his PGA Tour career is almost over It would be a long shot, but Koepka might be ready to get revenge on Mickelson on Sunday. This has to do with an incident that happened in his youth when he first came to the Masters. He was about 9 years old and a Mickelson fan. Mickelson has always been in touch with fans, especially the young ones. Koepka was a fan looking for autographs who snuck into the parking lot. He met Mickelson there and asked for his autograph. It was rejected. That’s probably the only kid Phil turned down, he joked at Masters 2019 when the story was told. He told me years later that I shouldn’t have been in the parking lot, so it’s only fair, Koepka said, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Koepka finally had to tell Mickelson about the incident

. COMPARED TO: Phil Mickelson mocks his failure to win the 2006 U.S. Open on Winged Foot Mickelson was unaware that he had rejected Koepka, and the young golfer pointed this out to him during the practice round of the British Open. I mean, I can’t believe he can’t remember the first time he refused an autograph to a child, Koepka told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I think I told him in 2014 when we played a practice round at the British Open. I had to tell him. I said: Look, kid, you cheated on me and I haven’t liked you in a long time. Mickelson laughed about it, but mostly focused on the fact that he plays professional golf with this 9-year-old. It’s actually a funny story that a guy like Brooks Koepka, who recently won three majors, is a kid here, Mickelson said. It’s a little weird, but also pretty cool. Playing with him and seeing his greatness and somehow being a part of it or witnessing it and competing with him was fun. Koepka said the encounter was a fun story he wanted to relive. We can laugh about it now, he said. Now I have his signature. If he beats Mickelson on Sunday and wins the tournament, Mickelson might ask for his autograph.

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